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At Thao & Co., we understand the complexities of the legal world. Whether you require translation of contracts, court documents, or legal agreements, our team has got you covered.
What is legal translation?
Legal translation is a specialized form of technical translation that focuses on the language used in the field of law. It involves the accurate and faithful translation of legal documents such as contracts, agreements, court rulings, statutes, regulations, and other legal materials.
Thao & Co. Legal Translation
What are the challenges of legal translation?
Legal translation is challenging due to unique language characteristics and complexities. Errors can have serious consequences on individuals, businesses, court proceedings, legal rights, international incidents, and public perception. Confidentiality and privacy are vital.
Legal language poses a significant challenge for legal translation due to its unique characteristics and complexities.
Legal language refers to the specialized terminology and communication style used in the field of law. It is distinct from everyday language due to its precision, technicality, and formal structure.
Take Legal English as an example.
As a subset of legal language, Legal English has its own characteristics that distinguish it from general English usage. Notable characteristics include the frequent use of:
•   Common words with uncommon meanings: Legal English often employs common words that have specific legal meanings distinct from their everyday usage. For example, action may refer to lawsuit, while party means person contracting or litigating, and virtue, as in “by virtue of,” means force or authority.
•   Archaic and Middle English words: Legal English incorporates archaic and Middle English words that have been retained in legal terminology. This usage can be traced back to historical legal traditions and provides continuity in the language. Examples include aforesaid, forthwith, here-words such as hereafter, herein, hereof; and there-words such as thereabout, thereafter, and thereat.
•   Latin words and phrases: Latin has long been the lingua franca of the legal profession, and its influence is evident in legal English. Latin terms and phrases are used for precision and brevity, and they often have established legal meanings. For example, affidavit, alias, alibi, and bona fide has become widely accepted as an integral part of legal English.
•   Formal expressions: Legal English employs a variety of techniques to create a formal and ceremonial quality in its language. This is achieved through the frequent use of polite expressions from earlier times (approach the bench instead of come here) and euphemisms (the deceased and decedent).
•   Circumlocutions: Circumlocution, a fundamental feature of legal language, refers to the practice of “talking around” a topic. It involves using a larger number of words than necessary to express an idea that could be conveyed more concisely. Examples include at a later date instead of later, during such time as instead of while, in the event that instead of if, and in close proximity to instead of near.
•   Impersonal style: Lawyers, depending on the party they represent, often utilize linguistic features that de-emphasize the agent’s identity while highlighting the action, a strategic choice that can impede comprehension. This highly impersonal style of writing is characterized by the frequent use of passive voice and peculiar pronoun usage. Passive voice is deeply rooted in legal language and tends to be overused in various legal documents.
ㅤㅤThe omission of personal pronouns is another distinctive feature, motivated by judges’ efforts to achieve maximum objectivity. In written wills, the second-person singular is omitted, and the first-person singular is used instead. The second person singular is also omitted when there are no direct orders or warnings, or when it is deemed that legal rules should be impersonal.
ㅤㅤConsequently, the predominant use of the third person singular and plural is observed. Expressions like “everybody,” “everyone,” and “every person” indicate that a provision applies universally, while “no one” and “nobody” are employed in prohibitions. The intention is to create the impression of impartiality in the law, although such generalizations can be vague.
ㅤㅤSuch unique characteristics of the legal language make legal translation a challenging task. Translators must navigate complex sentence structures, interpret multiple meanings, adapt archaic elements, and accurately convey legal concepts. The unique characteristics of legal language require translators to possess expertise in both legal and linguistic domains, and ideally, a deep understanding of the legal systems involved.
Translation errors in legal translation can have profound consequences on individuals, businesses, court proceedings, legal rights, international incidents, and public perception.
ㅤㅤMistranslations in contracts and legal documents
ㅤㅤA simple mistake or mistranslation in a legal document can be costly. In contracts, a mistranslated or missing word can delay the finalization of agreements or even render them invalid, leading to financial losses and the potential for lawsuits. For instance, in a real estate transaction, a mistranslation of property specifications can result in a collapsed deal, causing financial setbacks for both the buyer and seller. Similarly, in an immigration application, a mistranslation of crucial information can lead to rejection, jeopardizing an individual’s ability to stay in a country and potentially disrupting their career or personal life.
