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Ready to connect with global customers across languages? Bridge the communication gap and reach new markets with our professional B2B translation services. At Thao & Co., we provide seamless, culturally nuanced translations that resonate with your target audience. We don’t just translate words, we translate intent, ensuring your brand voice and message shine through in any language
Thao & Co. Bahasa Malaysia Translation
Lorenzo Peracchione – Founder & COO at BukuKas

I have worked with Thao and her Team for two projects for app content localization. Super responsive, fast and highly professional and they put a lot of effort in understanding the context and objectives of the client.

Thao & Co. Bahasa Malaysia Translation
Piumi Rajapaksha – Content & SEO Manager at Dreamplex

I have worked with Thao and her team twice now as part of a website project for my company and both times, my expectations were blown out of the water. Not only is the communication quick and easy, but Thao sent over one of her translators to come check out our office to get a feel for the brand which can then be translated into their work. The work was also done extremely quickly – 3 days and 80 pages translated! We also got a dashboard to keep track of the status and I just have to say that there was absolutely no problem and everything was done as smooth as possible without me having to worry. Thanks Thao and team!

Thao & Co. Bahasa Malaysia Translation
Emily Martyn – Languages Manager at uTalk

Faultless from start to finish – can’t recommend enough! Excellent communication and quality of work delivered. The translation was delivered quickly and to a high standard – we are very satisfied with the quality of work produced. The communication was very professional and clear. Will look forward to working on more Vietnamese translations soon!

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Thao & Co. understands the importance of high-quality translation services for administrative and legal procedures as well as research and business development. We’re dedicated to ensure our clients have the highest quality translations meeting all local and international standards. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

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From document translation and content localization to interpretation, transcription, subtitling, voice overs, and other language solutions, Thao & Co. understands your need for professional, high-quality services. We deliver the best experience for any translation needs.

Our Clients
What we’ve done for hundreds of world-class organizations, we can do for you – quality translations, premium service and full transparency at every step of the process
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Thao & Co. Client Microsoft
Thao & Co. Client Chanel
Thao & Co. Client NHK
Thao & Co. Client Sparx
Thao & Co. Client Aston Martin
As a leading translation agency in Vietnam, Thao & Co. offers a wide range of services to assist local and international businesses. Our comprehensive capabilities cover translation, localization, subtitles, voice overs, transcription, and interpretation. Supported by our experienced linguists, proprietary platform, and commitment to quality, we deliver tailored services for any multilingual communication need.
Translation + Proofreading
Our professional linguists provide expert translation and proofreading services to help companies communicate effectively as they expand globally. We translate technical, legal, marketing, sales documents, and others into other languages with impeccable accuracy and attention to detail. Our translation expertise in various industries enables world-leading brands to grow their international reach.

App + Software + Website + Game Translation
To take your digital products global, you need translation and localization that adapts content for new target markets while preserving design and functionality. Our linguists provide expert localization of apps, software, websites, and games into other languages, enabling international user experiences. We help digital brands big and small expand their reach into new international markets.

Translation Guidelines
Before starting your translation work, we’ll assign a Project Manager and Language Lead to collaborate with you on developing Translation Guidelines for your content. This preliminary step is critical, allowing us to align on terminology, style, tone, and other specifications upfront. Establishing clear translation guidelines ensures maximum accuracy and consistency across your projects.

SEO Keyword Glossary
We’ll collaborate with local and international SEO experts to research keywords in your target languages. Based on their findings, we will generate a custom keyword glossary highlighting terms most relevant to your audience. This provides an optimal reference, ensuring we translate your content using familiar words that resonate with your customers.

To ensure your content is well received in new markets, we provide full localization services. This involves adapting translated text to incorporate cultural nuances, colloquial styles, and preferences tailored to the target region. Our experts transform your apps, games, websites, marketing materials and technical documentation so they resonate with international audiences.

Customized Integration + Linguistic Review
Our developers and IT experts seamlessly integrate your translated content into apps, software, websites and games. They ensure the design and layout maintain brand consistency through the localization process. Finally, our linguists review the integrated product, verifying accuracy and optimizing the user experience in the localized language.

