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Thao & Co. understands the complexities of legal documents and administrative procedures. We’re dedicated to ensure our clients have the highest quality certified and notarized translations meeting all local and international regulations. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Thao & Co. Bahasa Malaysia Translation
William Tan & Thuy
Authenticated and notarized translation for marriage registration in Malaysia

Got in touch with Thao and Co for documentation translation, notarization and legalization work.

The price quoted was reasonable for the amount of work required. There were hiccups. But Thao & Co. team worked very closely with us, worked through the challengers and went above and beyond to ensure completion.

Thanks a ton Thao & Company! You are the GOLD standard for customer service and a testament to the great service with a smile of the Vietnamese people!!

William and Mei

Thao & Co. American English Translation
Teresa Tipton
Authenticated and notarized translation for work permit application in Vietnam

After trying several Vietnamese translation services, I discovered Thao & Co, the most professional, accurate, efficient, fast, courteous, transparent staff I have ever worked with to produce certified translations at a fraction of the cost.

Generous, kind and worth your trust!

Thao & Co. Ukrainian Translation
Yurii Prykhodko
Certified Ukrainian-English translation for Thailand visa application

Нам для візи в Таїланд потрібно було перекласти свідоцтво про шлюб с з української на англійську, я декілька годин шукав де можливо зробити це в Хошиміні. Спочатку мене

проконсультували в онлайн чаті на їх сайті, потім запросили в офіс, коли ми приїхали нас вже чекали. Прийняли документи, прийняли всі наші

побажання (щоб при перекладі імена та прізвища збігалися с паспортами) і вже наступного дня ми отримали документи в офісі.

Дуже гарний сервіс, дякуємо вам!

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From document translation and content localization to interpretation, transcription, subtitling, voice overs, and other language solutions, Thao & Co. understands your need for professional, high-quality services. We deliver the best experience for any translation needs.

Thao & Co. Bahasa Malaysia Translation
Matthew Choules
Certified, notarized, and authenticated translation of medical reports, passport, and birth certificates

Helpful consultation and very fast turnaround! Highly recommended!

Thao & Co. American English Translation
Joseph Herrmann
Work permit and authenticated translations

I used this company for my work/permit-authentication and they were excellent. The best thing was the excellent communication. You don’t have to call them or wonder what is happening-they keep you informed and updated. I was pleased with their work and fees.

Thao & Co. Vietnamese Translation
Hung Nguyen
(Business Development Director, CPM Vietnam)
Escort interpreting services for market research

A big great thank you to Thao & Co. and your interpreters who helped to translate for 60 expats from 20 countries for market visit in Vietnam last week! All of them gave me good feedbacks to translators and hope to meet them again for the next visit.

A different kind of translation agency – fast, meticulous, transparent

In today’s global economy, the ability to communicate effectively in writing is critical. Using our proprietary localization process, Thao & Co. offers accurate translation services by our team of highly experienced linguists.
Thao & Co. Localization Process Step 1
Send us your document.
Thao & Co. Localization Process Step 2
We set up your dashboard to track job progress.
Thao & Co. Localization Process Step 3
Select from multiple payment options.
Thao & Co. Localization Process Step 6
We translate, localize and proofread.
Thao & Co. Localization Process Step 7
Download files and own your personal dictionary for word consistency.
Our Process – Here’s How It Works
Step 1: Request a quote
Thao & Co. Localization Process: Request a quote
Send us your document.
Send us your document and instructions. We’ll provide a price and timeline within 24 hours.
Step 2: View quote and set up dashboard
Thao & Co. Localization Process: Set up dashboard to track job progress
We set up your dashboard to track job progress.
Our dashboard makes every step transparent to you, from payment status to project progress.
Step 3: Make payment
Thao & Co. Localization Process: Payment Options
Select from multiple payment options.
Use PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise, ACH transfer, IBAN/BACS transfer, wire transfer or credit card.
Step 4: Project execution
Thao & Co. Localization Process: Project Execution
We translate, localize and proofread.
We translate, localize and proofread your document. Track project progress on your dashboard.
Step 5: Receive final work
Thao & Co. Localization Process: Receive Final Work
Download files and own your custom dictionary for word consistency and discounts on future projects.
Download files and own your personal dictionary that we created to ensure consistency and potential discounts on future projects.
What languages do you offer?
We translate to and from English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. When you place your order, you’ll be able to select your language for your own localization needs.
How long will my project take?
Turnaround time depends on the length and complexity of your document(s). To accelerate the process, our linguists and proofreaders collaborate on smartCAT, a real-time translation platform. In this way, translation and proofreading happen simultaneously, resulting in quality work and speedy turnarounds. We’ll provide a timeline when we quote the project so you know exactly how long it will take and what it will cost.
Who will I work with?
You’ll have a designated project manager as well as access to your translation team via your Dashboard.
What’s the Dashboard?
Through our localization process, Thao & Co. offers complete transparency. We deliver on that promise by posting all project information on your Dashboard including price, linguist profiles, project status and a ChatBox©.
What’s the ChatBox© for?
Our ChatBox© lets you communicate directly with your linguists – provide guidance, explain terminology, list requirements, answer their questions, etc.
How do you select the linguists for my project?
All of our translations are done by highly qualified linguists. They’re native speakers and may have unique specialties, such as expertise in translating medical information or legal documents.
We pair you with the translator(s) who has the most experience relevant to your work. You’ll know who they are and their qualifications. And, as part of our collaborative process, you’re able to communicate with them at any time.
How do you track project progress?
We use a cloud-based, real-time translation software application called smartCAT to track project progress by percentage. We also receive constant updates from our linguists.
Can I request revisions?
You’ll have a chance to review your translation and provide feedback. Your linguists will happily make any changes you request. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your finished project!
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Our industries
We provide accurate translations of items such as clinical instructions, medical records, articles, product labels and questionnaires.
Advertising + Marketing
Get your message across in any language when we translate your informational materials, instructions and simple promotional content.
Banking + Finance
As you tap new markets, we can translate sales materials, emails, job applications, CVs, legal documents, and entire banking/trading platforms and apps.
Get fast, precise translation of legal documents, contracts, memos, emails and other forms of communication.
Real Estate + Construction
Our translators have sufficient familiarity with architecture, construction, real estate and civil engineering to help translate relevant documents.
Retail + E-commerce
If you’re selling to global markets, let us translate your sales materials, company announcements and meeting minutes for your international partners.
Travel + Tourism
We can provide general translation of content for internal communications and customer-facing text for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and more.
Relying on our experience translating films, plays and commercials, we give careful attention to word selection and meaning in every project.
Automotive + Aerospace
Look to our specialized linguists to translate and localize user guides, CAD drawings, repair manuals and business contracts.
Get precise translation of technical terminology whether for instructions, safety, quality control or regulatory compliance.
Explore new markets for your games once we translate the rules, instructions, storyline, dialog, graphics and technical details.
Empower global education with our translation and localization services. Available for academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, certificates, websites, apps, and more.
Our expert localization services are here to get your tech materials, websites, apps, software and other digital products into new markets.
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