ㅤㅤMistranslations in Court
ㅤㅤMistranslations in court proceedings, such as translated evidence or witness testimonies, can significantly impact trial outcomes. A mistranslation can be considered an evidentiary error, infringing on a party’s constitutional rights and potentially leading to mistrials or appeals.
ㅤㅤIn 2020, Leyla Güven, a prominent Kurdish politician, was sentenced to 22 years in prison on terror charges by a Turkish court. After being detained in 2018, she was released in 2019 under judicial control following an 80-day hunger strike.
During the second hearing of her court case on February 9, 2022, Güven raised concerns about the accuracy of the translation in the audio records of her speeches made in Kurdish. She claimed that the translations were full of errors. ㅤRecognizing the gravity of this issue, the judge granted her request for additional time to prepare her defense. The hearing was rescheduled for April 11, 2022, where the quality of the translated evidence would certainly play a crucial role in determining Güven’s future.
ㅤㅤLegal rights violations
ㅤㅤUsing unreliable legal translations can lead to violations of a suspect’s rights.
ㅤㅤIn February 2020, Corporal Mark Conrad conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle driven by Ramirez Mendoza in Pennsylvania State. During the stop, Conrad attempted to obtain consent to search the suspicious car. Instead of using an appropriate translation resource, Conrad relied on Google Translate on his phone. However, a video recording of the interaction, later reviewed in court, revealed that Google Translate mistranslated Conrad’s question, turning it into a statement.
ㅤㅤThis mistranslation became significant evidence in the case, as it created the impression of coercion and invalidated the voluntary consent given by Ramirez Mendoza. In such situations, law enforcement officers should use preprinted and vetted translations of authorized forms to ensure accurate communication and avoid violating suspects’ rights. Failing to use a credible translation source to obtain consent can lead to violations of a suspect’s rights, even if the suspect was aware of the intended action.
ㅤㅤPublic embarrassment and policy changes
ㅤㅤTranslation errors in high-profile documents can lead to public embarrassment and policy repercussions. In 2011, South Korea faced significant public embarrassment due to a multitude of translation errors in its free trade agreement. The second version of the agreement, which was presented to the public, contained a staggering 207 new translation mistakes. This incident followed an earlier review that also revealed numerous errors, leading the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to publicly apologize for the translation failures.
ㅤㅤThe consequences of these translation errors were far-reaching and had serious implications. First and foremost, the withdrawal of the revised translation resulted in a failure to meet the established treaty deadlines. This delay not only undermined the progress of the agreement but also created uncertainty and disrupted trade relations between South Korea and its trade partners.
ㅤㅤAdditionally, the translation errors had adverse effects on the economy and employment. The setback caused by the flawed translations led to job losses and hindered business opportunities, as the inaccurate translations affected the clarity and enforceability of the trade agreement. This, in turn, impacted companies relying on the agreement and potentially limited their growth and international expansion plans.
ㅤㅤMoreover, the incident prompted changes in government policies. The translation errors highlighted the need for improved translation practices and quality control within the government. As a result, the government was compelled to reevaluate its translation processes, implement stricter measures, and enhance the overall accuracy and reliability of translations in important official documents.
ㅤㅤTranslation errors in the legal field can have severe and far-reaching consequences. Accurate and reliable legal translation is essential to ensure fairness, protect legal rights, maintain diplomatic relationships, and uphold the integrity of legal systems. Diligent attention to detail, professional expertise, and the use of trusted translation partners are critical to avoiding the potential pitfalls of translation errors in legal contexts.
Confidentiality and privacy are paramount in legal translation, highlighting the need for secured platforms, safety measures, and transparency.
ㅤㅤSafeguarding personal data
ㅤㅤLegal documents may contain personally identifiable information (PII), such as names, addresses, financial records, and other sensitive data. Translators must handle this information with the utmost care to prevent unauthorized access, breaches, or misuse. Respecting privacy laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is crucial in ensuring that personal data remains confidential during the translation process.
ㅤㅤProtecting client-attorney privilege
ㅤㅤLegal documents often contain privileged and confidential information that is shared between attorneys and their clients. Legal translators must adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to maintain the privacy of this information. Preserving client-attorney privilege ensures that sensitive details remain secure and that clients can trust that their discussions and legal matters are kept confidential.
