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If you’re ready to take your app, software or game global or you want your website to attract international customers, you’ll need to modify the content for your new target audience. Look to Thao & Co. for expert translation and localization, while preserving the design and layout of the original. Give your customers a positive digital experience. Our linguists are native professional translators who help brands big and small grow their international business.
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Thao & Co. understands the importance of high-quality translations for apps, websites, games, software and other digital products. We’re dedicated to ensure our clients have the highest quality translations meeting all local and international standards. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

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Our Apps + Software + Websites + Games Translation Services
Translation Guidelines
Before starting your translation work, we’ll assign a Project Manager and Language Lead to work with you in developing Translation Guidelines for your content. This preliminary step is critical to accuracy and consistency.
SEO Keyword Glossary
We’ll work with local and international SEO specialists to research keywords in the target language and generate a keyword glossary for reference. We want to use words that are familiar and relevant to your customers in the translation.
To make your content appeal to your new market, we will localize your app, website or game. We adapt the wording to the target region, incorporating cultural nuances so the end product is easily understood and doesn’t seem like it was originally created for a different market. We can also localize your related marketing materials and technical documentation.
Customized Integration + Linguistic Review
Our in-house developers or local IT experts will work to integrate the translated, localized content into your app, software, website or game. We’ll ensure that the design and layout are formatted for consistency with your brand. Before delivery, the translated text will be reviewed a final time by our linguists to be sure everything is correct in the local language and the user experience has been optimized.
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What should I know before selecting a content localization service?
When selecting a content localization service, it’s important to consider your objectives, ensuring they align with your goals in the target market. Conduct thorough market research to ensure cultural relevance, which directly influences the effectiveness of the software, and website localization process. Set a realistic budget and timeline, taking into account the scope of your project. Prioritize content elements based on local preferences, thereby enhancing engagement and resonance.

What are the benefits of localization?
Localization offers a wide range of advantages, including improved user experience through content tailored to local preferences. This customization also improves SEO localization, increasing online visibility. Consistency across languages reinforces brand identity, fostering customer loyalty. These factors enhance your competitiveness in global markets. Our expert App + Software + Website + Game Translation Services are ready to help you elevate your products in international markets.

How to build a successful content localization strategy?
To build an effective content localization strategy, you should start with clear localization objectives. Partner with a reputable agency, collaborating closely for accurate translations. Thoroughly test localized content to ensure quality and cultural alignment. Focus on continuously evaluating strategy effectiveness and making necessary refinements for optimal results.

What are the differences between localization and internationalization?
When it comes to content, localization focuses on adapting your materials to resonate with local audiences – think language, culture, and preferences. Internationalization, on the other hand, sets the stage by designing content that’s easily adaptable across various markets.

What are the differences between localization and translation?
While translation focuses on converting text from one language to another, localization goes beyond by adapting content culturally, contextually, and even visually. It ensures your message connects authentically with the target audience.

How to ensure translation quality during content localization?
Ensuring translation quality in content localization is vital. Our process includes using Translation Guidelines and a Glossary to maintain consistency. Also, rigorous linguistic quality assurance ensures accuracy. For software, apps, and websites, we recommend thorough post-integration linguistic testing. Our App + Software + Website + Game Translation Services can accommodate all your localization needs.

What is game translation and localization?
Game translation and localization involve adapting video games for different languages and cultures. Translation ensures text is accurately rendered, while localization goes beyond, adjusting visuals, audio, and sometimes, even gameplay. This creates an immersive experience that resonates with players worldwide.

What is website localization?
Website localization is adapting your website to resonate with diverse cultures and languages. We tailor content, visuals, and functionalities, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly experience for each target audience.

What is app localization?
App localization is the process of tailoring your application to suit different languages and cultures. We adapt text, visuals, and user interface elements, creating a seamless and engaging experience for users worldwide. Benefit from our customized integration and linguistic review solutions for the best UI/UX.

What is software localization?
Software localization involves adapting your software for various languages and regions. We translate user interfaces, menus, and content while ensuring cultural relevance and functionality.

Cost Estimate
Get a translation cost estimate in 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Which of the following services do you need for your translation? Thao & Co. offers the following options: Translation performed by either one experienced translator or one experienced translator and one experienced proofreader; and Proofreading of your translated content. Please pick one:
• AWGST-OT (App + Website + Game + Software Translation – Only Translation)
• AWGST-TP (App + Website + Game + Software Translation – Translation + Proofreading)
• AWGST-TP (App + Website + Game + Software Translation – Proofreading)
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Cost estimates are subject to change, depending on:

  • The level of industry terminology involved
  • The level of post-translation formating required
  • Whether the language pair you require is common in the area or not
  • The volume of materials to be translated

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Our Technologies
Our Management Platform
Working with Thao & Co. is easy. Our proprietary platform helps keep your app, website or game project organized and moving swiftly along the translation process.
Our Translation Platform
Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform enables simultaneous translation and proofreading, allowing our linguists to work on one translation file at the same time. This speeds up the delivery timeline significantly without sacrificing translation quality.
Other Translation Platforms
Our expert linguists excel in all major translation and localization technologies, including Trados, Smartcat, MateCat, MemoQ, Crowdin, and more. Does your project require a specific platform? No problem! We adapt to your needs for maximum efficiency.
SEO tools
Working with localization specialists, we use the latest SEO tools to generate a custom translation glossary for keywords relevant to your app, software, website or game project.
Integration technologies
We’re experienced with most programming languages including Python, JavaScript, C++, PHP, etc. and Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento.
Integration process
We translate content while our programmers review the source codes of your app/software/website/game and develop multi-language codes if they’re not already built in. Then our programmers update the codes on your content management system (CMS). Finally, we publish the translated content on your CMS. Once that’s done, your users can enjoy a fully integrated, multi-language app, software, website or game.
Our Industries
You don’t want to take risks when bringing a healthcare-related app or website into another language. We offer accurate translation and localization of medical information.
Advertising + Marketing
Localize your message and branding with translations of your website, software, app or game by linguists who understand marcom and value brand consistency.
Banking + Finance
Expand your reach in the realms of banking, cryptocurrency, trading, and payment platforms with our specialized translation solutions. We’ll translate and localize all content while preserving the functionality of your original.
Got legal information pertaining to your app, software or website? We can translate and localize your Contract Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and tools you use to automate your regulatory compliance.
Real Estate + Construction
We have translators who specialize in architecture, construction, real estate, and civil engineering. They’re ready to translate and localize your content while maintaining the original design.
Retail + E-commerce
To sell to global markets, your website or app should offer product descriptions in the language of the region. We’ll do the translation and localization to get your virtual cash register ringing!
Travel + Tourism
Take your travel app, software or website global. We’ll translate and localize the content while maintaining its original design scheme.
We ensure that your scripts, multimedia content, streaming platforms, and promotional materials are culturally adapted to captivate a worldwide audience.
Automotive + Aerospace
Whether it’s localizing crucial apps for diagnostics and maintenance, software for flight systems, or websites for aviation technology, we ensure seamless adaptation while preserving technical precision.
From software for CNC machinery to apps for production planning, we localize your tools for quality control, assembly lines, technical documentation, and communications to resonate with global partners, clients and workforce.
Your game can be fun in more than one language! Explore new markets for it. We’ll translate every part of your game – gameplay, instructions, storyline, dialog, graphics and technical details.
We specialize in adapting apps, software, and educational platforms, ensuring that textbooks, e-learning materials, and course interfaces are culturally sensitive and accessible.
Whether it’s adapting software for IoT devices, localizing apps for AI integration, we guarantee that your digital innovations speak the language of international users.
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