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Get fast, precise travel + tourism translation of websites, catalogs, travel brochures and other forms of communication to increase your visibility, drive traffic to your websites and boost your sales.
What is travel + tourism translation?
Travel + tourism translation or translation in the travel and tourism industry is defined as the process to translate a wide range of tourism-centered materials from one language to another. A good translation can help tourists make an informed decision on where to spend their hard-earned money.
Thao & Co. Travel Tourism Transaltion
Why professional translation services matter in the travel + tourism industry?
Creating a translation capable of turning readers into tourists is easier said than done, making this a task best left to the hands of professionals as opposed to the untrained or even machines.
Culture-specific content (such as proper nouns) poses a considerable issue.
Sometimes, names should be left like what it is in the source language but this is not always the case. It requires an experienced translator to know where to make changes to ensure quality.
The balance between aesthetics and accuracy is delicate and hard to achieve.
Each language has its own style; some can be more formal while others can be casual. Even so, the specific tone used in tourism may vary greatly between regions. This creates a need for translators to have a deep understanding of the culture of both languages in order to produce a perfectly localized translation.
The lack of visual images may cause meaning to get lost in translation.
The descriptive language commonly used in the tourism industry often has multiple equivalences. Without a reference point, translators will have to do extensive research or rely on their own skills to deliver a product that is not only faithful to the source language but also sounds compelling and memorable.
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Coming to Thao & Co., you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Our Creative Translation, Expert Review©, and multilingual SEO services will ensure that the translation is not only meticulously done by our team but is also approved by accredited professionals in the field of travel + tourism translation.
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Do I need expert travel + tourism translation services?
The answer to this question depends on which types of documents you need to translate. Are they central to your business operation and meant to make a lasting impression on tourists? Will they be critical to attracting tourists to your business? If the answer is yes, professional travel + tourism translation services are your best option.
How can SEO translation help my travel + tourism websites?
Marketing content used by travel and tourism businesses needs to be SEO enhanced and so is the translation. A translation that is optimized for search engines ensures your target customers will actually find your services in the vast ocean of search results. Upon request, our travel + tourism translation services employ white hat multilingual SEO techniques to drive traffic to your websites, increase visibility, and boost your sales.
How much do travel + tourism translation services cost?
Our pricing is based on a per-word rate. When determining the fee of a project, we take into consideration several project-specific criteria including the nature and complexity of the text, Desktop Publishing, the scope of your project, and turnaround time. Head over to our Get a Quote page to get a free estimation of your project fee and delivery timeline!
How long does it take to complete my travel + tourism translation project?
The delivery timeline is determined by the nature and complexity of your text, the scope of your project, and the specific translation services you require. Our proprietary localization process and our platform allow multiple translators and proofreaders to communicate and collaborate on your project at the same time, thus, speeding up the translation process while still maintaining top-notch quality.
Who are the translators assigned to my travel + tourism translation project?
For travel + tourism translation projects, we assign native-speaker linguists with expertise in creative translation of travel + tourism content. Once your payment has been processed, you can log into your account on our platform to view your linguists’ profiles and communicate any preferences and expectations to your project team via our ChatBox©.
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