ㅤㅤPreserving legal proceedings
ㅤㅤAccuracy and confidentiality in legal translation are essential to upholding the integrity of legal proceedings. Translators working on court documents, witness statements, or evidence must maintain the privacy of sensitive information to prevent bias, undue influence, or tampering. Failure to uphold confidentiality can undermine the fairness and credibility of legal proceedings.
ㅤㅤAll things considered, confidentiality and privacy are vital factors in legal translation. Choosing a translation agency that prioritizes secured platforms, safety measures, and transparency is essential to protect sensitive information, comply with legal requirements, maintain professional standards, establish trust, and mitigate potential legal liabilities.
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Thao & Co. is well-versed in the intricacies of legal language and can accurately translate your legal documents with precision and attention to detail. Our unique Expert Review© service ensures the highest quality and accuracy in every legal translation. Our proprietary platform and secured system guarantee the confidentiality and security of your sensitive information throughout the translation process.
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Do you provide certified translation?
ㅤㅤCertified translation is a specialized service that provides a formal confirmation of the accuracy of a translated document. At Thao & Co., we offer two types of certified translation. Firstly, we can provide translations that are certified by our company, guaranteeing the accuracy and quality of the translated content. Secondly, we work with active members of professional translation associations who can provide certified translations that are recognized and accepted by authorities and institutions worldwide.
ㅤㅤCertified translation is often required for various official documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, legal contracts, immigration documents, and more.
ㅤㅤWhen it comes to the overall cost of certified translation, it typically includes both the translation fee and the certification fee. However, we are pleased to inform you that at Thao & Co., the certification provided by our company is completely free of charge. Please note that if you require certification by members of professional translation associations, there will be an additional cost. Our team can provide you with more information on the pricing details for such certification.
ㅤㅤIn terms of turnaround time, we strive to deliver efficient and prompt service. For standard documents, we can typically provide delivery within 48 hours. However, please keep in mind that longer or more complex documents may require additional time for translation and certification.
ㅤㅤTo receive a free quote and estimated timeline, please head over to our Get a Quote page and provide us with your project information!
Do you provide notarized translation?
ㅤㅤNotarized translation is a specialized service that involves both translating a document and having it officially certified by a notary public or other competent authorities. The specific procedure for notarization may vary depending on the country where you plan to submit your translated documents.
ㅤㅤIn terms of cost, notarized translation typically includes both the translation fee and the notarization fee. The notarization fee can vary depending on the authorities providing the notary stamps and their specific requirements.
ㅤㅤRegarding turnaround time, we strive to deliver efficient service. For standard documents, we aim to provide delivery within 48 hours. However, please note that longer or more complex documents may require additional time for translation and the notarization process.
ㅤㅤTo receive a free quote and estimated timeline, please head over to our Get a Quote page and provide us with your project information!
How does notarized translation work in Vietnam?
ㅤㅤWhen it comes to notarized translation and consular authentication of documents in Vietnam, the process depends on whether the documents are Vietnamese documents to be used overseas or foreign documents to be used in Vietnam.
ㅤㅤFor Vietnamese documents to be used overseas, the standard process involves translating the documents first, then notarizing them at the Department of Justice in Vietnam. Afterward, the documents need to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Vietnam and finally authenticated by the destination country.
ㅤㅤOn the other hand, for foreign documents to be used in Vietnam, the process is reversed. The documents need to be authenticated by the issuing country first, then authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Vietnam. Following this, the documents should be translated into Vietnamese and then notarized by the Department of Justice in Vietnam.
ㅤㅤIf you find this process confusing or require further assistance, please visit our Get a Quote page and provide us with your information. Our team is happy to help!
How do you secure my legal documents in the translation and certification/notarization process?
ㅤㅤAt Thao & Co., we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your legal documents throughout the translation and certification/notarization process. Depending on the specific requirements of each document or notarization project, we may request either the certified true copy or the original document.
ㅤㅤTo ensure the safety of your documents, we have implemented strict guidelines for our project managers and staff who handle clients’ sensitive information. We have also established processes for managing and securely storing physical copies of documents in our office.
ㅤㅤFor electronic files, we employ a secured system to safeguard your documents. Additionally, we take measures to protect confidentiality by signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with our translators. We continuously improve our technologies to provide a secure environment where translators can work directly on our proprietary platform without the need to download the documents.
How do you ensure precise translation of legal jargon?
