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Cambodia is a Southeast Asia country brimming with development potential in many fields and has established relations with other countries in the region and worldwide. Following this, the demand for Khmer translation is continuously on the rise.

Go through this article to explore the aspects of Khmer translation and some tips to find the best Khmer translation services.

The demand for Khmer translation services

Cambodia has seen rapid development in various sectors, from economy and politics to culture. At the same time, the Cambodian government is also actively promoting international integration.

Since 1992, Cambodia has entered many trade agreements with neighboring countries and countries across continents.

Some prime examples include the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), the ASEAN–India Free Trade Area (AIFTA), and other trade agreements with China, the U.S., European countries, and so on.

The immense growth of Cambodia’s economy has boosted the demand for Khmer translation services. Some sectors with high demand for Khmer translation services are:

  1. Retail: Import and export dealings between Cambodia and its partners require a large number of Khmer interpreters. In addition, Khmer translators are crucial for accurate translations of contacts, financial statements, marketing materials, user manuals, and so on.
  2. Legal: Legal and business are interlinked. Therefore, when trade and commerce develop, the demand for translations of legal documents, such as contacts and regulations, from and to Khmer also increases significantly.
  3. Education: Khmer translation plays a crucial role in education. Its application is not only limited to translations of teaching materials, theses and dissertations, and foreign scientific research but also extended to documents for studying abroad and visa applications for Cambodian citizens.
  4. Tourism: Khmer translation services are indispensable in the tourism and hospitality sector, as they help enhance the travel experience of international visitors.
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The challenges for Khmer translators and interpreters

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia, with 24 million speakers around the world. While it may not rank among the most widely spoken languages, Khmer (Cambodian) certainly is not classified as a rare language either.

Learning Cambodian can be both easy and difficult, with many challenges entailed for learners and translators alike.

Writing System

The Khmer is an analytical and isolating language. Its script is developed from the Pallava script, which is a variant of the Grantha script deriving from the Brahmi script of ancient India.

Aside from that, the Khmer lexicon also comprises a large number of loanwords originating from Sanskrit. There are symbols for 33 consonants, 24 vowels, and 12 independent vowels, with several diacritics.

With such distinction, this language poses tremendous challenges for translators to render Khmer texts into English and other languages.


Khmer is a vowel-rich language. The pronunciation of vowels is determined by the consonant it is attached to. Even a single difference in pronunciation can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Khmer interpreters must overcome this hurdle to convert messages from the source to the target language with accuracy.

Unique vocabulary

In Khmer, there are numerous unique words with no direct equivalent in other languages. To convey their meanings, translators are required to have not only a broad vocabulary but also a profound understanding of both the Cambodian language and culture.

Specialized knowledge

Specializations, such as medical or legal, have many unique terminologies that are not commonly found in general dictionaries. Therefore, it is crucial for translators to equip themselves with specialized knowledge to be able to accurately translate documents within these fields.

Tips to select a reputable Khmer translation company

Here are some criteria you can consider before trusting a Cambodian translation service provider:

Service quality

Service quality is the top priority when it comes to selecting a Khmer translation service provider. Partnering with a reputable translation company ensures that your documents will be handled by professional translators with extensive experience in the field.

These experts can produce accurate translations while adjusting the writing style and register depending on the purpose of the text. It is because when translating Khmer, it is essential to have not only proficient language skills but also a profound knowledge of Cambodian culture to fully grasp the meaning of the original text and convey it naturally in the target language.

Reasonable prices

Pricing is also a factor to consider if you want to optimize your budget. It is wise to compare rates from different Khmer translation companies to find the one suitable for your budget. However, remember to be wary of providers with lower rates than average as quality might not be guaranteed.

Information confidentiality

When choosing any translation services, information confidentiality matters must be clarified from the beginning. Information leakage and security breaches can cause great damage and complications.

Rates for Khmer translation services

The rates for Khmer translation services are a common concern of people who seek this kind of service. However, it is hard to specify a fixed number, as the cost of translation depends on multiple factors:

  1. Length: The rates for Khmer or any language translation are typically set per word or per page. The more pages or words that need to be translated, the higher the cost is.
  2. Complexity: The complexity of the documents can also affect translation rates. Translation for specialized documents that require a high level of expertise will cost more than general documents.
  3. Rarity: Another factor that directly affects translation rates is the rarity of the language pair involved. More common language pairs will have lower rates compared to rare language pairs.
  4. Urgency: The urgency of the project can also significantly influence the overall cost of translation. Projects with expedited turnaround time will cost more as translators have to invest more time and effort to prioritize your project.

The average rates for Khmer translation services range from $11,78 to $19,64 per page. However, it is better to directly contact the service provider to receive a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

High-quality Khmer translation services at Thao & Co.

To meet the increasing demand for Khmer translation services, Thao & Co. now provides Khmer translation services for over 50 language pairs including English, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. By choosing our services, you can expect:

Khmer translation into English, Vietnamese, and over 50 other languages

Thao & Co. offers a wide array of translation services for many different languages. We can handle high-volume translation projects while ensuring consistency and quality of translations.

Our linguists are capable of translating Khmer and over 50 other languages including English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, etc.

A team of professional linguists with extensive experience in various fields

Our translators and interpreters are native professionals with years of experience in many fields. This is a solid foundation for us to provide a variety of services to satisfy any of your requirements.

Thao & Co. provides translation services across all sectors, including:

  1. Legal
  2. Entertainment
  3. Travel and Tourism
  4. Advertising and Marketing
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. ● and many more

Optimal and professional work process

Thao & Co.’s fast and professional process has also received high praise from our clients. We always reach out to give detailed consultations and frequent updates on our translation progress so our clients can stay informed in every step of the project.

All of Thao & Co.’s clients will receive access to our proprietary platform where they can easily manage project files and the overall progress. Our proprietary platform also ensures complete security for your project.

Transparent and reasonable quoting

Get a quote EN - Thao & Co.

Every client at Thao & Co. will receive detailed consultations and transparent quotes, with no additional fees incurred beyond previous agreements.

Through this article, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights into Khmer translation services and the factors to consider when choosing a service or company that best fits your needs.

If you are looking for a high-quality and accurate Khmer translation service, visit our Get a Quote page and leave your contact information. Our consultants will promptly reach out to answer any of your questions and provide a detailed quote for your requests.

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