Technical Manuals Translation: Requirements, Costs, and Considerations

In the age of rapid global integration, a critical field, the technical sector, with its vast repository of technical manuals requires translation to allow access to various international markets. Let’s explore with Thao & Co. the core requirements of the translation process of such documents, as well as important considerations when choosing a translation partner for your business.

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Technical Manuals Translation: Requirements, Costs, and Considerations

August 14, 2023 | Van Khanh Pham

In the age of rapid global integration, the need for high-quality, professional translation is becoming an indispensable requirement for businesses. Among these, a critical field – the technical sector, with its vast repository of technical manuals – requires translation to allow access to various international markets. Due to the requirement for an in-depth understanding of technical knowledge, accurate translation of technical manuals presents a significant challenge in ensuring the smooth operation, maintenance, and utilization of machinery and equipment.

Let’s explore with Thao & Co. the core requirements of the translation process of such documents, as well as important considerations when choosing a translation partner for your business.

What is technical manual translation?

How to get Professional Technical Manual Translation Services?

Technical manuals are documents created by manufacturers of machinery and equipment used in fields such as automotive and aerospace, manufacturing, construction, and more. These manuals aid in the efficient and seamless processes of operation, usage, training, repair, and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

As foreign technologies are introduced, language often poses challenges for users. Therefore, technical manual translation significantly enhances the usability and exploitation of these documents. Translation provides vital benefits by:

    • ● Ensuring a clear and accurate understanding of industry terms, technical terms, specifications, and processes mentioned in the documents.
    • ● Facilitating easy and swift utilization of instruction manuals, thereby streamlining processes like operation, usage, training, repair, maintenance, etc.

Nowadays, technical manuals come in various forms:

    • User manuals: typically include installation, operation, and control instructions for various technical machinery and equipment.
    • Maintenance manuals: comprise documents supporting the care, repair, preservation, and maintenance of technical machinery and equipment.
    • Technical training and teaching manuals: mainly include technical curriculum, training materials for students, and technical personnel.
Example of Technical Manual Translation | Thao & Co. Professional Translation Services

What are the requirements for technical manual translation?

Technical manuals possess distinct characteristics related to the industry, language, type of machinery, and equipment. As a result, translators need to cater to important requirements for the effective and polished translation of technical handbooks and manuals.

Technical manuals generally contain numerous technical terms, requiring translations to maintain a high level of accuracy in terms of content and meaning to ensure precise information and technical knowledge.

Moreover, translation helps technical manuals reach a wider audience in local markets. The localization of technical manuals plays a significant role in helping native users access and utilize the information.

Another requirement is the consistency in information and translation of terms across manuals. This calls for extensive industry knowledge and experience in the relevant field.

Furthermore, technical manuals usually include various technical specifications for machinery, equipment, technical standards, etc. Thus, it is essential to maintain maximum accuracy throughout the translation and proofreading process.

Thao & Co. provides professional manufacturing translation services for product labels, brochures, packaging, websites, platforms, safety guidelines, production protocols, and more.

Translation rates for technical manuals

Regarding the translation rates, the overall fees can greatly vary due to the following factors during the translation process:

    • Length of the documents: This is one of the crucial factors significantly affecting translation rates.
    • Language pair(s): The popularity of the language pair and the availability of human resources for that language can also determine translation rates. Rare and less common languages, along with a scarcity of translators for those languages, may lead to higher translation rates, and vice versa.
    • Project timeline: Urgent projects might incur higher costs due to immediate demands.
    • Other requirements: depending on the client’s request, the additional fees can also be included in the translation project.

Considerations for technical manual translation

To ensure the timely completion and optimal quality of technical manuals translation, businesses should prioritize credibility and professional work ethic as the main criteria for choosing a long-term translation partner.

Based on these requirements, Thao & Co. is a prudent choice for businesses. Thao & Co.’s technical translation service meets all these requirements. Our team of expert linguists is committed to ensuring high-quality translation. This can help businesses integrate into the international market and participate in global expansion.

Thao & Co. professional Translation and Localization Services

Technical manual translation services, along with other professional services at Thao & Co. can assist your business on the integration journey with quality translation projects.

For more information on the services that we offer, visit

Technical Manuals Translation Localization Services in +50 languages

We provide professional Technical Manuals Translation and Localization Services in more than 50 languages:

    • • English technical manuals translation
    • • Chinese (simplified) technical manuals translation
    • • Chinese (traditional) technical manuals translation
    • • Japanese technical manuals translation
    • • Korean technical manuals translation
    • • Vietnamese technical manuals translation
    • • Russian technical manuals translation
    • • Spanish technical manuals translation
    • • Danish technical manuals translation
    • • French technical manuals translation
    • • Arabic technical manuals translation
    • • German technical manuals translation
    • • Dutch technical manuals translation
    • • Catalan technical manuals translation
    • • Indonesian technical manuals translation
    • • Brazilian technical manuals translation
    • • Portuguese technical manuals translation
    • • Etc.
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