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Language is a labyrinth of subtleties, there’s always more than meets the eye. It is the fruit born from a combination of diverse linguistic features of civilizations around the world. The task of understanding and harnessing complex linguistic values then becomes the mission of translators.
Come to Thao & Co. Blog where you will find new perspectives and fascinating insights into the intricacies of language as well as how translation helps bridge the linguistic chasm of the world, shared by linguistic experts themselves. Explore in depth the vibrant tapestry that is language today with Thao & Co.!


Medical transcription is a niche in the transcription industry that involves strict conformity with quality standards. What are the obstacles a medical transcriptionist faces? How can they overcome them? Find out how we navigate transcription for the medical and healthcare industry. What is medical transcription? Medical transcription refers to the manual conversion of voice reports […]
In the medical field, accurate and efficient communication is crucial to ensure the delivery of important information and optimal care for patients. To guarantee effective communication between patients and healthcare workers when one party speaks Japanese, getting access to a professional Japanese medical interpreter is essential. A competent Japanese medical interpreter ensures the accuracy of […]
In a research study or clinical trial, every participant must sign an important document known as the “informed consent form.” However, a frequently encountered obstacle for researchers and research institutions is to professionally and accurately translate the form into the native language of participants. It is of paramount importance that every participant fully grasp all […]
Clinical trial translation is a crucial aspect of medical research and practice. The precisions and dependability of the data contained within these documents are vital for informed medical decisions and the creation of innovative treatment methods. As technology progresses and the demand for high-quality information grows, the translation of these documents has evolved into a specialized […]
Medical interpretation is an important task in the healthcare industry that requires in-depth medical knowledge and refined interpreting skills. In this article, let’s delve into the roles of medical language interpreters with Thao & Co. We will uncover the types and the important requirements of this special form of interpretation. What is medical interpretation? Definition […]
Medical report is a highly complex document laden with terminologies. Therefore, should you be in the market for a professional medical report translation service, it is advisable to pick one that can adequately handle healthcare-related documents and the nuances that come with it.  What is Medical Report Translation? Medical report (or health report) is a […]
Medical document translation is a highly specialized field with complex scientific terminology and vocabulary. Mistranslation of medical content can lead to unforeseen consequences. Therefore, it is essential to choose reputable and high-quality translation services.
Medical software localization is a crucial task that organizations need to prioritize when expanding their target markets to multiple countries. It requires a high level of medical expertise and precise, optimized translation skills. Let's explore medical software localization and the challenges that make this field particularly important.
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