Why is medical software localization different from other types of translation?

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Medical software localization is a crucial task that organizations need to prioritize when expanding their target markets to multiple countries. It requires a high level of medical expertise and precise, optimized translation skills. Let’s explore medical software translation and the challenges that make this field particularly important.

What is medical software localization?


Medical software is a technology product created for the healthcare and medical field. Depending on its purpose, medical software provides specific functions. Some common examples of medical software include patient portals, remote healthcare applications, prescription management application, etc.

Medical software localization is the process of accurately adapting the content in medical software into another language. The localized medical software must be culturally and linguistically appropriate for native users.

Distinguishing translation and localization

These two terms are often used interchangeably. However, medical software translation and localization are distinct processes that translation agencies and publishers need to focus on.

Medical software translation is simply the process of translating the source language of the medical software into another. After the translation, the software needs to be localized to suit the preferences and habits of users in various countries. Linguists have to adapt the language, images, symbols, and even the user interface to fit the local culture.

What makes medical software localization different?

Medical and Healthcare Material Translation - Thao & Co.

Software Localization is a task that comes with significant challenges. The medical software localization process encompasses the following requirements:

  1. • Absolute precision: Since it directly affects human health, medical software must be accurately localized.
  2. • Medical knowledge: Medical software localization requires translators to possess medical expertise. Medical terminology can be quite complex. And translators need to have sufficient knowledge to use precise language and avoid ambiguity.
  3. • High standards in the medical field: Medical software translators must meet standards in both translation and the medical industry. The translations must be accurate, confidential, and impartial.
  4. • Serving both medical experts and patient users: Medical software needs to cater to the preferences and usage needs of both experts and patients. For experts, the translation must use accurate medical terminologies. For patients, the language should be friendly, easy to understand, while remaining accurate.
  5. • Strict proofreading process: Due to the requirement for utmost accuracy, the proofreading process for medical software translation is more complex. The language, after being proofread, must be seamless and appropriate while remaining close to the original.
  6. Localization requirements: Medical software localization must address specific localization needs. The language used in the localization should be appropriate for the users in the target countries.

Medical software localization process

The process of localizing medical software requires a strict and accurate workflow. At Thao & Co., to ensure the best quality, we have leveraged our years of experience to create a 7-step professional medical software localization process:

  1. 1. Request a quote: Send us the information about your medical software and the required language pair for translation. We’ll analyze your requirements and provide a quote accordingly.
  2. 2. View quote and set up dashboard: We will set up your Dashboard to help you easily track your job progress.
  3. 3. Make payment: You can select from various payment options, such as cash, credit card, Payoneer, PayPal, etc.
  4. 4. Meet your linguists: We’ll select linguists with medical expertise to perform the localization.
  5. 5. Activate ChatBoxⒸ: You can communicate directly with your assigned medical linguists via our proprietary ChatBox©.
  6. 6. Project execution: We translate, localize and proofread your medical software.
    • Proofreading: A proofreader will review the translation to ensure the highest quality. In this step, clients can also opt for our Expert Review© service, where native professors, doctors, or pharmacists working in the relevant field ensure that the specialized medical terminologies and related content are accurate and comprehensible.
    • Localization: Our expert medical linguists will accurately translate and localize your software content, ensuring that the new version is natural and culturally appropriate.

Furthermore, for large translation projects that involve multiple linguists and specialists, a comprehensive translation guideline is especially necessary to ensure overall consistency. To ensure this, you can request our Translation Guidelines service before starting the localization work.

  1. 7. Receive final work: You can download files and own your customized translation dictionary that we created to ensure consistency. This dictionary will prove useful for your future medical software development projects with us.
Thao & Co. Localization process

Medical software localization rates

The rate of medical software localization depends on several factors, such as:

  1. • Language pair(s): Languages can significantly affect the rate of medical software localization. Especially some languages such as Japanese, and Arabic will generally have higher rates.
  2. • Length: The length of content in the medical software will also determine the localization rates.
  3. • Software localization supporting services: Medical software localization involves a rigorous process. Due to the complexity of this task, linguists should possess an extensive understanding of the native language, culture, and local practices.

Seeking a suitable software localization service isn’t a simple task. You should consider a professional translation agency that offers various supporting localization services to ensure the best quality localization.

Currently, at Thao & Co., we provide software translation and localization services along with several optional supporting localization features, including:

  1. • Reviews by top experts in the medical industry to ensure no mistranslation in terms of content.
  2. • Developing Translation Guidelines to ensure accuracy and consistency in the localization.
  3. SEO keyword research for words that are relevant to your customers and improve search engine visibility.
  4. Customized Integration and Linguistic Review to maintain consistency and save clients’ time.

Tips to find a credible translation agency for medical software localization

Due to the strict criteria for content, you need to choose a professional and reputable translation service specialized in medical translation. Look to Thao & Co. for a standardized medical software localization with an expert approach.

We also provide clients with Customized Integration services upon request. Our IT experts will assist you in integrating the localized content into your medical software, ensuring compatibility and accurate representation of the content in the translated language on the user interface, saving you time and costs.

Thao & Company offers professional translation services for apps, software, websites, and games with technical support.

Thao & Co. provides a localization service that maintains cultural sensitivity and linguistic naturalness. Our native linguists with experience in the medical field are committed to helping you reach a broader range of customers and expand your software’s accessibility.

For further information, please visit our Get A Quote page for a free consultation today!

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