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In a research study or clinical trial, every participant must sign an important document known as the “informed consent form.” However, a frequently encountered obstacle for researchers and research institutions is to professionally and accurately translate the form into the native language of participants.

It is of paramount importance that every participant fully grasp all facets of the research, including its objectives, methodologies, potential benefits, risks, and their rights. To fulfill these criteria, seeking a professional informed consent translation service, one that guarantees both precision and privacy, is a crucial task.

Team up with Thao & Co. to delve into the standards for selecting a reputable and reliable translation agency capable of offering quality services.

What is informed consent translation?

Informed Consent Form – ICF serves as a legally binding document within the realms of medicine and scientific investigation. It functions to document information of research participants, confirming that they have a comprehensive understanding of all relevant aspects – including objectives, potential benefits, associated risks, research methodologies, and rights – prior to giving consent to participate.

Informed consent translation is the process of converting the content of this document and participant information from one language to another. The informed consent translation is crucial for the research organizations to archive participant data as well as to ensure legal compliance.

An informed consent form typically contains information such as:

  1. ● Research objectives
  2. ● Rights and responsibilities of participants
  3. ● Measures to protect personal information and privacy
  4. ● Data collection and analysis of research findings

Translation of the informed consent form also ensures comprehension for foreign participants to decide on their involvement in the study.

Informed Consent Translation - Thao & Co.

Requirements for informed consent translation

When translating informed consent forms, translators must adhere to certain requirements to guarantee the accuracy and efficacy of the translated documents:

  1. ● Grammar and specialized terminology accuracy: The translation must be accurate especially when it comes to specialized terminologies such as those in the medical and legal industries.
  2. ● Clarity and comprehensibility: The translation should be carried out in such a way that the resulting document is straightforward and easily comprehensible, even to those without specialized knowledge.
  3. ● Overall accuracy: Ensure that the translation meticulously preserves the integrity of the research’s objectives, risks, benefits, and the rights of the participants.
  4. ● Adherence to legal regulations: Adhere to all relevant standards, legal requirements, and privacy rights concerning personal information.
  5. ● Translation and quality control processes: Implement a professional translation procedure, including proofreading and even back-translation to verify the quality of the translated form.
  6. ● Information security: Ensure that the personal information and data of the participants are kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third parties.
  7. ● Respect for culture and locality: Language localization helps tailor the translation the culture and customs of the readers in the target region.
  8. ● Certified translation: The translator or translation agency may be required to provide a written confirmation, complete with signature and official seal, to verify the accuracy of the translated document.

These requirements help ensure that clinical or scientific research participants have a clear and complete understanding of what they are consenting to, guaranteeing compliance with ethical and legal standards.

The role of back-translation in informed consent translation

In the field of translation, back-translation is the process of taking a document that has been rendered into the target language and re-translating it into the original language. This is an important quality control step in the translation process to ensure that the translated document retains the meaning and nuance of the original text.

Back Translation Notion - Thao & Co.

For sensitive and important documents such as the informed consent form, the use of back-translation plays an extremely important role in ensuring the following elements:

  1. ● Linguistic accuracy: Precise translation of medical and legal terminoloies to ensure the legality of the informed consent form.
  2. ● Clarity and comprehensibility: Easily comprehensible content, even for complex medical and legal terminologies.
  3. ● Objectivity and legitimacy: Removing subjective notions and biases, thereby guaranteeing the faithfulness of the translation.
  4. ● Comparison and improvement: Easy cross-reference between the translated content and the original text to identify any discrepancies. Consequently, this allows for the refinement and appropriate revisions to the translation.
  5. ● Enhancement of reliability: For regulatory bodies and research teams, establishing and maintaining the reliability of documents by employing back-translation is essential.

Back-translation is an indispensable step in the standardization process of translation, especially in the field of biomedical sciences, where accuracy and transparency are of utmost importance.

High-quality clinical trial document service

Clinical trial is a crucial stage in the development of medical products. However, clinical trial translation is not a simple task. This process requires accuracy, thoroughness, and a deep understanding of the medical field.

That is exactly the reason why you need a professional and reliable translation and proofreading service. If you are still struggling to find a suitable partner, Thao & Co. translation agency is an excellent choice for you to consider.

At Thao & Co., we take great pride in offering precise and professional translation services for informed consent forms and a wide range of clinical trial documents. Our team of native linguists is not only comprised of language experts but also possesses solid experience and expertise in the field of medical translation.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

We have a thorough understanding of the significance of precise and meticulous translation in this field. Therefore, our linguists consistently prioritize accuracy when translating every clinical trial document, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail and unwavering adherence to industry regulations and standards.

  1. ● Native linguists with extensive experience in the medical and legal fields
  2. ● Translation services in over 50 languages: English, French, GermanChineseKoreanJapaneseVietnamese, and more
  3. ● Professional proofreading and back-translation services to ensure the highest quality of translations
  4. ● Transparent pricing and streamlined, scientific workflow

Partnering with Thao & Co., you can save time and effort with our professional and flexible B2B translation process that caters to the unique requirements of each project. We ensure that your project is managed with meticulous attention, transparency, and convenience through our proprietary platform.

Please get in touch with Thao & Co. by completing the Get a Quote form to receive consultation on our informed consent translation service and other technical translation services.

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