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Certified translation plays a vital role in facilitating accurate and reliable communication for both individuals and enterprises. From academic records and immigration papers to business registration certificates and financial statements, certified translation is important to overcome language barriers, establish credibility, and ultimately, favorable outcomes for subsequent proceedings.

Read on to learn how certified translations work, examples of different types of translation certificates, and more.

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed certification statement of the translator or the translation agency to verify that the document is translated accurately from the original. This type of translation is commonly used for personal or business documents such as:

  1. • Financial statements
  2. Academic degrees
  3. Contracts
  4. Business licenses
  5. • Etc.

When does my document have to be translated and certified? Certified translation is often required when you need to submit your documents to a foreign government agency, financial or educational institution, or when working with clients or other stakeholders overseas.

Types of Documents Requiring a Certified Translation

As mentioned above, the need for certification depends on the requirements of your documents’ recipients.

For example, for a US tourist Visa application, during the interview, the US Department of State may ask for certified translations of documents to demonstrate the purpose of your trip and your intent to depart the United States, such as the followings:

  1. Birth certificate, passport
  2. • Employment contract
  3. Bank Statements
  4. • Savings, tax returns
  5. Marriage Certificates
  6. • Travel Schedule
  7. • Etc.

In other cases, if you apply to university, you might have to get certified translations for your documents as below:

  1. High school Diploma
  2. Transcript
  3. • Reference letters
  4. • Etc.

Types of Certified Translations and practical examples

There are three main types of certified translations:

Certified by Translation Agency

A certification statement, often known as “Certificate of Translation Accuracy,” will be added to the translation. This signed statement can be provided by a translator or a representative of the translation agency.

This type of certified translation is required by most authorities and organizations for further proceedings. Working with Thao & Co. Translation Company, you will receive a free signed statement consisting of our letterhead, a statement, our stamp, signature, and contact information.

Thao & Co. Certificate of Translation Accuracy (Sample)
Certificate of Translation Accuracy by Thao & Co.

Certified by members of professional translator associations

This type of translation can only be provided by active members of professional translator associations such as ATA, STIBC, and ELIA. In this case, a certification statement from the translator will come with the translation.

ATA Translation Accuracy Statement Sample - Thao & Co.
ATA Translation Accuracy Statement

Sworn Translation

In countries such as Spain, Finland, France, and Italy, the translation will need to be verified by a sworn translator to be legally valid. When dealing with administrative procedures in these countries, you should carefully research all the requirements regarding translation certification to avoid any unwanted problems.

Upon request, Thao & Co. will work with a suitable translator to provide certified translations that are recognized within any given country.

Regardless of the type of certification, a standard certified translation often includes:

  1. • Certification Statement
  2. o Certificate of Translation Accuracy
  3. o Or a certification statement from a member of professional associations
  4. • The reference to the source document
  5. • The translation copy

Translation and Certification Process

Depending on the translation agency, the process might be slightly different.

Thao & Co. certified translation service includes the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain Project Information

Once you upload your document, our consultant will reach you to discuss the requirements and timeline within 24 hours.

Step 2: Make Payment

After you review your quote and make payment, we will set up your Dashboard to track the translation and certification progress.

Step 3: Translate

Your assigned linguist(s) will work on the translation and formatting. You can totally monitor the progress via your Dashboard.

Step 4: Acquire Certificate

We will acquire the certificate requested in Step 1 before handing you the final work.

Step 5: Deliver Final Work

Whether you want to receive a soft or hard copy, pick it up at the office or deliver it to your address, we offer any delivery method that is convenient for you. After you receive your file(s), you will still have access to your account for future projects.

Thao & Co. Professional Certified Translation Process
Thao & Co. Certified Translation Process

How long do certified translations take?

For standard documents such as passports, ID cards, and diplomas, you can receive the final work within 24 hours. When it comes to other documents such as proposals or bidding dossiers, contracts, and agreements, delivery time depends on the length and the complexity of the translation text.

The translation certified by members of professional translator associations may take extra time since these linguists are usually based in another country.

Can I do a certified translation myself?

You can not do your own certified translation, even if you are a translator yourself. The main reason is that the receiving governmental agency, institution, or organization needs to be assured the translation hasn’t been forged or written from a biased point of view.

What to know before getting a certified translation service?

Here are some questions to consider before ordering certified translation services:

• Which document requires a certified translation? For example, if you are working on a work permit, you will need a certified translation of your employment contract.
• What kind of certified translation is accepted? – You should make sure whether it requires to be certified by a translation company or a member of a professional global association such as ATA, or STIBC.
• Is a hard or soft copy required? – Some places accept a digital submission but others may ask for a hard copy.
• How do you want the translation quality to be? – For such important purposes as applying to university, seeking employment or immigration, it’s best to use a high-quality translation to guarantee the highest chance of acceptance.

These factors have a significant effect on the delivery time and the cost of certified translation services. Finding out these answers in advance will help save you time and money.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions! Thao & Co. offers you a comprehensive certified translation service in which our professional consultant will help you out. Head over to our Get A Quote page to receive a free estimate!

Professional Translation Services - Get a Free Quote
Thao & Co. Professional Translation Services – Get a Free Quote

How much does a certified translation cost?

The price will mainly depend on the length of the document and the type of certification. A certified translation cost is also determined by other factors such as:

  1. • Types of documents
  2. • Formats of documents (applied to translations of scanned images that require heavy formatting post-translation)
  3. • Specific language combinations
  4. • Urgency

Government entities or certain organizations may also ask for a notarized translation. It’s usually not included in the certification price since notarization requires a more complicated process.

Thao & Co. provides official document translation services with a free signed certification statement. Upon request, we also offer fast and convenient notarized translation services for an additional fee.

Where to get Certified Translation Services?

When it comes to certified translation, a single mistake can stop you from getting approval from the organizations you submit your application to. It’s important to find a credible agency to avoid any potential issues.

Get your documents translated professionally by Thao & Co.!

Thao & Co. delivers high-quality translations performed by experienced native linguists to meet your every need. We also provide comprehensive certified translation services for your better experience:

• Delivery within 24 hours for standard documents
• Translated by professional linguist(s)
• Free Thao & Co. signed certification statement
• Digital and physical copies available on demand
• Certified by a linguist of global translator associations available (additional fee)
• Access to our proprietary platform to monitor your progress

Contact us via our Get a Quote page to receive prompt consultation in 24 hours!

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