Client name: Oliver Agency

Oliver is a leading global marketing agency headquartered in the United Kingdom with 20 operating offices around the world. This award-winning agency has been providing bespoke marketing solutions through innovative approaches since its inception in 2004.

Category: Advertising
Service: Transcreation
Language pairs: English to Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese and Thai

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Advertising Marketing Translation Challenges - Thao & Co.

Recruitment of qualified transcreators

To be able to not just translate but also convey the brand identity as well as the essence of the products means the recruited linguists ought to have experience in transcreation. Each transcreator has their own writing style and experiences that favor certain areas or industries. For that matter, these two factors might potentially lengthen the recruitment and on-boarding process.

Creative yet highly technical content

As we were tasked with localizing only the key messages, our transcreators had little context for references. Furthermore, some product features or benefits had English names that either had no linguistic equivalent in local languages or were clever wordplay serving marketing purposes. These instances would require a high level of creativity and marketing insight to be well-transcreated.

Unique target audience

The target audience was likely motorcycle enthusiasts. To successfully capture their interest and potentially convert it into actual sales, the product key messages needed to be transcreated and localized in a way that would hold the same appeal as the originals.


Advertising Marketing Translation Solutions - Thao & Co.

Thorough transcreation tests

Our Recruitment and Staffing team screened the pool of linguist resumes for those with extensive experience in transcreation or marketing translation. We then carried out two to three sample transcreation tests per language pair and sent them to the client for comments and approval. Only the linguists whose writing and transcreation styles were perceived as in line with the brand DNA got to work on the project.

Our ChatBoxⒸ

We provided Oliver with an account to log into our proprietary Platform in which they could access all project information and use our ChatBox to communicate with the entire project team. Transcreators from all language pairs could easily get answers and explanations for any feature highlighted in the product messages, resulting in timely and quality transcreation work in line with the client’s requirements.

Expert review

Each language pair was staffed with one qualified transcreator and one expert who had experience working for motorcycle manufacturers or were avid motorcycle enthusiasts. These experts collaborated with the transcreators and reviewed all transcreation works before delivery.


Scope of work

We transcreated key product messages for new Harley-Davidson models. For slogan transcreation, we provided three transcreation options with back-translation and explanations for each option.

Advertising Marketing Translation Case Study new - Thao & Co.
Our Industries
We can translate medical training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets, medical device spec sheets, marketing, as well as clinical, regulatory, and technical documents.
Advertising + Marketing
Localize your message and branding with translations by linguists who understand marcom and the cultural distinctions of your target audience.
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Tap into new markets for your financial services. We translate websites, documents, forms, contracts, and promotions to optimize the customer experience.
Get fast, accurate, legal translation services. We translate legal documents, contracts, depositions, court communications and more.
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We have translators who specialize in architecture, construction, real estate, and civil engineering ready to make your communications effective.
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If you plan to sell to global markets, you’ll want to translate product descriptions, catalogs, user manuals, labels, and signage.
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International travel is booming. We translate and localize tourism content for hotels, restaurants, travel guides and countries to help them gain visibility to foreign customers.
We adeptly translate scripts, subtitles, promotional materials, and licensing agreements, bringing your creative vision to life for audiences around the world.
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We excel at translating technical manuals, engineering specifications, regulatory documents, and marketing materials, ensuring your message soars to new heights.
Our services cover a wide range of content, from production manuals and quality control procedures to supply chain documentation, empowering your operations to thrive on a global scale.
We specialize in translating game scripts, user interfaces, in-game content, and promotional materials, helping you captivate a worldwide audience with immersive experiences.
We transform educational content, including textbooks, e-learning materials, academic papers, and course materials, making learning accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.
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