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At Thao & Co., we make multilingual content publishing easy. Our end-to-end SEO content writing services, from research to localization, are now augmented by a customizable Publishing Assistance Service that handles the entire publishing process across your chosen platforms.

Our experts optimize, format, schedule, and monitor your content, freeing up your team to work on high-level branding and engagement strategies. With transparent and secure support tailored to your unique needs, Thao & Co. simplifies global content publication so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Challenges of In-House Content Publishing

For modern brands, consistently publishing high-quality, engaging content is a vital, yet challenging task. Internal teams face numerous barriers that can hamper productivity:

  1. Content creation: Producing enough optimized content can greatly strain resources. Some brands opt for outsourcing services to get extra content, but managing outsourced content can be complicated.
  2. Multi-platform publishing: Each platform and content type needs specific optimization around elements such as keywords, visuals, and metadata. For global brands managing multiple platforms for multiple regions, this can get overwhelming quickly.

These publishing frustrations lead many internal teams to overlook best practices in their struggle to keep up with demands. Such workarounds eventually have a negative impact on engagement despite the investments made.

Without streamlined management, brands struggle to align teams, assets, and insights to improve over time. Thao & Co.’s comprehensive publishing assistance solutions address these universal marketing challenges.

Best Practices for Platform Publishing Optimization

How to Simplify Content Publishing Workflows - Thao & Co.

Getting high-quality and well localized content alone isn’t enough. How you publish and format your content significantly impacts engagement and discovery across digital channels. Check out the following publishing optimization best practices publishing experts at Thao & Co. follow to maximize content value:

For websites:

  1. On-page SEO elements: Include target keywords in titles, headers, metadata, and alt text.
  2. Visual media: Properly size and compress images. Include alt text. Feature relevant graphics and infographics.
  3. Content structure: Make content scannable with bullets and bolded texts where appropriate.
  4. Site architecture: Interlink related content across pages and domains to increase site authority and higher time on site.

For social media:

  1. Platform norms: Adhere to image sizes, text limits, hashtag best practices of each platform.
  2. Engagement techniques: Ask questions, run polls and surveys.
  3. Analyze performance: Track impressions, engagement rates across posts to optimize future content.

Implementing publishing best practices is the best way to improve your discoverability and help convey your brand image across channels. However, the demanding workload of managing several platforms in different languages can get overwhelming for marketing teams without a dedicated content production crew.

Thao & Co.’s End-to-End Multilingual SEO Content Writing Services

Our full spectrum of integrated content solutions include:

  1. Multilingual Keyword Research: We conduct in-depth keyword discovery and analysis to reveal content opportunities tailored to your brand and target regions. This data-driven approach fuels content planning and writing.
  2. Content Plan Development: Leveraging keyword insights, we map out content across topics and formats to address priority gaps and audience interests. Thorough content planning informs writing and localization efforts.
  3. SEO Content Writing: Our team creates original, engaging articles and assets optimized for keywords, readability, metadata standards, and other SEO best practices.
  4. SEO Content Localization: We translate and adapt text, visuals, and messaging to resonate across cultures while preserving your brand’s unique identity.
  5. Publishing Assistance: Finally, our publishing experts facilitate seamless content distribution across your digital properties through customized workflows for each platform.

Our end-to-end approach provides coordinated content writing fueled by data-driven insights and a streamlined production process. With your content publishing handled by our specialists, your internal teams are free to use deeper analytics for high-level decision making.

Cross-Platform Content Publishing Made Easy

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Thao & Co.’s Publishing Assistance Service completes the content production cycle by managing distribution across your platforms. Our publishing managers work as an extension of your marketing team to streamline the release of new content. Key features of our service include:

  1. Platform expertise: Our team specializes in publishing best practices for major channels such as websites, blogs, social media platforms, and more to maximize engagement and conversions.
  2. Customized workflow: Based on your content calendars and plans, we create tailored workflows for each platform.
  3. On-page optimization: Before publishing articles, our team ensures critical on-page SEO elements are implemented, ranging from media optimization and metadata to internal linking and more.
  4. Performance tracking: We monitor key metrics across your platforms and content to deliver actionable analytics tailored to your business goals. These insights inform optimization and future content planning.
  5. Regular monitoring: Your content is monitored for technical issues and comment moderation if required. This provides complete publication support.

As an integral part of your marketing team, our publishing service enables you to ensure high-quality content from creation through consumer experience while saving valuable time and resources for your internal teams.

Proprietary Technologies For Multilingual Content Creation and Management

Powering Thao & Co.’s end-to-end content solutions, our proprietary platform is designed to streamline workflow and provide high-quality content with transparency:

  1. Streamlined content management: Our secure cloud-based platform centrally houses all content assets, roadmaps, calendars, writing assignments and translations. With role-based permissions, teams collaborate within a singular, intuitive workspace.
  2. Seamless content collaboration: Writers, editors, translators, and publishing managers work within our platform to progress content through each stage. With features like comments and version history, we ensure seamless and accountable collaboration.
  3. Complete process visibility: Clients have 24/7 access to real-time dashboards to track progress across all content roadmaps, from planning through publishing for full transparency.
  4. ● Rigorous quality assurance: Our platform integrates effective QA measures to detect AI generated content, plagiarism, and other quality issues, ensuring your content always exceeds expectations.
  5. Ongoing platform innovation: As client needs evolve, we continually expand our platform capabilities to solve new challenges, from content ideation to distribution.

By centralizing and optimizing all content workflow, our flexible content solutions empower high quality content production with accountability and quality assurance throughout the entire process.

Why Partner with Thao & Co.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. provides brands with a stress-free global content distribution experience through our publishing expertise and streamlined workflows:

  1. Proprietary content production and management platform centralizes all workflows into one secure, intuitive workspace, minimizing redundancies and miscommunications.
  2. Industry-leading talent in content creation and localization: Our team of linguists and specialists have years of experience across industries, from legal and healthcare to manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce, and more. We understand specialized content demands, which allows us to deliver high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.
  3. Content solutions tailored to your needs: Our approach to content isn’t fixed. We discuss your content needs and business goals to develop a customized workflow that fits perfectly into your business and marketing model. Whether you require support limited to SEO content writing, localization or end-to-end content production and distribution, we can tailor to your precise needs.

Is your head spinning with the overwhelming workload as your team struggles to keep your international content publishing on track? Are you finding content localization for new markets increasingly complex? Strain less and achieve more with Thao & Co.’s multilingual SEO content writing services!

Contact our team to schedule a complimentary consultation today! We’ll review your existing workflows and discuss your brand’s specific publishing objectives and pain points. At Thao & Co., we make complex global content publishing simple. We look forward to taking your content further through streamlined distribution.

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