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For many foreign-invested enterprises, tax return translation is an invaluable service. Tax return documents are crucial for businesses, as government agencies often request them during operations.

Starting a business in a foreign country means complying with their regulations, including submitting tax return documents in their language. This makes tax return translation services essential.

Confused about tax return translation for your international business? Thao & Co. has got you covered! In this article, we answer all your questions to help you navigate this essential service with confidence.

What is tax return translation?

A tax return acts as a vital financial record, serving as verification for various purposes such as loan applications, immigration procedures, and even business registrations. For example, when establishing a corporation in the US, you’ll typically need to submit your corporate income tax return in English for licensing and registration purposes.

Precise and meticulous translation of your tax return is crucial for government approval. Reputable translation companies offer tax return translation services that save you time, minimize stress, and ensure your documents are error-free for a smooth approval process.

Tax return translation to possess not only professional linguistic skills but also a profound understanding of both legal translation and accounting principles.

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When should a tax return be translated?

Tax return translation is typically required for cases such as business, immigration, financial verification, and loan registration to provide evidence of income and tax status. Specifically:

  1. ● Doing business abroad: For companies wanting to invest abroad, a translated tax return is a mandatory document that must be submitted to government agencies. The translation must be accurate and comply with the legal rules of that country.
  2. ● Immigration procedures: If you intend to emigrate to another country or apply for naturalization, your tax return needs to be translated and submitted to the immigration management agency in the destination country. This is a legal requirement that must be followed during the immigration process.
  3. ● Financial verification and loan registration: Tax returns must be submitted when verifying finances or registering for a loan application, if these procedures are carried out abroad, then a translated tax return is required according to the requirements of that country.

In addition, whether a translated tax return is needed depends on the regulations of the tax authority and legal rules in the region or country where you are staying. To get an accurate translation that complies with state regulations, you should research these regulations before seeking translation services from translation companies.

Why is tax return translation important?

Example of Tax Return Translation - Thao & Co.
English translation of tax return translation (Sample)

The translation of tax returns not only brings convenience to multinational corporations but is also a legal requirement for all business entities. Some regions will require businesses to submit tax returns in the language of that country, and some places will require certified translations if necessary.

Similarly, international citizens also need to submit tax returns in countries where they seek naturalization or residency. Therefore, an accurate translation compliant with local legal regulations is required.

On the other hand, an inaccurate tax return can have serious consequences. First, it can hamper your business’s operation as documents will have to be reviewed and re-submitted, a time-consuming and complicated process.

In addition, if the translation is incorrect in content, the business entity may be fined and accused of tax fraud, or tax evasion. This can damage the business’s reputation and have many other implications. For individuals, they may be denied naturalization requests or unable to use services in that country.

Therefore, you should hire professional translation companies to take on this task, because it can be quite difficult to meet the requirements in specialized terms and separate legal regulations in each country.

Professional translators will have the necessary expertise and experience to provide translations that meet state regulations for expedited approval.

Cost of tax return translation services

According to estimates, the average price for this service is typically between $20-50 per page for popular language pairs. However, providing an accurate figure also depends on many factors such as:

  1. ● Document length
  2. ● Language popularity
  3. ● Delivery deadline

Therefore, you should contact translation companies and get detailed consultations on the exact costs of this service.

Thao & Co. provides a range of B2C and B2B translation solutions utilizing professional translation workflow. You will receive transparent and quick quotes right after contacting us.

Reputable and quality accounting translation agency

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. translation company is proud to be a reputable translation agency in the field of financial and banking translation. We provide accurate and speedy tax return translation services, ensuring your documents are translated according to legal regulations.

Over many years of operation, we have gained the trust of many customers for the following reasons:

  1. ● Team of qualified, experienced, native translators
  2. ● Over 50 languages translation: English, Spanish, KoreanJapaneseVietnamese
  3. ● Diverse translation services: certified and notarized translation, text and DTP translationsubtitle translationinterpretationtranscription
  4. ● Convenient progress tracking and direct line of communication with our linguists via Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform.

With passion and professionalism, we ensure that all of your requirements will be satisfied. For more information about certified and notarized translation services, leave your details on our Get a Quote form, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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