Ensuring precise translation of legal terminologies is a top priority at our translation agency. Here’s how we achieve it:
ㅤㅤWe meticulously recruit qualified and experienced legal translators through a rigorous testing process where we assess their knowledge, skills, and expertise in legal terminology. Additionally, we provide on-going feedback to our translators after each project, fostering continuous improvement and maintaining high translation standards.
ㅤㅤOur platform features ChatBox©, which facilitates direct communication between our translation team and clients. This allows our translators to ask questions and seek clarification on specific words or concepts, ensuring a better understanding of the legal content and guaranteeing accurate translations.
ㅤㅤTo provide an extra layer of quality assurance, we offer an Expert Review© service upon request. This entails having legal experts simultaneously proofread the translation during the translation process. Their expertise ensures the accuracy of the legal jargon, resulting in precise and reliable translations.
Do you provide legal transcription? How does it work?
ㅤㅤYes, Thao & Co. offers legal transcription services for videos and audio recordings, specifically designed for court proceedings and other legal purposes. We provide a range of transcription types, including verbatim or non-verbatim, with or without timestamps.
ㅤㅤIf you are unsure about the specific type of transcription you require, head over to our Transcription page – you can find detailed information about our services and browse through our transcription forms, which we have developed to cater to different transcription needs.
ㅤㅤThe fees and turnaround time for our transcription services depend on various factors such as the complexity of your audios or videos, the language you require, and your specific transcription needs.
ㅤㅤIf you still have questions or need further assistance, visit our Get a Quote page and provide us with your information. Our team is happy to help!
We are a law firm looking for a reliable agency to help translate multiple documents on a weekly basis. How do you handle on-going high volume projects?
Thao & Co. understands the importance of a seamless workflow for your regular translation needs, and we are here to provide a reliable B2B solution.
ㅤㅤWe offer a user-friendly platform that simplifies the translation process for you. With our B2B workflow, you can easily upload files for translation at any time, track the progress of your projects, and communicate directly with your assigned translation team, all within our secure platform.
ㅤㅤOur platform ensures that your sensitive documents are handled with utmost confidentiality and security. You can trust that your files are protected throughout the entire translation process.
ㅤㅤBy utilizing our B2B workflow, you can streamline your translation requirements, improve efficiency, and have full control and visibility over your projects. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any questions or specific needs you may have.
ㅤㅤExperience a hassle-free and efficient translation workflow by partnering with Thao & Co. We look forward to supporting your law firm’s translation needs.
Do you provide legal interpretation?
ㅤㅤYes, we are pleased to offer professional interpretation services for your legal project. Whether you require interpreters to be present at court proceedings, investigation sites, or online meetings, we can cater to your specific requirements. Thao & Co. can arrange for skilled interpreters to be present physically at the required location or provide interpretation services remotely, depending on your requirements and preferences.
ㅤㅤWe offer both consecutive interpretations, where the interpreter speaks after the speaker has finished, as well as simultaneous interpretations, where the interpreter translates in real-time. This ensures that we can provide the most suitable interpreter for your specific project, delivering smooth and effective communication.
ㅤㅤIf you still have questions or need further assistance, visit our Get a Quote page and provide us with your information. Our team is happy to help!
We are a legal service startup and would like to translate our platform and website into multiple languages. Can you help?
Certainly! We are excited to offer our specialized translation services for your legal platform and website.
ㅤㅤThao & Co. provides comprehensive App + Software + Website + Game Translation services specifically tailored to meet your needs. To ensure translation quality and consistency, we have Translation Guidelines and SEO Keyword Glossary services in place. These supporting services help optimize your content for search engines and raise awareness for your innovative legal service startup.
ㅤㅤOur Integration service further simplifies the process by helping you seamlessly integrate the translations into your platform and website. We understand the importance of preserving the functionality and user experience of your digital platforms.
ㅤㅤIn terms of pricing, we take into account the volume of work involved. As websites and platforms often contain repeated content, we tend to offer discounts based on the level of repetition found within the project.
ㅤㅤRegarding timelines, if only translation is requested, it can be quite straightforward. However, when supporting services such as Translation Guidelines and SEO Keyword Glossary are involved, the timeline will likely be extended. Rest assured, the additional time invested ensures high-quality, consistent translations that are optimized for search engines and promote the success of your legal service startup.
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