Client: United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Canada

Leeds and Grenville is located between Montreal and Toronto, Canada, and within driving minutes from northern New York in the United States. The area is home to more than 100,000 people and known for its heritage community, diverse populations, and unforgettable landscapes. In 2018, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville opened an immigration portal, which provides information on services and support available for newcomers to the area. The portal is also an effort of the Counties employing technology to connect with their citizens and introduce the area to potential visitors via the Internet.

Categories: Public service, Digital transformation, Technology
Service: Translation + Proofreading
Language pairs: English to Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, French, Arabic

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Quick turnaround requirement

Launching an immigration portal was a collective effort of the Counties of Leeds and Grenville and their partners. Thus, as their translation partner, we were committed to fulfilling our deliverables in a timely manner for the client’s other partners to carry out their responsibilities. Given a relatively large translation volume, this was a challenge that we anticipated early in the process.

Working with multiple translators to meet the tight deadline could result in inconsistency

We promptly recruited and on-boarded multiple translators for each language pair in order to meet the tight deadlines. In doing so, we would encounter another issue, which is translation consistency. Such an issue typically arises when the text for translation is split and assigned to multiple translators.

Many terms used in the text for translation are unique to the area and how it’s governed, which could confuse the translators

Many terms used in the translation are unique to Canada and the Counties of Leeds and Grenville. For example, the word “municipality” felt foreign to the Vietnamese translators because there was no direct translation in Vietnamese given the country’s administrative divisions. Thus, it was a challenge for the translators to properly localize the content and ensure precise comprehension for the target audience.


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Recruiting multiple translators and maintaining one reviewer per language pair

While we recruited multiple translators for the project, we maintained one reviewer for each language pair. The reviewers were tasked to proofread all translated texts before delivery and ensure consistency in word choices, writing style, etc.

Creating a glossary across languages for the project

The reviewers were also responsible for developing and maintaining the glossary of their language. During the entire translation process, the translators must refer to the glossary and strictly follow all translation guidelines.

Use of our proprietary ChatBoxⒸ to facilitate direct communication between the Client and the entire translation team

Thanks to our ChatBoxⒸ, which is easily accessible through the customized Dashboard available to our client and linguists, any question that arose from the content for translation could easily reach our client. This allowed the translation team to address any translation issues and complete their assignments promptly.


Scope of work

30,000 words per language pair

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