Client: APLUSA

APLUSA is a top Global Healthcare Market Research company and regularly carries out healthcare research projects around the world.

Category: Healthcare Market Research
Service: Translation + Proofreading for questionnaires of healthcare products and Verbatim translation of respondents’ answers
Language pairs: English to Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese

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Healthcare Translation Challenges - Thao & Co.

Quick turnaround

Most of the questionnaire and verbatim translation projects we worked on required quick turnaround as our client was on a tight schedule to roll out the research studies in multiple countries or understand the respondents’ answers for data collection as well as research reporting purposes.

Misspelt respondents’ answers

With open-ended research questions, respondents got to type their answers without any specific guidelines in the writing. Thus, some of the source text for translation was filled with typos and grammatical errors, and looked improper in some languages. For example, the Vietnamese respondents’ answers often lacked diacritics, which resulted in ambiguous meaning. Our translation team had to spend time guessing the actual meaning, which lengthened the translation phase and put even more pressure on our delivery timeline commitment.

Overlapped questionnaires

Many of our projects are on-going, which means the documents for translation would be updated by the year and research location. Thus, we would often need to add or update the translations on previously translated files. As some of the text had already been translated, we were required to comply with certain language styles and word choices.


Healthcare Translation Solutions - Thao & Co.

Facilitating simultaneous translation and proofreading to shorten delivery timeline

We used SmartCAT, a cloud-based translation platform, to facilitate simultaneous translation and proofreading, enabling us to deliver quality works while shortening the lead time.

Maintaining the same linguists for the project

We recruited a number of qualified and experienced medical/healthcare translators and kept this team exclusively on the project.

Maintaining the project’s Translation Memory for translation consistency

We used Trados Studio to maintain the translation memory by language pairs for the client to ensure translation consistency while providing discount for repeated translations.


Scope of work

300,000 words

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Our Industries
We can translate medical training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets, medical device spec sheets, marketing, as well as clinical, regulatory, and technical documents.
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Localize your message and branding with translations by linguists who understand marcom and the cultural distinctions of your target audience.
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Tap into new markets for your financial services. We translate websites, documents, forms, contracts, and promotions to optimize the customer experience.
Get fast, accurate, legal translation services. We translate legal documents, contracts, depositions, court communications and more.
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If you plan to sell to global markets, you’ll want to translate product descriptions, catalogs, user manuals, labels, and signage.
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International travel is booming. We translate and localize tourism content for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and countries to help them gain visibility to foreign customers.
We adeptly translate scripts, subtitles, promotional materials, and licensing agreements, bringing your creative vision to life for audiences around the world.
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We excel at translating technical manuals, engineering specifications, regulatory documents, and marketing materials, ensuring your message soars to new heights.
Our services cover a wide range of content, from production manuals and quality control procedures to supply chain documentation, empowering your operations to thrive on a global scale.
We specialize in translating game scripts, user interfaces, in-game content, and promotional materials, helping you captivate a worldwide audience with immersive experiences.
We transform educational content, including textbooks, e-learning materials, academic papers, and course materials, making learning accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.
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