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Need translations that get you soar in the Automotive and Aerospace industries? Thao & Co. has the right fuel for precise and powerful translations. From technical manuals to engineering specs, we understand the intricate terminology and deliver translations that take your content to new heights.
What is Automotive and Aerospace translation?
Automotive and Aerospace translation is defined as the translation of content related to the Automotive and Aerospace industries. Automotive translation deals with automobile-related content like manuals and specifications, while Aerospace translation focuses on aerospace industry materials such as aircraft manuals and safety guidelines. Skilled translators ensure accurate translations that meet industry standards.
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What are the challenges of Automotive and Aerospace translation?
Automotive and Aerospace translation requires not only linguistic expertise but also domain knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail to deliver accurate and effective translations. Automotive and Aerospace content poses unique challenges for translators.
The Aerospace and Automotive industries have highly specialized terminology, technical concepts, and systems that are difficult for outsiders to navigate.
Below are some examples of technical terms that may be difficult to translate and localize into other languages:
In the automotive industry:
• Torque vectoring: the distribution of torque between the wheels of a vehicle to enhance traction, cornering, and stability by delivering power to individual wheels.
• Anti-lock braking system (ABS): a system that prevents skidding caused by locked wheels during hard braking. ABS is now installed in many new cars, providing additional steering control in emergencies rather than reducing stopping distances.
• Electronic Stability Control (ESC): a technology that helps prevent loss of control during curves and emergency steering maneuvers by stabilizing your car when it deviates from your intended path.
In the aerospace industry:
• Thrust reversers: components of jet engines that assist in slowing down aircraft after touchdown, reducing brake wear and enabling shorter landing distances.
• Propulsion system: a system that generates thrust to propel an object forward. This is achieved by accelerating a gas, known as a “working fluid” – either air moved by a propeller or exhaust from a jet or rocket engine.
Translating these terms requires finding equivalent terms in the target language to accurately convey the same functions and such equivalents must also be commonly used in the automotive and aerospace domains of the target country.
Translators must be well-versed in the controlled language used for Automotive and Aerospace content.
A controlled language is a restricted version of a language used for writing technical documentation. It has restricted vocabulary and grammar to prevent ambiguity. The vocabulary size and word meanings are limited to avoid lexical ambiguities, while the grammar rules aim to maintain a clear style.
The standard controlled language used for the automotive and aerospace industries is the ASD-STE100. ASD-STE100, also known as Simplified Technical English (STE), was developed in the late 1970s by the Association of European Airlines, the European Association of Aerospace Industries, and the Aerospace Industries Association of America.
Some of the ASD rules include:
• Use short sentences (a maximum of 20 words for procedures, 25 words for descriptions)
• Avoid passive voice
• Be specific
• Use “that” after subordinate clauses with verbs like “make sure” and “show” (e.g., “Make sure that the valve is open” instead of “Make sure the valve is open”)
• Introduce list items with a dash (hyphen).
• Limit noun clusters to three or fewer (e.g., write “Calibration of the resistance on a runway light connection” instead of “Runway light connection resistance calibration”)
Controlled languages exist for various languages, for example, ScaniaSwedish for truck maintenance, or MULTILINT which is a project sponsored by BMW to develop a system of controlled German.
It is important that Automotive and Aerospace translators are well-versed in these controlled languages, especially when working on highly technical content such as technical manuals, product specifications, or safety guidelines, to deliver consistent, high-quality translations that meet industry standards.
Due to the sensitive nature of the information involved, Automotive and Aerospace translation requires serious confidentiality and security measures.
Aerospace and Automotive companies invest heavily in research, development, and innovation. The content being translated may contain proprietary information, trade secrets, or technical specifications that need to be kept confidential.
Translators may need to work with specialized software, databases, or internal documentation that is accessible only to authorized personnel. Any mishandling or unauthorized disclosure of classified information can have serious legal and security implications. Ensuring controlled access and safeguarding these resources against unauthorized use or disclosure is a must.
As a result, it is important that Automotive and Aerospace projects are handled by professional translation agencies that can ensure confidentiality and security measures such as robust data encryption, controlled access to resources, and strict adherence to security protocols for handling classified information.
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Our solutions
Thao & Co. provides top-quality translations for the Automotive and Aerospace industries. Our team of expert linguists has in-depth knowledge and experience in these technical domains. Confidentiality, data security, and adherence to non-disclosure agreements are our priorities. In addition, we offer additional services such as Expert Interviews and Expert Reviews© to guarantee the utmost accuracy for precise translations of technical manuals, specifications, patents, and more.
Thao & Co. Service Support
How do you recruit qualified translators for Automotive + Aerospace translation projects?
At Thao & Co., we have a rigorous process for recruiting qualified translators specifically for Automotive and Aerospace projects. We carefully select experienced linguists who have a strong background in these industries. They undergo translation tests to assess their skills and suitability for the job. Once they join our team, we provide comprehensive onboarding, equipping them with our detailed translation guidelines. We prioritize continuous improvement by providing feedback to our translators after each project, ensuring consistent quality and meeting the specific requirements of our clients.
How do you ensure your translation quality, for example, the use of terminology, is up to industry standards?
