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Professional and high-quality InDesign file translation requires a team with expertise and specialized knowledge in the field. Discover the process of translating high-quality InDesign files in this article.

What is InDesign file translation?

InDesign, created by Adobe, is specialized software designed for page layout. The typical format of an InDesign file is INDD (.indd). This file format allows you to maintain the layout design of your content. Using InDesign for page layout allows you to synchronize characters, images, and the overall layout of the printed page without taking up excessive storage space.

With its advanced page layout capabilities, InDesign files are a staple in various documents and publications, including magazines, newspapers, textbooks, curricula, scientific papers, theses, catalogs, and more. Typically, these InDesign files are meticulously created and presented by skilled graphic designers.

InDesign file translation is converting the language of the IDNN file from the source language to the target language while preserving the layout of images and text. To translate InDesign files successfully, the translator or translation agency should possess expertise in the relevant field and have extensive experience with this file format to prevent common errors.

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What are the challenges in translating InDesign files?

Translating InDesign files is a common task of translation agencies. Due to the distinctive nature of the IDNN file format, translation agencies frequently encounter these challenges when working with InDesign files.

Client forgets to package the InDesign file when sending it for translation: InDesign provides many features for page layout. However, this file format has a limitation: it does not allow for image compression. If you need to transfer an InDesign file to another computer, be sure to package it into a folder. This folder stores all the images that appear in the document. If a client sends an InDesign file without packaging it, none of the images in the file will appear. It is difficult for translators to visualize the document’s layout. As a result, the InDesign translation process becomes more challenging.

Example of Indesign file translation

Font error: Occasionally, some clients do not include fonts in the design file. Therefore, translators have to spend time adjusting the fonts to match the original document. Font errors frequently occur when businesses use font sets that support only the source language and not the target one. For example, a client’s English document needs to be translated into Japanese. However, the font set they use has not been localized for Japanese, which can lead to font errors and make the document aesthetically unappealing.

The translation agency must be proficient in InDesign: InDesign files are frequently employed to enhance the visual appeal of published or printed documents. Therefore, linguists must have a good understanding of this specialized software. To save time, linguists should be familiar with essential InDesign features like Master Pages, Character Styles, and more. Furthermore, translating into another language can alter text length, potentially causing issues such as line breaks or excessive empty spaces. Desktop publishing experts within professional translation agencies can tackle these challenges by honing their knowledge of InDesign’s layout and features.

Professional InDesign File Translation Services

Currently, translation agencies have started using technology in translating InDesign files. Nevertheless, for a high-quality and professional InDesign file translation, it’s advisable to engage reputable text and document translation agencies with a team of experienced linguists.

At Thao & Co., we offer high-quality document and text translation services, along with professional desktop publishing solutions. Thao & Co. has a team proficient in various design tools, as well as linguists with extensive experience in translation to help you reach more audiences and widen your user base.

Thao & Co. offers professional desktop publishing services. It is the key to a high-quality and professional InDesign file translation. Desktop publishing demands expertise in adjusting arrangements, page layouts, and presenting content using proprietary design software.

Thao & Co. Expert Translation and Desktop Publishing Services

With our desktop publishing service, your InDesign file translation will meet aesthetic standards and maintain the original layout. The translation will be free of common errors such as font or image issues.

Additionally, Thao & Co. Translation Company has a highly secure proprietary platform that guarantees the confidentiality of your information. Our platform also allows you to track your project progress conveniently.

To get a professional and high-quality InDesign file translation, feel free to contact Thao & Co. through our Get a Quote page today!

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