Text + Document Translation
For companies expanding globally, we provide professional translation of text or documents in various file formats, delivering translated materials in your original design. Our skilled translators are native linguists who can guarantee translation accuracy while maintaining your formatting. We enable businesses to communicate and operate internationally through expert translation of important text-based materials and documentation.

Translation for All File Formats
At Thao & Co., we offer professional translation services that cater to all your written materials and essential documents. Our expertise spans a wide array of file formats, including Microsoft Office formats, PDF, XLIFF, RTF, XHTML, HTML, XML formats, Adobe FrameMaker/InDesign/InCopy, SubRip, OpenDocument formats, QuarkXPress Export, Comma Delimited Text (CSV), Tab Delimited Text, Java Resources, Portable Object, JSON, Text, and more.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Once translation is complete, we collaborate with in-house or international DTP experts to format the files. They design and layout the translated content to match your source formatting and brand aesthetic. Finally, our linguists proofread the print-ready files one last time before delivery.

Certified + Notarized Translation
For documents needing official validation, we offer certified and notarized translation services. Our linguists accurately translate important personal and business documents like immigration forms, legal contracts, and court transcripts. We handle all details to deliver certified or notarized multilingual documents that meet legal authentication requirements.

Certified Translation
Thao & Co. can provide our free Certificate of Translation Accuracy affirming the accuracy of your translation. Upon request, we also offer certified translations completed by accredited linguists who are active members of professional translator associations worldwide, for an additional fee.

Notarized Translation
We provide translations and then obtain a notarization signature and official seal from local authorities on your behalf for an additional fee. This official validation lends credibility to your translated documents.

Consular Authentication
As a professional translation agency, we can navigate the complex consular authentication process on your behalf. First we translate the document, then seek authentication from the relevant local authorities to validate the translation. This service assists Vietnamese and foreign individuals as well as companies with documents needing legalization for use domestically or abroad.

Technical Translation
For scientific and technical documents, we provide technical translation services. Our technical translators have extensive subject matter expertise to precisely translate materials requiring industry-specific terminology. Upon request, we research terminology, have experts review translations, and accurately translate user manuals, reports, patents and other complex documents.

Industry Terms Research©
Upon request, we work with market research agencies to conduct expert interviews, noting key industry terms to develop a glossary and translation guidelines. Our project team observes the interviews prior to translating technical or specialized documents. We can also provide interview transcriptions and interpretations when needed.

Translation of Specialized Content
Technical translations are often required to sell products globally, including user guides, software, medical instructions, patents, and diagrams. Since translation of specialized content is complex, it is best to use experienced professionals. Our team has specialized expertise to accurately translate technical content into other languages for international business needs.

Expert Review©
For highly technical translations, we provide Expert Review© by an industry specialist. They thoroughly validate terminology, clarity, and adherence to professional standards. This expert validation ensures your specialized translation meets the highest quality standards.

Creative Translation
Our creative translation services adapt your materials for new audiences while preserving messaging and tone. Unlike verbatim translation, we incorporate cultural nuances and imaginative wordplay to craft translations that resonate with your audiences. Our translators accurately convey original meanings with clever creativity tailored for your target market.

Consumer Language Research©
We work with market research agencies to conduct Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) that inform translation guidelines and glossaries with consumer terminology. The FGDs provide insight on target audience preferences to guide translation of slogans, taglines and marketing materials. We can provide focus group transcriptions and interpretations upon request.

Marketing Translation
We provide accurate marketing translation while maintaining the tone, style and context of your original messaging. Our translators will moderately polish the wording for clarity and flow in the target language. This professional translation ensures your messaging resonates across markets.

We provide creative transcreation of brand elements like product names, slogans and taglines tailored to your target audience. For slogan transcreation, we suggest 2-3 options with explanations and back-translations for your informed selection. Consumer Language Research© is also available to guide transcreation with insights on preferences.

