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The role of conference interpretation is of utmost importance in contributing to the success of such events. The number of participants in conferences or workshops is typically large and diverse, making effective information delivery crucial. So what are the skills required of conference interpreters and how much does this service cost? Let’s explore these questions with Thao & Co. in the article below.

What is conference and seminar interpretation?

Language interpretation constitutes the process of converting spoken or signed information from one language into one or more other languages. The role of interpreters is to facilitate the conveyance of information among participants engaged in a conversation.

The linguistic conversion process embedded within conferences or seminars is termed conference interpretation. Depending on the attendees involved, conference interpretation assumes two distinct forms: simultaneous interpretation and on-site interpretation. In international conferences with a large number of attendees, irrespective of the subject matter, interpreters are an indispensable asset. 

The role of interpreters in multinational conferences

In international conferences characterized by the diverse provenance of participants, linguistic disparities are an inherent challenge. Therefore, the presence of interpreters in these conferences or seminars is considered imperative to the event’s seamless and professional execution.

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 Additionally, the nature of the content discussed in these conferences is often highly specialized, involving many technical terms. To fully and accurately comprehend this information, attendees need the assistance of interpreters.

Moreover, interpreters, when confronted with unforeseen circumstances, are poised to adeptly navigate and resolve situations to prevent disruptions to the conference.

Required skills for conference interpretation

As these events often place a high emphasis on professionalism, not only attendees but also interpreters operating in conferences are required to possess specific skills.

  1. Swift interpretation speed: Interpreters need to exhibit an expeditious interpretation capability to prevent speech pauses that might impede the efficiency of information transmission.
  2. Problem solving skills: Unexpected situations are often inevitable during conferences or live events. To forestall interruptions during conferences, interpreters have to ensure that all sudden issues will be resolved with speed and efficiency.
  3. Seamless voice control: When interpreting at international workshops, clarity and audibility when delivering information over extended periods are paramount. Avoid pauses and inappropriate voice modulation are critical in sustaining a professional demeanor.
  4. Emotion management: Conference interpretation is a high-pressure job due to the limited time to confirm or correct information. Therefore, when unexpected situations arise, interpreters must remain calm and avoid panic or tension.
  5. Proficient utilization of supporting equipment: Interpreters generally use various devices such as microphones and signal transmitters while performing their duties at conferences. Minor errors in handling these devices during the interpretation process could impact the outcome of the conference.
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Requirements for simultaneous conference interpretating

Simultaneous interpretation stands out as a widely employed modality in conference interpretation. However, interpreters opting for this type of interpretation must adhere to specific prerequisites.

  1. Simultaneous interpretation skills: To make sure that conferences can happen without a hitch, interpreters must possess the ability to interpret the received information almost immediately. Simultaneous interpreters must react promptly and anticipate forthcoming information to prepare adequately.
  2. Industry-specific knowledge: Interpretation transcends language proficiency. To accurately convey information, interpreters have to command specialized knowledge germane to the subject matter of the conference.
  3. Extensive experience: As a profession that demands background knowledge in various fields and complex interpretation skills, interpreters engaging in simultaneous interpretation need to possess extensive experience.
  4. Stringent confidentiality policies: Paramount among the requirements for any interpretation service is confidentiality. Particularly in conferences where the information holds utmost significance. Instances of information leakage could precipitate severe consequences.

Rates of conference and seminar interpretation

At present, plenty of interpretation agencies offer conference and seminar interpretation services at diverse price ranges. However, these prices are generally influenced by several factors:

  1. Number of requested interpreters: In large conferences or seminars featuring attendees speaking different languages, the requisite number of interpreters will invariably exceed that of other forms of interpretation. Depending on the conference’s scale and content, the quantity of interpreters may vary, and this is also one of the factors influencing the service cost.
  2. Duration: For longer conference sessions, the rates can also increase accordingly.
  3. Language pairs: The source and target language for interpretation may significantly influence overall costs. For rare or challenging language pairs where interpreters are scarce, the rates tend to be higher.
  4. Other requirements: Additional requirements such as attire or travel arrangements can change the overall costs of interpretation services.

To be more cost-efficient and cut down on interpreter recruitment time, several international conferences have embraced relay interpretation. However, this approach is not without the risks of potential misinterpretation. It is essential to seek reputable and professional conference interpretation services for optimal counsel and support.

Professional conference interpretation services

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The task of securing interpreters for conferences and seminars has been made easier with the number of available agencies nowadays. However, this undertaking demands many qualifications from interpreters, thus making the selection of a translation agency crucial. 

It is advisable to consider engaging with established agencies and base your considerations on criteria such as pricing, workflows, and the cumulative experience of the interpreters. 

At Thao & Co., a professional translation and interpretation agency, we offer reputable and high-quality conference interpretation services. Our team of native-speaking interpreters, with in-depth knowledge in various fields, commits to delivering accurate and comprehensive interpretation. 

Furthermore, we offer Interpretation Guidelines tailored for events that require multiple interpreters, such as international conferences or conventions. This service encompasses meticulously researched keyword lists curated by our seasoned linguists. Our Lead Interpreter is scrupulously selected to guide, supervise, and support all interpreters within the team, thereby guaranteeing accuracy and coherence throughout the interpretation process.

Should you have any requirements or want to seek further insights into conference interpretation services, please visit our Get for Quote page for prompt assistance.

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