Ho Chi Minh City: Foreigners Seeking Medical Treatment Must Complete the 14-Day Quarantine

May 28, 2020 | Thao Tran

Original article from Tuoi Tre News on May 28, 2020

Vietnamese translation by Uyen Phuong Tran

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health has just issued an urgent document to hospitals, requesting that only foreigners with a certificate of completing the 14-day quarantine be admitted for treatment.

According to the Department of Health, COVID-19 is undergoing complicated developments worldwide. It is predicted that many issues will arise regarding the treatment for foreigners as well as Vietnamese people being treated overseas and wanting to return home [Vietnam] to continue the treatment.

The Department of Heath requests that upon admission of foreign patients, hospitals shall thoroughly investigate their entry history, particularly time of entry and certificate of quarantine completion as per laws.

If the patients qualify for the criteria mentioned above, they shall be treated in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Health.

In case of foreigners entering the country without having completed the 14-day quarantine, they as well as their companions shall be admitted to the temporary quarantine facilities in the hospitals. The Ho Chi Minh Center for Disease Control and Prevention shall be contacted immediately for proper quarantine.

Collecting test sample from a foreigner in Thao Dien Ward (District 2)
Photo from Tuoi Tre News

If any hospital finds out that its patient is a foreigner or an overseas Vietnamese with ties to security matters and without a passport or visa, local public security authorities and the Department of Health should be contacted for assistance.

In case of foreigners entering the country through Tan San Nhat airport with serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment, the International Health Quarantine Center shall collaborate with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the 115 Emergency Center to transport the patients to assigned hospitals.

During their stay at a hospital’s quarantine facility, if a patient tests positive for COVID-19, the hospital shall immediately contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and consult the National Hospital for Topical Diseases or a hospital designated as the front line for COVID-19 treatment.

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