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If your company does business globally, quality translations are a necessity. Look to Thao & Co. for expert translation of any text or documents in most file formats and delivered in the same design-layout as your original source material. Our linguists are native professional translators who help world-leading brands grow their international business.
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Thao & Co. understands the complexities of legal documents and administrative procedures. We’re dedicated to ensure our clients have the highest quality text and document translations meeting all local and international regulations. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Thao & Co. Indonesian Translation
Marshella Syafira
Vietnamese-English Legal Document Translation

Very satisfied with the service. I need the document ASAP and they assist me so i get the document on time. Thank you very much especially for Khanh.

Thao & Co. Singaporean Translation
Vincent Lau
English-Vietnamese Legal Document Translation

Thank you Khanh at Thao&Co. You guys knew what the client want and all documents processed fast with a good service to us and also very patient to answer our questions. And also thank that lady speak to me fluently english in office. If I had friends need to do a translation document. I will fully recommend Khanh . I’m very appreciate u guys do a good jobs.

Thao & Co Russian Translation
Russian-English Legal Document Translation

I used service of translation documents from Russian language to English. I needed translation very quickly, and this guy’s really helped me, they translate marriage certificate in 1 hour. The translation quality was perfect! The price also very good, I highly recommend Thao & co . Спасибо!!!

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Our Text + Document Translation Services
To connect with people abroad, you’ll need professional translation of your written materials and key documents. We can translate any source text in most file formats including: Microsoft Office formats, PDF, XLIFF, RTF, XHTML, HTML, XML formats, Adobe FrameMaker/InDesign/InCopy, SubRip, OpenDocument formats, QuarkXPress Export, Comma Delimited Text (CSV), Tab Delimited Text, Java Resources, Portable Object, JSON, Text and more.
Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Once we complete the translation, we’ll work with either in-house or international DTP specialists to format the design and layout for consistency with your original source files. Before delivery, the print-ready translation file will be proofread a final time by our linguists.
Professional Translation and Localization Services in Vietnam
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Other Languages
What is Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the art of arranging visual elements in documents. It ensures translated content maintains formatting and design, whether it’s brochures, manuals, or marketing materials. Our DTP experts guarantee your materials look polished and professional in any language.

What is multilingual DTP?
Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the seamless integration of translated content in multiple languages into your original layout and design. Our experts ensure your documents maintain visual consistency across languages, guaranteeing a polished and culturally relevant presentation.

How to find the best document translation service?
To discover the best document translation service, prioritize expertise in your industry, transparent processes, and a collaborative approach. Look for providers with case studies showcasing successful projects.

Are online document translation services worth it?
Online document translation services offer convenience, speed, and accessibility. With skilled linguists and quality assurance, they can deliver accurate translations. However, always make sure that the service providers have strict quality control measures and transparent pricing to avoid potential issues.

How to ensure accurate business document translation?
Ensuring accurate business document translation involves engaging skilled linguists well-versed in your field. Expert review and a rigorous quality control process are essential for precision. Furthermore, effective collaboration between our team and yours guarantees a thorough understanding of your content.

What to consider when choosing immigration document translation services?
When selecting immigration document translation services, prioritize accuracy, skilled translators, and expertise in legal requirements. Look for experience in immigration-related content and a track record of success.

How do you handle PDF file translation?
Our PDF translation process begins with text extraction via Trados. We then translate and proofread, maintaining accuracy and quality, and seamlessly reintegrate the translated content into a PDF. For enhanced results, our skilled team also offers Desktop Publishing (DTP) services.

How do you translate scanned documents?
For scanned documents, our human linguists provide meticulous manual translation, ensuring accuracy and quality. Every detail, including numbers and formatting, is meticulously addressed and we conduct careful proofreading to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

How much do document translation services cost?
Document translation service costs vary based on factors like text length, language pairs, complexity, and urgency. At Thao & Co., our pricing reflects the quality and expertise we bring to each project. We offer competitive rates tailored to your specific needs.

How do you handle JSON file translation?
Translating JSON files is a complicated process. We extract the text strings, translate them accurately, and then reintegrate them while preserving the structure and functionality of your original files. This ensures your software or app maintains its intended user experience while being accessible to a wider audience.

Cost Estimate
Get a translation cost estimate in 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Which of the following translation services do you need? Thao & Co. offers the following options: Translation performed by either one experienced translator or one experienced translator and one experienced proofreader; and Proofreading of your translated content. Please pick one:
• TDT-OT (Text + Document Translation – Only Translation)
• TDT-TP (Text + Document Translation – Translation + Proofreading)
• TDT-P (Text + Document Translation – Proofreading)
Step 2: Select the source language of your documents and the target language for translation, as well as the currency you prefer for payment.
Step 3: Select “Word” for Unit.
Step 4: Click the “Search” button and view our estimate.

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Cost estimates are subject to change, depending on:

  • The level of industry terminology involved
  • The level of post-translation formating required
  • Whether the language pair you require is common in the area or not
  • The length of your documents

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Our Technologies
Our Management Platform
Working with Thao & Co. is easy. Our proprietary platform helps keep your text and document translation and desktop publishing projects organized and moving swiftly along the process.
Our Translation Platform
Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform enables simultaneous translation and proofreading, allowing our linguists to work on one translation file at the same time. This speeds up the delivery timeline significantly without sacrificing translation quality.
Other Translation Platforms
Our expert linguists excel in all major translation and localization technologies, including Trados, Smartcat, MateCat, MemoQ, Crowdin, and more. Does your project require a specific platform? No problem! We adapt to your needs for maximum efficiency.
Design Software and Tools
We use the most up-to-date technology including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, HTML and Microsoft Office.
Our Industries
Get accurate translation of medical information. We’ll translate any text or documents from patient records to medical bulletins, as well as clinical, regulatory, and technical information.
Advertising + Marketing
Localize your message and branding with translations of your text and documents by a professional translation agency who understands marcom and has the desktop publishing capabilities to make the design and layout consistent with your brand.
Banking + Finance
Tap into new markets for your banking, crypto, trading and payment platforms. We can translate websites, documents, forms, contracts, and promotions, ensuring their design and layout reflect your original source materials.
We offer fast, accurate, legal translation services. We can translate legal documents, contracts, depositions, and court communications, always preserving their original design and layout.
Real Estate + Construction
We have translators who specialize in architecture, construction, real estate, and civil engineering. They’re ready to translate your text and documents while our DTP specialists preserve the original design and layout.
Retail + E-commerce
If you sell to global markets, you need to translate your product descriptions, catalogs, user manuals, business contracts and more. We’ll do the translation and then use our desktop publishing capabilities to adjust the design and layout to match the original.
Travel + Tourism
International travel is booming. We translate and localize tourism content for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and countries. We then use our desktop publishing capabilities to maintain their original design and layout.
Our translation services cover scripts, promotional materials, and all relevant texts, ensuring accuracy while maintaining the original design and layout for international audiences.
Automotive + Aerospace
For precise industry communication, trust our text and document translation services. We specialize in technical manuals, engineering specs, and regulatory documents with meticulous attention to detail.
Streamline global communication in manufacturing. We translate production processes, quality control docs, and other communications while maintaining the original format.
Dive into global gaming success with our precise text and document translation services. We specialize in translating game scripts, user interfaces, and in-game text and documents.
Our services transform educational content, including textbooks and e-learning materials, while ensuring the design and layout align with the original source materials, facilitating global learning.
User manuals, software documentation, and technical specifications are seamlessly translated while preserving the original design and layout, keeping your tech content on the forefront.
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