Client: Cotton Incorporated

Cotton Incorporated ( is a non-profit established in 1970 by American cotton growers after their success in petitioning the Cotton Research and Promotion Act of 1966. As of today, the organization has six offices worldwide, all dedicated to research and technology development to continuously improve global consumer demand and market share of cotton products.

Category: Cotton Production
Service: Translation + Proofreading
Language pairs: English to Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (Simplified)

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Manufacturing Translation Challenges - Thao & Co.

Highly technical content

The brochures and other marketing materials promoting and explaining how MILLNet Software works and benefits cotton mills are highly technical, requiring translators with experience in both marketing content and manufacturing domain.

Unique software features

Some features of MILLNet Software that were brought up in the brochures are quite unique. Proper localization of these brochures requires a thorough understanding of such features.

Use of industry jargon

As the target audience of the brochures is cotton buyers and mill staff, it was important to use the correct industry jargon to increase both the comprehensibility and appeal of MILLNet Software.


Manufacturing Translation Solutions - Thao & Co.

Recruitment of experienced linguists

The project was staffed with linguists who had previously worked with Thao & Co. on Manufacturing and Marketing translation, especially B2B Marketing. Each language pair was taken care of by a team of one translator and one editor.

Our ChatBoxⒸ

We provided Cotton Incorporated with an account to log into our proprietary Platform in which they could access all project information and use our ChatBox to communicate with the entire project team. This direct line of communication allowed our linguists to get explanations for certain software features and industry terms from the client, ensuring translation quality and timely delivery.

Expert Review

Editors for all language pairs were working in the cotton production industry at the time, either in purchasing, accounting, or production. They had knowledge of industry jargon that could leverage the translation. The experts commented directly on the translated text and suggested certain wording changes to ensure our translation work would appeal to the client’s target audience.


Scope of work

10,000 words translated and 20 minutes subtitled per language pair
We translated the brochures and promotion videos of MILLNet Software, which was developed by Cotton Incorporated to enable cotton buyers and mill staff to make informed purchasing decisions.

Manufacturing Translation Case Study Result - Thao & Co.
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