Automotive + Aerospace

September 14, 2023 | Han Ngo
Industry Terms Research© in translation may still be unfamiliar to many. In this article, we will delve into the definition of Industry Terms Research©, its exceptional value, and how this service works.
September 13, 2023 | Han Ngo
What is the Expert Review©? When do you need this service? Let's explore Expert Review©, its benefits for translation projects, and how this service works in more detail with Thao & Co. in the following article!
September 7, 2023 | Van Khanh Pham
With the increasing popularity and development of technology, there is a growing focus on technical documents. Therefore, technical translation services have emerged, enabling these materials to be translated into multiple languages for global use. Let's join Thao & Co. to dive deeper into the nuances of Technical Translation!
August 29, 2023 | Van Khanh Pham
Software translation and software localization are of vital importance for international development. However, software localization is not a straightforward task, as it involves a tremendous number of complex requirements. Companies, therefore, need a professional software localization process to minimize risk and improve the efficiency of their localization projects.
August 29, 2023 | Van Khanh Pham
User guide translation plays an important role. It helps the translated material effectively reach more customers and personnel in multinational enterprises. Read on to get a better understanding of user guide translation.
Our industries
We provide accurate translations of items such as clinical instructions, medical records, articles, product labels and questionnaires.
Advertising + Marketing
Get your message across in any language when we translate your informational materials, instructions and simple promotional content.
Banking + Finance
As you tap new markets, we can translate sales materials, emails, job applications, CVs, legal documents, and entire banking/trading platforms and apps.
Get fast, precise translation of legal documents, contracts, memos, emails and other forms of communication.
Real Estate + Construction
Our translators have sufficient familiarity with architecture, construction, real estate and civil engineering to help translate relevant documents.
Retail + E-commerce
If you’re selling to global markets, let us translate your sales materials, company announcements and meeting minutes for your international partners.
Travel + Tourism
We can provide general translation of content for internal communications and customer-facing text for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and more.
Relying on our experience translating films, plays and commercials, we give careful attention to word selection and meaning in every project.
Automotive + Aerospace
Look to our specialized linguists to translate and localize user guides, CAD drawings, repair manuals and business contracts.
Get precise translation of technical terminology whether for instructions, safety, quality control or regulatory compliance.
Explore new markets for your games once we translate the rules, instructions, storyline, dialog, graphics and technical details.
Empower global education with our translation and localization services. Available for academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, certificates, websites, apps, and more.
Our expert localization services are here to get your tech materials, websites, apps, software and other digital products into new markets.
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