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Accounting translation has become indispensable to businesses. This is especially true for multinational companies and those with foreign investments. Accounting document translation is a crucial step in the business management process.

To gain a deeper understanding of the importance as well as the challenges involved in accounting translation, explore the following article with Thao & Co.

What is accounting translation?

Accounting translation is the process of converting the original language of accounting documents into another language. Accounting document translation is characterized by the requirement to adhere to specific rules. 

Therefore, during the translation process, the translator needs to possess a solid understanding of accounting principles and expertise in legal translation. This ensures accuracy and compliance with the regulations of the Law on Accounting.

The common types of accounting translation

Some important accounting documents that need translation include:

  1. •  Financial Statement
  2. •  Annual Report
  3. •  Balance Sheet
  4. •  Tax Return
  5. • Cash Flow Statement
  6. • Income Statement
  7. • Accounting voucher, and income and expense receipts
  8. • Detailed/General ledger
  9. • Budget settlement report

For multinational companies, shareholders may come from various countries. That is why these documents should be translated to ensure that when presented, shareholders can understand information such as assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, cash flow, etc.

The Importance of Accounting Translation

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Accounting documents are crucial for businesses, as they record all business activities and the financial status of the company. 

If your company conducts business activities abroad, you will need to translate these documents into the language of the country where you operate. In addition to helping foreign shareholders grasp information easily, these documents also need to be submitted to the relevant government authorities in that country to obtain business licenses. 

Furthermore, this service is also crucial when engaging in bidding for international projects or competing with other international companies. Accounting documents need to be translated and notarized according to regulations to attract investment and enhance the credibility of the business.

For multinational companies, accounting translation has become an often-seen task in everyday business operations. Therefore, companies often utilize accounting translation services to ensure that documents and paperwork are completed accurately and in compliance with legal regulations.

Challenges of Accounting Translation

Accounting documents translation may encounter difficulties such as:

Maintaining consistency

Accounting documents often contain numerous interconnected figures and information. Therefore, during the translation process, it is crucial to ensure that this information is accurate.

Additionally, these documents are typically presented in a pre-designed layout, so it’s essential to ensure that the translation remains visually consistent with the original. If you are looking for a more straightforward and efficient approach, it is advisable to consider Desktop Publishing (DTP) translation services from reputable translation agencies. 


The terminology in accounting is often complex. The translator needs to have expertise in the accounting field as well as financial and banking knowledge to produce an accurate translation.

Translators experienced in translating technical terms will be proficient in translating specialized documents. This is an advantage that helps optimize the translation process. 

What is Industry Terms Research? - Thao & Co.

Challenges in Technical terms translation

Accurately translating accounting terminology from the source language to the target language also poses numerous challenges in the translation process.

Translators need not only knowledge in areas such as language and accounting but also an understanding of relevant legal regulations or standards to avoid mistranslating technical terms.

Ensuring Accounting Standards

Accounting standards may vary between two different countries. In Vietnam, there are a total of 26 accounting standards issued.

Therefore, the translator needs to have a deep understanding of both international accounting and local accounting practices to ensure that the translation complies with the required accounting standards when submitted to international organizations. 

Ensuring Accuracy

Accounting requires a high level of accuracy in related documents and certificates. Therefore, the translator needs to ensure that the terminology and figures in the original document are translated accurately and meticulously in accordance with the Laws on Accounting

Rules for Translating International Accounting documents

There are 3 commonly used international accounting standards by enterprises:

IAS (International Accounting Standards)

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), headquartered in London, is the body responsible for issuing the International Accounting Standards (IAS) system. These are regulations and guidelines on general accounting principles and methods for countries worldwide. 

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

IFRS is currently one of the widely adopted standards used by many businesses worldwide in. Up to 144 legal jurisdictions from countries worldwide apply IFRS standards in financial recording and reporting.

However, many countries, including Vietnam, still use a combination of IAS and IFRS to best suit the economic system.

IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards)

This is one of the most comprehensive system of standards guiding accounting methods and procedures in the public sector. Entities in the public sector can rely on these standards to facilitate the preparation of accounting reports and other related specialized documents. 

High-Quality Accounting Translation Agency

Thao & Co.’s accounting translation services are trusted and chosen by many clients for quality, absolute confidentiality, and punctuality. Furthermore, we also provide certified and notarized translation services for both accounting and other types of documents.

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