General Translation
For documents without industry-specific terminology, we provide general translation services. Our translators can accurately convert non-specialized text like meeting minutes, memos, surveys, blog posts, letters, and job applications. When subject matter expertise is not required, our general translation services offer an ideal solution for basic multilingual communications.

Internal Correspondence Translation
We translate your internal written communications into other languages, including memos, meeting minutes, newsletters, and announcements. Our translators accurately convert company documents to ensure consistency of information sharing across global offices and teams. We enable multilingual understanding of organizational updates, policies, and correspondence.

Personal Communications Translation
We provide fast, accurate translation of personal documents including emails, letters, job applications, resumes/CVs, and other correspondence. Our translators convert your important personal communications into other languages seamlessly. This allows your personal documentation and processes to progress smoothly.

Non-specialized Text Translation
We translate any non-specialized general text including blog posts, news articles, questionnaires, user manuals, and more. Our professional linguists accurately convert sentences or longer texts without industry-specific terminology. We help make your general communications and content accessible to global audiences through multilingual translation.

Unlike automated solutions, we provide personalized transcriptions carried out by experienced linguists, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. From meetings, calls, interviews, and lectures to podcasts and videos, we offer swift turnarounds, enabling you to derive maximum value from your content.

Transcription Only
Our Transcription Only service converts audio and video content into written text in the original language. For tech companies developing speech-to-text AI, our human-empowered Transcription is specifically formatted for your AI system to provide the ideal training environment. With precision and expertise, we help your machine-learning models understand natural cadence, diction, and language nuances to perfect their automated speech recognition capabilities.

Transcription + Translation
Looking to transcribe your audio or video content in its original language and then seamlessly translate it into another? Look no further. Our expert team excels at both tasks, ensuring your message retains its essence. Need direct translation into another language? We’ve got you covered there too.

Verbatim Transcription
Our skilled team meticulously transcribes every utterance from your audio, capturing not just the words, but also the nuances—errors, fillers, and pauses. When both the message and the tone matter, trust us to deliver accuracy that goes beyond words.

Non-Verbatim Transcription
Prioritizing readability, we offer a refined transcription that strikes a balance between accuracy and clarity. Our skilled editors enhance the transcript by delicately eliminating errors, fillers, and hesitations.

Timestamped Transcription
Our timestamped transcripts seamlessly integrate time references in minutes and seconds, corresponding to the spoken text. Ideal for video subtitles, panel discussions, and legal records, this service adds a new dimension of clarity to your materials.

Video Transcription
Unlock the power of your visual content. Our skilled team transcribes an array of media, from meetings and panel discussions to interviews, speeches, and webinars.

Audio Transcription
Whether it’s for sharing, analysis, or archival purposes, we adeptly transcribe your recorded audio files, ensuring your valuable content is accessible and usable in textual form.

Business + Corporate Transcription
Streamline comprehension for your team. We convert discussions into reader-friendly transcripts, providing your employees with easily digestible content that retains the essence of the conversation.

Market Research Transcription
Dive into the depths of insights. Immerse yourself in the richness of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, now available in meticulously transcribed written form with our comprehensive transcription services.

Medical Transcription
Our specialized service transforms the valuable insights shared by physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals into meticulously crafted written reports. Trust us to ensure accuracy and clarity in every medical transcription.

Legal Transcription
We are your trusted partner in transcribing police interviews, court proceedings, and all kinds of legal discussions. Rest assured, your sensitive legal content remains secure and accurately transcribed.

Academic Transcription
Our service is tailored to help you excel in classes. From lectures and seminars to presentations and beyond, we offer seamless transcription that supports your educational pursuits.

We provide professional subtitling services, adding high-quality subtitles to videos, movies, TV, educational programs, marketing materials, and games. Subtitles boost accessibility, engagement, and comprehension for diverse audiences. We also offer subtitle translation, converting subtitles into other languages to expand global reach.

