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Language is a labyrinth of subtleties, there’s always more than meets the eye. It is the fruit born from a combination of diverse linguistic features of civilizations around the world. The task of understanding and harnessing complex linguistic values then becomes the mission of translators.
Come to Thao & Co. Blog where you will find new perspectives and fascinating insights into the intricacies of language as well as how translation helps bridge the linguistic chasm of the world, shared by linguistic experts themselves. Explore in depth the vibrant tapestry that is language today with Thao & Co.!


January 27, 2024 | Nhu Y Dang
Russian is often considered one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world due to its unique characteristics. This is why Russian translation presents significant hurdles for linguists.  So, what are the challenges of Russian translation? Follow the article below to learn more about this topic! Challenges of Russian translation The Defense Language […]
January 19, 2024 | Han Ngo
How does Korean culture affect Korean Translation? The challenges in translation don’t just stem from vocabulary or grammar but also native culture because language is the first reflection of culture. To achieve seamless and high-quality translation tailored to local preferences, translators must have extensive knowledge of the unique and fascinating Korean culture. Legends and Myths […]
January 5, 2024 | Han Ngo
“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going” (by Rita Mae Brown). Vietnamese culture plays a vital role in Vietnamese translation. A proper understanding of the Vietnamese culture allows translators and interpreters to effectively portray the Vietnamese multifaceted cultural tapestry. This helps […]
January 3, 2024 | Han Ngo
Over the ebb and flow of time, the Vietnamese language has accumulated layers of richness and beauty in each tone and character. This richness, at times, becomes a challenge for Vietnamese language translation, as it seems daunting to faithfully convey the spirit of this language. Is it because of this that translation remains an ongoing […]
December 1, 2023 | Han Ngo
The Chinese language goes far beyond mere linguistics; it resembles a “window” through which we can admire the unique and vast beauty of one of the world’s oldest cultures, China. Perhaps it is for this reason that Chinese translation is akin to embarking on a journey to explore the roots of “The Land of One […]
November 2, 2023 | Van Khanh Pham
Vietnamese has a Latin-based alphabet, making it similar to Western languages. You will likely not have any problem copying addresses and booking ride services even though you may not speak the language. But the Vietnamese language wasn't always like that. Its somewhat modern appearance is the fruit of a long and difficult journey as it accompanied Vietnamese people through a history filled with upheavals and rivalries as well as intrigue and prosperity.
October 16, 2023 | Van Khanh Pham
Korean is a beautiful language, akin to a precious treasure created from unique and distinct vowels and consonants. So, what makes Korean translation special? Read on to find out interesting facts about the Korean language and Korean translation!
October 12, 2023 | Han Ngo
Japanese translation is widely utilized in the field of translation. Yet, its distinctiveness has often posed a challenge for many linguists. So, why is Japanese translation different from translation of other languages? Let's find out the answers in this article.
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