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Travel + Tourism

Thinking of extending your vacation?  A U.S. tourist visa extension allows foreign visitors to stay in the U.S. longer than their initial visa permits, without having to depart the country. The U.S. has streamlined its tourist visa extension process in recent years. Travelers can now apply for extensions quicker and easier through a convenient mail-in […]
Planning a trip to the US? Applying for a tourist visa can seem daunting, but one helpful document you can include is an invitation letter from a friend, family member, or even an organization in the US. While including an invitation letter can be beneficial, it’s important to note that the US tourist visa application […]
US tourist visas are one of the most sought-after visas in the world. Dreaming of a trip to the US? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about US tourist visa requirements. US tourist visa requirements: Are they difficult? While the number of undocumented immigrants can impact U.S. visa policies, the […]


Language should not be a barrier to growing your business in the current interconnected world, especially if you are doing online business. Multi-language support is, therefore, a functional feature for applications, software, and websites to enhance user accessibility. Website developers can choose from various programming languages to build multi-lingual sites. In this article, Thao & […]
WordPress website localization is a popular trend worldwide. With the support of the WordPress source code, building and developing websites has become easier. This is also the topic that Thao & Co. wants to discuss in our article. What is WordPress localization? WordPress is one of the most popular content management solutions in the world […]
Laravel localization (l10n) is a challenging task that often benefits from the expertise of a dedicated team of experienced specialists. If you’re looking to make Laravel localization easier, this article offers helpful tips and clear explanations.  What is Laravel Localization? Localization is the process of adapting software to suit different cultural contexts and languages, ensuring […]

Retail + E-commerce

What is e-commerce localization? How to improve the efficiency of e-commerce localization? In the following article, Thao & Co. will help you answer all questions related to the crucial role of market expansion strategy.  The potential of e-commerce localization In 2023, the e-commerce market witnessed a rapid growth rate, with a total value of around 16.27 […]

News & Events

Skilled interpreters are more than just language experts; they’re cultural navigators. They bridge the gap between languages, easing communication and fostering understanding between people of diverse ethnicities. This concept perfectly came to life in our recent project, Tobacco Market Research Interpreting, which we undertook at Thao & Co. In this project, Thao & Co. had […]
The wine-tasting event “Wines of Portugal – Taste and Feel” is part of an event series annually hosted in over 30 countries across the world. The event was held with the participation of more than 14 wine brands, from industry giants to small-scale ones, hailing from 7 regions of Portugal. “Wine of Portugal – Taste […]


Patent application is essential in protecting intellectual property rights and exploring new technologies. There are many important factors that need to be considered when it comes to translating patent applications. Let's explore this process with Thao & Co.
In this article, Thao & Co. delves into the intricacies of chemical patent translation. We explore the advantages and challenges of this translation service and how Thao & Co. overcomes them to provide high-quality and reliable services for you.
German interpreters as a profession are developing to meet linguistic demands in the global landscape. The roles of German interpreters in facilitating communication and translation are paramount to the success of organizations and individuals in the multicultural context. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the pay rates and requirements of becoming a German interpreter […]
Chinese is recognized as one of the most important and widely used languages in the world. With China’s rapid economic growth and ever-growing role on the global stage, the demand for Chinese interpreters has increased remarkably. In this article, we delve into what it takes to become a Chinese interpreter and how much one can earn as […]
While Australia’s reputation as a holiday paradise is well-deserved, its strong job market with attractive salaries also beckons many internationals to explore the possibility of working there. Want to know if working with tourist visa in Australia is possible? This article isn’t going to tell you how to bend the rules with a tourist visa. […]


Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. As more and more people desire to study and live in Spain, Spanish translation services are booming. But what are the challenges Spanish translators have to face? How much does Spanish translation cost? Follow the article below to learn more about this topic! […]
Cambodia is a Southeast Asia country brimming with development potential in many fields and has established relations with other countries in the region and worldwide. Following this, the demand for Khmer translation is continuously on the rise. Go through this article to explore the aspects of Khmer translation and some tips to find the best […]
Throughout its millennia-long history, Chinese culture resembles a precious ancient encyclopedia where every page represents a unique facet that can’t be mixed. This encyclopedia is not only the pride of the Chinese people but also the heritage of humanity. Therefore, when we mention the Chinese language translation, failing to acknowledge Chinese culture would be a […]


