Client name: Sparx*- a Virtuos Studio

Sparx* – a Virtuos Studio is a leading game production company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2011, Sparx* was acquired by Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd, a global game development company headquartered in Singapore.

Category: Games and Entertainment
Service: Website, Bog and Social Media post translation
Language pairs: English to Vietnamese

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Game Translation Challenges - Thao & Co.

The number of client’s preferred word choices

From the very beginning, we understood how important the translation was to our client as they were attempting to nurture the Vietnamese game production community and build up their brand as one of the top employers in the industry. Every single translation mattered to our client as they would publish it both on their website and social media. Thus, the language must sound appealing, be specific to their industry, and use of industry terms correctly. Coupled with other unique word choices, our team came across a number of preferences that was more than most of our other projects of the same scope.

Different target audience for translation works

Each translation for the project had its target audience, either internal or external audiences. Even for external audiences, translation for social media posts required a slightly more casual writing style to sound attractive to online target audiences.

Client’s need for update per-file-basis

The scope of our project was localizing our client’s blog articles, social media posts, company updates and some other areas of their website. The articles for translation were sent to us one by one and with posting timelines already scheduled, our client required regular progress updates for every file, which could be very time-consuming for most project managers at translation agencies.


Game Translation Solutions - Thao & Co.

Language Lead & Glossary

For every translation submission, we prepared bilingual files for the client to have references and provide feedback. Everything was supervised by a Language Lead who proofread all translation works before delivery to ensure they were in line with the target audience and project guidelines as well as the Translation Glossary. The Language Lead was also in charge of organizing the clients’ reviews in the project’s Glossary and Translation Guidelines, collecting the client’s preferences, developing the Glossary, and training assigned linguists.

Our ChatBoxⒸ

Thanks to our ChatBox tool, which is accessible via the client’s Dashboard, the client could communicate directly with the translation team in a secure chat room regarding the intended audience for each translation file or answer any question from the assigned linguists.

B2B Work Flow

Our proprietary platform helps B2B clients enjoy a seamless translation process for on-going projects. With a few simple clicks, clients can easily add new files to translate whenever they see fit and get updates on a file-by-file basis without all the back and forth of a standard project. This B2B workflow was particularly useful for this project as it allowed us to keep up with Sparx* dynamic content production and tight deadlines.


Scope of work

100,000 words from 100 blog and social media posts

Game Translation Case Study Result - Thao & Co.
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