Client: LVMH (Dior)

Dior is a luxury fashion house from LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton.

Category: Luxury fashion
Service: Translation + Proofreading
Language pairs: English to Vietnamese

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Retail Ecommerce Translation Challenges - Thao & Co.

Unique products requiring extensive research and polished wording

A lot of products and product descriptions from the source text were about high fashion and luxury goods that were not common. Moreover, in describing these products, especially for marketing materials such as online brochures, marketing emails, etc., it was important that our wordings were polished and appealed to the brand’s target audience.

References unavailable for some of the source text

We were provided with limited references and translation memory from previous translations. Additionally, online searches of similar products from different brands in the target language yielded little results to be used as references.

Consistency issues due to the availability of translation text in small batches

The text for translation was made available to us in small batches over a period of time and we had to involve multiple translators based on their own availability. Translation inconsistency often occurs when multiple translators are assigned to the project and such inconsistency might create confusion for the intended audience, especially translations for product names and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


Retail Ecommerce Translation Solutions - Thao & Co.

Recruitment of experienced translators

Understanding the unique challenges of the project, it was critical that we brought on-board linguists with extensive work experience in fashion and marketing domains. We also recruited transcreators capable of polished and appealing wording to work on certain marketing translations.

Use of our proprietary ChatBoxⒸ to facilitate direct communication between the Client and the entire translation team

Via our proprietary ChatBox, which is accessible through our client’s and linguists’ customized Dashboard, we facilitated direct communication between our client and the entire translation team. Our linguists could easily ask the client about certain source text and were provided with more context as well as explanations for any product description or CRM system feature.

Staffing a Language Lead for the project and developing Glossary

Aware of possible consistency issues, we promoted one experienced linguist to become the project’s Language Lead. Their main responsibilities included proofreading all translations before delivery, gathering the client’s feedback on delivered works, developing the project’s Translation Guidelines and Glossary, as well as training any new linguist joining the project.


Scope of work

20,000 words from online brochures, BeDior System, Future Dior Addict Program, and product marketing emails

Retail Ecommerce Translation Case Study Result - Thao & Co.
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