“Femmes et Littérature”​

December 17, 2020 | Thao Tran
Le Consul général Vincent Floreani & the French-Vietnamese interpreter

Yesterday, December 16, 2020, L’Institut français du Vietnam à Ho Chi Minh Ville and IDECAF celebrated Vietnamese female writers with the “Femmes et Littérature” table-ronde.

Writing to these women are their entertainment, tool to express their worlds and their careers. Being Vietnamese women and writers do have unique challenges but they have come out the other side respectable writers and happy persons. This is the journey of brave women, consistently choosing to go after what they like and are good at doing.

From left to right: Écrivaine Madame Trường An, Éditrice Madame Quách Thu Nguyệt, Écrivaine Madame Trầm Hương, Écrivaine Madame Nguyễn Thị Hoàng

Writing and translation are closely connected. Yet there is this misconception that translation largely involves knowing multiple languages. Technologies make translators’ life both easier and harder. We are now perceived to compete with machine translation, which is instant and mostly free.

Quality translation and writing have always been the cornerstone of our service. We employ experienced linguists with good writing skills. Translation agencies normally wouldn’t allow their translators to communicate directly with clients. We built our own Chat tool so that everyone involved in a project can communicate and be on the same boat.

The journey to be brave and break industry norms or typical ways of doing things won’t be easy. But we will be consistent to come out the other side feeling respected for what we like and are good at doing.

Congratulations L’Institut français du Vietnam à Ho Chi Minh Ville and #IDECAF for a great event.