Thao & Co. understands the importance of using accurate and industry-specific terminologies in Automotive and Aerospace translations. While our team consists of experienced linguists who have a deep understanding of these industries, we go the extra mile to ensure terminological accuracy and high comprehensibility for intended audience. In addition to our linguists’ expertise, we provide an Expert Review© service. This means that our translations are carefully reviewed by industry experts who possess extensive knowledge of the Automotive and Aerospace fields. This process ensures that our translations not only meet the highest linguistic standards but also adhere to the precise terminologies used in these industries, guaranteeing the utmost accuracy and quality of the final work.
How does Expert Review© work?
Thao & Co. takes pride in our Expert Review© service, which ensures the highest level of quality and accuracy in our technical translations. As our experienced linguists translate your content, their translation undergoes a thorough review process. We engage industry experts who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the Automotive and Aerospace industries. These experts carefully examine the translated content, verifying its technical accuracy, consistency, and adherence to industry-specific terminology. They provide valuable insights, feedback, and suggestions to further refine the translation and ensure it meets the highest standards. With our Expert Review© service, we guarantee that you will receive translations that are not only linguistically precise but also meticulously reviewed by industry experts, resulting in impeccable and reliable works for your Automotive and Aerospace projects.
How long does it take to complete the Expert Review© process?
Thao & Co. understands the importance of timely delivery without compromising quality. Depending on the translation volume, our Expert Review© process may take 1-2 weeks, ensuring thorough and meticulous evaluation of the translated content. However, to optimize efficiency and save time, we have implemented a streamlined approach: Our team works on translation and review simultaneously, allowing us to minimize turnaround time while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and quality. This collaborative process ensures that you will receive timely translations without sacrificing the rigorous expert review that guarantees terminological precision and excellence for Automotive and Aerospace projects.
How much does Expert Review© usually cost?
Our Expert Review© service carries a higher fee compared to our standard linguistic review, but the added value it brings is truly worth the investment. By leveraging the expertise of industry specialists, we ensure that our Automotive and Aerospace translations resonate with the intended audience. The meticulous scrutiny and fine-tuning provided by our experts make a significant difference in the end result, guaranteeing readability, terminological accuracy and industry relevance.
How do you handle Marketing translation of Automotive + Aerospace content?
To ensure the highest level of quality and resonance for Automotive and Aerospace marketing materials, we adopt a comprehensive approach. For slogans and taglines, we collaborate with local research agencies to conduct expert interviews. This invaluable input helps us grasp industry terms, understand the needs and preferences of the target audiences, and gauge their reactions to different slogan translation options. By combining linguistic expertise with market insights, we deliver marketing translations that captivate the intended audience, effectively promoting your Automotive and Aerospace products and services.
How do Expert Interviews work?
Expert interviews are a vital component of our technical translation strategy. We collaborate with industry professionals who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors. These experts are carefully selected based on their expertise and familiarity with the target market. Through expert interviews, we gain valuable insights into industry terminology and the preferences of the target audience. This allows us to ensure that our translations are not only linguistically accurate but also resonate with the intended audience, effectively conveying your message and enhancing the impact of your Automotive and Aerospace content.
How long does it take to carry out Expert Interviews?
Our expert interview process follows a comprehensive 7-step approach to ensure accurate and impactful translations for your Automotive and Aerospace marketing materials:
Step 1: We begin by recruiting highly qualified linguists who are experienced in translating Automotive and Aerospace content. They generate 3 slogan translation options and compile a list of industry terms to focus on during the interviews.
Step 2: We provide clear research objectives to a trusted market research agency, outlining the specific goals and areas of focus for the interviews.
Step 3: The research agency then prepares a comprehensive discussion guide that aligns with our research objectives. They also propose expert profiles that match the specific requirements of your project.
Step 4: We coordinate with the research agency to schedule convenient dates and times for the expert interviews, ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made.
Step 5: Our entire translation team attends the interviews. If desired, clients have the option to join either physically at the research agency’s office or virtually to observe the process firsthand.
Step 6: Our translation team takes meticulous notes of any industry terms mentioned during the interviews. These notes serve as a valuable resource for refining and finalizing the preferred translation options based on the experts’ recommendations.
Step 7: Once the expert interviews are complete, our translation team prepares a detailed report that includes the slogan and tagline translation options, along with explanations and any relevant findings from the expert interviews. We share this report with our clients, ensuring transparency and providing a good understanding of the translation choices made.
By following this 7-step process, we ensure that our expert interviews provide valuable insights into industry terminology and target audience preferences. This enables us to deliver translations that truly resonate with your audience and effectively convey your Automotive and Aerospace content.
How much do Expert Interviews cost?
The cost of Expert Interviews for marketing materials in the Automotive and Aerospace industries depends on several factors.
Firstly, the number of interviews required is a significant consideration. Typically, local research agencies recommend a minimum sample size of 4-6 interviews to ensure robust insights.
Secondly, the type of experts selected for the interviews can influence the overall cost. Expertise and availability vary, and fees can range up to 1,000 USD per expert interview. This cost includes expenses related to recruitment, moderation fees, and the efforts of our translation team, including brainstorming translation options, attending the interviews, and finalizing translations.
While conducting Expert Interviews requires substantial time and effort, the impact it has on marketing materials is worth the investment. By ensuring that the translation resonates with the target audience, your Automotive and Aerospace products or services will have a far greater chance of success. We understand the importance of conveying your brand message effectively, and our Expert Interview service is designed to deliver translations that truly connect with your intended audience.
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