Subtitles + Translation
We provide subtitling combined with translation and localization, adapting video subtitles for global audiences. Translated subtitles make movies, videos, and multimedia content accessible in different languages. Our multilingual subtitling services offer an economical alternative to voice overs for reaching international viewers.

Subtitles Only
We provide professional subtitling of video content like movies, shows, and educational videos to boost engagement and comprehension. Subtitles make videos more accessible for diverse audiences while improving information retention.

Subtitle Translation for Available Scripts
For existing video scripts and timed subtitles, we provide multilingual subtitle translation. Our translators will localize the provided subtitle file into other languages based on the timecodes.

Subtitles + Timecoding
For video files without scripts, we generate subtitles from scratch and add synchronized timecodes. This subtitles and timecodes service makes long videos easily navigable while increasing accessibility.

Subtitles for YouTube Videos
We provide professional subtitling services for YouTube videos, adding captions that boost accessibility and SEO. Our subtitles make video content reachable to wider audiences.

Subtitles for Movies, TV shows, Documentaries
We provide professional subtitling for movies, TV shows, and documentaries, enabling silent viewing in various settings. Our subtitles make video content accessible in workplaces, public spaces, or home environments.

Subtitles for Marketing and Promotional Videos
We provide subtitling services for marketing and promotional videos to boost engagement and information retention. Our subtitles make marketing videos more effective by enhancing understanding and memorability.

Subtitles for Educational, Instructional and Training Videos
We provide subtitling services for educational, instructional, and training videos to promote active engagement. Our subtitles reinforce comprehension and retention of information in academic or vocational videos.

Subtitles for Corporate Videos
We provide professional subtitling for corporate videos to extend reach across audiences. Our multilingual subtitles enable companies to efficiently share video communications globally in any language.

Voice Overs
Elevate your videos with impeccable voice overs. A presentation’s impact hinges on its audio quality. Our array of voice over talents, proficient in numerous languages, is primed for commercials, explainer videos, eLearning modules, audio books, video games, and beyond.

Voice Overs with Script Translation
We’ll adeptly translate your narrative script into your chosen language and entrust our skilled native-speaker narrator to deliver a flawless voice over, ensuring your message resonates authentically.

Voice Overs without Script Translation
Share your narrative script, and our talented voice over artists will infuse life into your content with their professional narration, delivering a polished and engaging auditory experience.

Studio Recorded Voice Overs
Our adept voice over talent crafts your content within a state-of-the-art recording studio, where pristine acoustics and top-tier equipment converge to create a seamless auditory masterpiece.

Non-studio Recorded Voice Overs
Seeking a cost-effective solution? Opt for our Non-studio Recorded Voice Overs, where we capture your voice over in a quiet, non-studio environment. While the audio might lack studio-grade richness, it’s still professionally executed and poised to make an impact.

Voice Overs for Commercials
Amplify your brand’s essence with our commercial voice overs. Our seasoned narrators specialize in crafting voice overs that encapsulate your brand’s personality and unique style.

Voice Overs for Explainer Videos
Unlock the power of persuasive narration with our voice overs tailored for explainer videos. Our adept voice actors infuse your content with a compelling delivery that captivates your audience, nudging potential customers towards embracing your product or service.

Voice Overs for Audiobooks
Immerse your readers in a new dimension of storytelling with our audiobook voice overs. Our seasoned voice actors do more than just pronounce your words – they breathe life into your narrative, enthralling listeners with a mesmerizing delivery that ensures every word resonates deeply.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Elevate your company’s first impression with our IVR voice services. Opt for the voice of professionalism as our skilled talent guides your customers through your automated phone system, setting the tone for a seamless and engaging interaction.

Voice Overs for eLearning
Empower eLearning initiatives with the perfect voice over. A well-chosen narration not only captivates learners but also enhances focus, expediting their educational journey.

Voice Acting for Video Games
Forge an unbreakable bond between players and your game’s universe through expert voice acting. Our carefully selected voice actors breathe life into the intricate plots and vibrant characters, crafting an immersive experience that resonates with every player.

