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Maximize your global reach and let your brand shine bright in any language! With a variety of advertising and marketing translation services, from transcreation to consumer language research, we craft translations that resonate with your target audience, spark interest, and boost sales.
What is advertising + marketing translation?
Advertising and marketing translation refers to translating and localizing promotional materials, including brochures, fliers, newspaper advertisements as well as brand elements such as slogans and taglines, brand identities and values, while preserving the original message and effectively communicating it to the target audience in a different language and culture.
Thao & Co. Advertising Marketing Translation
What are the challenges of advertising and marketing translation?
Marketing and advertising content poses several challenges for localization due to the need to adapt brand messages to different cultural contexts while maintaining their impact and effectiveness. Localization involves not only translating the words but also tailoring the message, visuals, and tone to suit the local market.
Effective localization of advertising and marketing content requires sophisticated cultural understanding.
Translating slogans or campaign phrases without considering cultural context can result in misinterpretation, confusion, or even negative associations. This is one of the most serious multilingual marketing challenges.
An infamous example is the case of Electrolux and their US ad campaign from the 60s. The Swedish version, “Inget suger som Elextrolux” was translated into “Nothing sucks like Electrolux.”
The slogan was intended to emphasize the superior suction power of Electrolux vacuum cleaners. However, in English, the word “suck” has a colloquial meaning that implies something is bad, disappointing, or of poor quality. The unintended interpretation of the slogan as “Nothing is as bad as Electrolux” or “Electrolux is terrible” likely led to confusion and negative reactions among English-speaking consumers.
The issue arose from a lack of cultural sensitivity and understanding of idiomatic expressions in the target language. The unintended double entendre in the slogan translation created a negative perception of the brand, undermining the effectiveness of the campaign and potentially harming sales.
It is important to maintain a consistent brand identity when translating advertising and marketing content.
Preserving brand identity ensures that the message remains consistent and coherent across different cultures, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty.
For example, McDonald’s uses a consistent tone across its global marketing campaigns. It is crucial to maintain the same friendly and approachable language style when localizing the brand’s messages in different countries. This ensures that customers all over the world feel a sense of familiarity and connection with the brand, regardless of the language used.
Let’s consider their globally famous slogan “I’m lovin’ it.”
In France, it’s translated as “Venez comme vous êtes” (Come as you are), maintaining the inclusive and welcoming tone of the original slogan while adapting it to the French cultural context.
Meanwhile, in China, it was translated as “我就喜欢”, which means “I just like it.” The translation captures the essence of the original slogan and maintains the upbeat sentiment, ensuring brand consistency and connection with Chinese consumers – a quite clever solution for multilingual marketing challenges.
Advertisements often have limited space or character restrictions, such as in digital ads or billboards.
Translators must convey the message, brand identity, and persuasion within the tight character or word limits of advertisements, banners, or social media posts.
This requires skillful adaptation, condensing content while ensuring the core ideas, impact, and appeal are preserved. Maintaining the essence of the original message while working within a limited space demands creativity, linguistic expertise, and an understanding of the target audience’s preferences and culture.
The goal is to deliver a concise, impactful translation that effectively captures attention and yields desired actions within the given space constraints.
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Our solutions
At Thao & Co., we go beyond translation to help your advertising and marketing campaigns transcend borders. Upon request, we carry out Consumer Language Research to dive deep into your target markets, unraveling complex linguistic nuances, cultural preferences, and consumer insights. This invaluable knowledge empowers us to create tailored transcreations that truly connect with your target audience. Our team of expert transcreators skillfully adapt and recreate your message, ensuring it not only resonates linguistically but also captures the essence of your brand in the local culture.
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Can you translate content in the format of Adobe InDesign (AI) files?
Yes, our advertising + marketing translation services extend to content in Adobe InDesign files.
Translating content in AI files presents unique challenges, as it requires expertise in both translation and design skills. Our team of expert linguists and in-house designers is well-versed in working with InDesign and has extensive experience in adapting marketing materials and similar content to various languages and cultures.
Please feel free to reach out to us at our Get a Quote page to discuss your project requirements and get a free quote!
What is the difference between marketing translation and transcreation?
Marketing translation and transcreation are two approaches to localizing advertising and marketing content.
Marketing translation focuses on conveying the original message while considering cultural nuances. Its main purpose is to maintain the integrity of the source content.
Transcreation, on the other hand, aims to localize the content creatively, capturing its essence and emotional impact in the target language and culture. It may involve taking creative liberties to ensure maximum resonance with the audience.
