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If your company does business globally, quality translations are a necessity. Look to Thao & Co. for expert translation & proofreading of your technical manuals, sales materials, websites, business plans and legal documents. Our professional linguists have impeccable translation skills to help world-leading brands grow their international business.
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Thao & Co. understands the importance of high-quality translations for administrative and legal procedures as well as research and business development. We’re dedicated to ensure our clients have the highest quality translations meeting all local and international standards. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Thao & Co. Vietnamese Translation
Phan Anh
Translation Services for Market Research

Hi Thao & Co,

I worked with Thao & Co recently in one project in Market research. I highly appreciated their professionals in terms of interaction with Client, responsibility and skills. The service offered by Thao & Co is high quality that I will use their service in my coming projects and more than that, I highly recommend to other colleagues in my company as well as my friends.

Best wishes to Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. British English Translation
Katie Brennan
English-Vietnamese Translation for UK Driver’s License

Used this to translate my UK drivers license into Vietnamese. So quick and responsive and staff so lovely. Within 24 hours I had the document! So impressed

Thao & Co. Ukrainian Translation
Vinodh Mohan Kumar
Notarized Translation for Legal Document

Excellent service. Had translation and notary service. Prompt on time . Cordial and helpful staff

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Our Translation + Proofreading Services
Text + Document
Ready to expand your business into new markets? To connect with new audiences, you’ll need professional translation of your written materials and key documents.
Apps + Software + Websites + Games
Literal translation may not be effective. Work with expert translators who understand localization. We consider the local connotation of words in crafting your message.
Technical Translation
Translating technical subjects requires specialized knowledge. Our expert linguists have experience translating medical, scientific and engineering documents.
Creative Translation
Transcreation blends translation, creativity and cultural nuances. We’re skilled at composing marketing text that conveys both the meaning and tone of the original message to the target audience.
General Translation
For documents that aren’t technical in nature and require only straightforward conversion into a different language, we can produce accurate translations quickly and efficiently.
Notarized translation
We offer notarized translation of official documents authorized by the HCMC Department of Justice and HCMC Department of Foreign Affairs and certified by our company.
Professional Translation and Localization Services in Vietnam
Where Precision Meets Quality Standards
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What are translation guidelines?
Translation guidelines are an essential part of any successful translation project, especially when it comes to major product releases, localization efforts, or ad campaigns. These guidelines provide the project team with instructions and preferences from clients – this valuable information is the key to maintain accuracy and consistency in terms of word choices and brand identity across multiple translations.

What is a Certificate of Translation Accuracy?
Certificate of Translation Accuracy is a signed statement of a translator or a translation agency affirming that the translation completely and accurately represents the original document. This certificate adds an important assurance layer to the translation before you proceed with subsequent procedures. A statement of accuracy in translation may be required when you submit your documents to foreign government bodies, financial or educational institutions, etc.

How to get certified translation of divorce certificate services?
In Vietnam, you can find certified translation service for your divorce certificate at the Department of Justice and Department of Foreign Affairs but this means making room in your schedule for traveling to and from these locations. A simple and optimal solution would be to choose translation agencies that offer online notarized translation.

What are the differences between authentication and apostille?
Both Consular Authentication and Apostille serve to confirm the authenticity of official documents, enabling them to be valid for use in other countries. However, Apostille is only applicable in countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty. In other countries, Consular Authentication is required.

How do you ensure the quality of your technical translation?
High-quality technical translation is a delicate combination of skilled linguists experienced in the relevant technical sectors, an efficient translation workflow, strict quality control, and an additional layer of review provided by industry experts. This model of technical translation delivers final works that are not only faithfully translated but also resonate well with your target audiences.

What is marketing translation?
Marketing translation is a unique approach to effectively localizing marketing and advertising content by conveying the original message through a cultural lens. It could be considered a type of creative translation, or transcreation. However, marketing translation may differ from transcreation in terms of the source materials, objectives, and target audience. Our professional Translation + Proofreading Services are available for all form of marketing materials.

What are the best strategies for advertising translation?
Advertising translation deals with multiple layers of complexity. A brilliantly translated ad is brief, creative, and resonates well with its target audience. To be well received, an advertising translation must also take into account accompanying audio-visual elements and the channels on which it will be broadcast.

How does general translation differ from other types of translation?
As the name suggests, general translation deals with general content that does not include specialized terminology and does not require the translator to have extensive knowledge in any particular industry. On the other hand, creative translation and technical translation, for example, necessitate high levels of creativity and technical expertise. Our professional Translation + Proofreading Services cover a wide range of materials – the ideal choice for general translation, technical translation, and creative translation.

What is journalistic translation?
Journalistic translation deals with print and digital newspapers, magazines, and other forms of journalistic publications. It typically involves both the accurate translation of texts and oftentimes, creative redrafting of the journalistic messages to suit specific audiences.

How to maintain the personal touch and professional appeal in a cover letter translation?
To make a good impression on international employers, your cover letter needs to be translated and culturally adapted for the specific company and position you are applying for. Consider proper use of both idiomatic expressions and formality to appear professional yet still approachable. Personal branding statements may need to be transcreated. Our professional Translation + Proofreading Services can help you elevate your cover letter with expert translation.

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Cost estimates are subject to change, depending on:

  • The level of industry terminology involved
  • The level of post-translation formating required
  • Whether the language pair you require is common in the area or not
  • The length of your documents

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Our Technologies
Our Management Platform
Transacting with Thao & Co. is easy. Our proprietary platform helps keep your projects organized, facilitates interaction with linguists, and maintains translation memory to ensure consistency and cost savings on future projects.
Our Translation Platform
Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform enables simultaneous translation and proofreading, allowing our linguists to work on one translation file at the same time. This speeds up the delivery timeline significantly without sacrificing translation quality.
Trados software helps us deliver quality translations and speedy turnarounds. We use this translation tool to analyze text and create client-specific translation memories for consistency on future projects.
Our Industries
We can translate medical training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets, medical device spec sheets, marketing, as well as clinical, regulatory, and technical documents.
Advertising + Marketing
Localize your message and branding with translations by linguists who understand marcom and the cultural distinctions of your target audience.
Banking + Finance
Tap into new markets for your financial services. We translate websites, documents, forms, contracts, and promotions to optimize the customer experience.
Get fast, accurate, legal translation services. We translate legal documents, contracts, depositions, court communications and more.
Real Estate + Construction
We have translators who specialize in architecture, construction, real estate, and civil engineering ready to make your communications effective.
Retail + E-commerce
If you plan to sell to global markets, you’ll want to translate product descriptions, catalogs, user manuals, labels, and signage.
Travel + Tourism
International travel is booming. We translate and localize tourism content for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and countries to help them gain visibility to foreign customers.
We adeptly translate scripts, subtitles, promotional materials, and licensing agreements, bringing your creative vision to life for audiences around the world.
Automotive + Aerospace
We excel at translating technical manuals, engineering specifications, regulatory documents, and marketing materials, ensuring your message soars to new heights.
Our services cover a wide range of content, from production manuals and quality control procedures to supply chain documentation, empowering your operations to thrive on a global scale.
We specialize in translating game scripts, user interfaces, in-game content, and promotional materials, helping you captivate a worldwide audience with immersive experiences.
We transform educational content, including textbooks, e-learning materials, academic papers, and course materials, making learning accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.
We adeptly translate your apps, software, websites, and other digital products, ensuring your tech innovations are understood worldwide.
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