Voice Overs for Animation
Infuse your animated characters with personality and forge a genuine audience connection using our script translation and voice over expertise. With professional finesse, we ensure your characters leap off the screen with authenticity and charm.

Break through linguistic barriers effortlessly with our dynamic interpretation solutions. From on-site to video and phone interpretation, our skilled linguists seamlessly bridge languages, translating speeches, meetings, legal proceedings, and casual conversations into your chosen language in real-time.

On-site Interpretation
Navigate conversations effortlessly with our expert on-site interpretation services. When face-to-face communication crosses language barriers, our professional interpreters ensure smooth and effective interaction, fostering clear understanding between speakers of different languages.

Remote Interpretation (Zoom/phone)
Embrace seamless global communication through our top-tier remote interpretation services, accessible via phone and video platforms like Zoom. Powered by our skilled interpreters and cutting-edge technology, you can transcend language barriers with ease.

Consecutive Interpretation
Our interpreters adeptly convey the speaker’s message, pausing at strategic intervals to ensure effective understanding. This option is ideal for business meetings, medical consultations, and legal interactions.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Experience the art of real-time communication through our simultaneous interpreting service, where your words are translated as you speak. Our seasoned interpreters seamlessly balance listening and speaking to ensure flawless comprehension and engagement.

Healthcare/medical Interpretation
When language barriers arise between providers and patients, our interpreters bridge the gap, guaranteeing accurate communication for crucial medical discussions. Ensure precision in relaying vital medical information with our specialized healthcare interpretation service.

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Interpretation
Navigate the dynamics of focus group discussions with our skilled interpreters, who provide simultaneous interpretation of respondent comments, whether in a separate room or via remote connection. Additionally, our interpreters can help facilitate debrief sessions with clients, ensuring comprehensive understanding post-discussion.

Social Services Interpretation
Facilitate essential connections between social workers and diverse families with our dedicated interpretation service. By bridging language gaps, our interpreters play a pivotal role in ensuring children and families access the necessary services, regardless of their language barriers.

Conference Interpretation
Our skilled interpreters ensure seamless communication, fostering a cohesive and productive conference experience. Elevate international conferences with our specialized simultaneous interpretation services, enhancing comprehension and collaboration among participants.

Bilingual Host/moderator
Enrich your event with our bilingual hosts who seamlessly navigate two languages, offering emcee services that keep the momentum alive. Their real-time interpretation ensures a smooth flow for the audience, making every moment engaging and dynamic.

Translation Memory
Translation Memory maintains consistency across large translation projects by storing previously translated segments. Matches from past translations can be leveraged, which may provide cost and time savings for repeated content. This technology ensures terminology and phrasing alignment, especially beneficial for technical translations and other large scale projects.

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Our industries
We provide accurate translations of items such as clinical instructions, medical records, articles, product labels and questionnaires.
Advertising + Marketing
Get your message across in any language when we translate your informational materials, instructions and simple promotional content.
Banking + Finance
As you tap new markets, we can translate sales materials, emails, job applications, CVs, legal documents, and entire banking/trading platforms and apps.
Get fast, precise translation of legal documents, contracts, memos, emails and other forms of communication.
Real Estate + Construction
Our translators have sufficient familiarity with architecture, construction, real estate and civil engineering to help translate relevant documents.
Retail + E-commerce
If you’re selling to global markets, let us translate your sales materials, company announcements and meeting minutes for your international partners.
Travel + Tourism
We can provide general translation of content for internal communications and customer-facing text for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and more.
Relying on our experience translating films, plays and commercials, we give careful attention to word selection and meaning in every project.
Automotive + Aerospace
Look to our specialized linguists to translate and localize user guides, CAD drawings, repair manuals and business contracts.
Get precise translation of technical terminology whether for instructions, safety, quality control or regulatory compliance.
Explore new markets for your games once we translate the rules, instructions, storyline, dialog, graphics and technical details.
Empower global education with our translation and localization services. Available for academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, certificates, websites, apps, and more.
Our expert localization services are here to get your tech materials, websites, apps, software and other digital products into new markets.
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