Marketing translation is used for factual materials, while transcreation is employed for slogans, taglines, ad campaigns, and content requiring cultural adaptation and emotional connection.
Whether your project requires marketing translation or transcreation service depends on your content type and desired outcome. If you are uncertain, leave your information on our Get a Quote page. We will get back to you with a free consultation to help you pick the best option for your marketing campaign.
When should I choose transcreation instead of translation service for my marketing text?
Our transcreation service is the ideal choice when you need more than a straightforward translation.
Thao & Co. excels in adapting creative and emotional content, ensuring cultural relevance, preserving brand identity, and handling highly visual materials.
If you have slogans, ad copies, or campaigns that require emotional resonance and cultural adaptation, our transcreation experts will skillfully localize your content to engage your target audience and ensure your product makes a hit in your desired market.
If you are uncertain, leave your information on our Get a Quote page. We will get back to you with a free consultation to help you pick the best option for your marketing campaign.
How can I be sure the slogan or tagline translations you provide will resonate with local markets?
Thao & Co. understands the importance of effectively conveying your brand message in different languages. To achieve this, we offer a specialized Consumer Language Research© service upon request.
With this service, we carry out a minimum of two interviews (either Focus Group Discussions or In-depth Interviews) with your target consumers as part of our process.
For example, firstly, we initiate the process by conducting a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with consumers from the target market. This initial discussion or interview allows us to gain valuable insights and understand their perceptions, preferences, and expectations related to the product or service you intend to promote.
Based on the insights gathered from the first interview, we develop three translation options for your slogans and taglines. These options are carefully crafted to align with the language and cultural preferences of the target market.
Next, we conduct a second round of FGD with consumers, presenting them with the three translation options. This step allows us to gauge their reactions, feedback, and emotional responses to each translation. By observing their reactions firsthand, we gain crucial insights into the effectiveness and impact of the different options.
Using the feedback received from the second interview, we meticulously analyze and revise the translations, incorporating consumer preferences and suggestions. This iterative process enables us to fine-tune the translations, ensuring they are optimized for emotional connection and cultural relevance.
By conducting a minimum of two interviews with consumers, we aim to create translations that not only capture the essence of your brand but also strike a chord with your target market. This research-driven approach guarantees that our final translations are refined, effective, and well-received by the local audience.
What is SEO translation?
At Thao & Co., our SEO translation service is designed to enhance your online visibility. In particular, at your request, we conduct thorough keyword research specific to each of your target markets. This helps us identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords in the target languages, ensuring that your translated content is optimized for Google search.
To maintain consistency and optimize your translated content, we will also develop an SEO keyword glossary. This glossary serves as a reference point, ensuring that the chosen keywords are consistently and strategically integrated into your translated content. By doing so, we enhance the visibility of your products in local search results.
How can SEO translation help with marketing translation?
SEO translation greatly enhances the impact of marketing translation. The combination of SEO translation and marketing translation not only conveys your brand’s message accurately but also ensures that it actually reaches your intended audience through improved search engine visibility.
Through localized keyword research and the development of an SEO keyword glossary, we optimize the translated content for local search engines, ensuring consistency and alignment with SEO best practices. This dual approach helps your brand reach the target audience while maximizing visibility in local search results, ultimately leading to greater success in local markets.
Do you provide translation, subtitles, and voice overs for promotional videos?
Yes, Thao & Co. offers professional translation and subtitles services for promotional videos, ensuring your message reaches global audiences.
Our native linguists are experts at translating scripts or dialogues, maintaining the intended impact while adapting to cultural complexities. We also provide high-quality subtitles and voice overs services, seamlessly enhancing accessibility and viewer experience. From voice overs to subtitles and closed captions, our skilled team delivers professional and appealing results.
Visit our Subtitles and Voice Overs pages for more details, or head over to our Get a Quote page to get a free quote for your promotional videos!
How much does marketing translation usually cost?
The fee for marketing translation depends on several factors. Thao & Co. estimates the fee for our Advertising + Marketing translation services based on the content type, language pairs, urgency of the project, and any additional supporting services requested.
The complexity and length of the content, such as website pages, promotional videos, or advertising campaigns, can influence pricing. Additionally, the language pairs involved and the urgency of the project also contribute to the overall fee.
Furthermore, if you require additional services such as SEO translation, keyword research, SEO keyword glossary development, or Consumer Language Research©, these will be factored into the pricing as well.
Visit our Get a Quote page and provide your project details to receive a free quote tailored to your specific needs!
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