Medical transcription is a niche in the transcription industry that involves strict conformity with quality standards. What are the obstacles a medical transcriptionist faces? How can they overcome them? Find out how we navigate transcription for the medical and healthcare industry. What is medical transcription? Medical transcription refers to the manual conversion of voice reports […]
In the medical field, accurate and efficient communication is crucial to ensure the delivery of important information and optimal care for patients. To guarantee effective communication between patients and healthcare workers when one party speaks Japanese, getting access to a professional Japanese medical interpreter is essential. A competent Japanese medical interpreter ensures the accuracy of […]
In a research study or clinical trial, every participant must sign an important document known as the “informed consent form.” However, a frequently encountered obstacle for researchers and research institutions is to professionally and accurately translate the form into the native language of participants. It is of paramount importance that every participant fully grasp all […]


Explore factors that influence cost of game localization to confidently enter into any service negotiation with translation agencies.
Thao & Co. would like to share the potential and challenges in Korean game localization, along with the crucial factors that publishers should not overlook.
What is an indie game? Should you localize your Indie games? Read on with the article below by Thao & Co. to discover the answers to some questions related to this topic.


Korean subtitle translation is prevalent in the field of translation, but it also poses significant challenges for translators. So, what makes Korean subtitle translation special? Read on with this article to discover the answers to this intriguing question!
What is a bilingual MC? How crucial is their role in multinational events? Let's read this article to gain valuable insights into Bilingual MC.
In the era of globalization, television programs no longer simply target domestic viewers. More and more TV program genres have entered the multilingual market. Translation plays a pivotal role in conveying information to global audiences. What does TV show translation mean? What should be kept in mind when translating TV shows? Let's delve into this article to unravel the answer.


As a leading economic power with a world-renowned education system, the United States naturally attracts ambitious students seeking high-quality academic experiences. This esteemed academic landscape provides students with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of disciplines. Considering studying abroad in the US? Thao & Co. can help you navigate the enrollment process, including US student visa […]
Australia is famous for its quality education system. It’s no surprise that many people choose this country as a destination for study and workmanship improvement. Upon admission to your chosen institution, your next step should be to apply for a subclass 407 training visa of Australia. Is this visa difficult to obtain? What are the […]
When to get your U.S. student visa renewed? How does the process go? Still unsure about how to renew U.S. student visa? Thao & Co. can help you navigate the process with ease, paving the way to achieving your academic dreams. When to get your U.S. student visa renewed? Issued by American authorities, U.S. student visas grant international students […]

Banking + Finance

Financial Terms Translation is a service well-used by several businesses in their business management process. However, the process of translating financial terms is quite challenging which can lead to several translation mistakes. What are some common mistakes when translating financial terms? Let’s delve into this article with Thao & Co. to find out these mistakes […]
Accounting translation has become indispensable to businesses. This is especially true for multinational companies and those with foreign investments. Accounting document translation is a crucial step in the business management process. To gain a deeper understanding of the importance as well as the challenges involved in accounting translation, explore the following article with Thao & […]
For many foreign-invested enterprises, tax return translation is an invaluable service. Tax return documents are crucial for businesses, as government agencies often request them during operations. Starting a business in a foreign country means complying with their regulations, including submitting tax return documents in their language. This makes tax return translation services essential. Confused about […]

Automotive + Aerospace

User guide translation plays an important role. It helps the translated material effectively reach more customers and personnel in multinational enterprises. Read on to get a better understanding of user guide translation.

Advertising + Marketing

Want to stay ahead of the cut-throat marketing online world? Effective SEO content marketing is the key for companies to access and convert potential customers. Thao & Co. walks you through the steps to strategize your SEO and content marketing plan effectively and lets you in on our secret of an optimal SEO strategy. SEO […]
Desktop publishing and graphic design are both common terms, but how are they different from each other? Join Thao & co. as we unravel the differences between these two terms and explore how they make their marks in the creative and translation industries, from the technology to the work processes and the final products. What are desktop […]
Market research stands as a highly crucial domain within the overarching global strategies of enterprises. In the international landscape, gaining a comprehensive insight into markets and audiences necessitates the precise translation of market research endeavors and associated documentation. Given its critical role, professional market research translation services significantly contribute to the success and sustainable development […]
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