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In the medical field, accurate and efficient communication is crucial to ensure the delivery of important information and optimal care for patients. To guarantee effective communication between patients and healthcare workers when one party speaks Japanese, getting access to a professional Japanese medical interpreter is essential.

A competent Japanese medical interpreter ensures the accuracy of both the language and the specialized knowledge, improving the information delivery process for patients and their families. Let’s delve into the criteria for choosing a Japanese medical interpreter and where to find reliable service providers with Thao & Co.

Which certificates do Japanese medical interpreters need?

In the Japanese medical interpreting process, professionalism and effectiveness are factors that guarantee the accurate flow of information and excellent care for the patients. Below are some necessary certificates and skills for a medical interpreter.

The interpreter should possess a good command of Japanese, especially medical terminology. Japanese language certificates such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) are a competitive edge to substantiate the interpreter’s level of proficiency.

Additionally, earning medical interpreting certificates, including the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) and healthcare interpreter certifications from CCHI, demonstrates in-depth medical field interpreting skills. These certificates guarantee the Japanese interpreters’ completion of rigorous training and competency in medical terminology and procedures.

A Japanese medical interpreter should be well-versed in medical procedures, medicine, pathology and terminology. Interpreters with a degree or specialized training in the medical field, such as a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, are at a great advantage in providing quality interpretation services.

Holding the aforementioned certificates is undoubtedly an edge but interpreters can also accumulate knowledge and skills through practical experience to become a proficient Japanese medical interpreter. Interpreters can also prove their expertise through a portfolio showcasing relevant experience.

Challenges in medical interpreting

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Below are some difficult aspects that medical interpreters may encounter.

  1. Complicated medical terminology: The healthcare industry comprises a wide variety of complex terminology, so grasping and relaying this jargon precisely during interpretation poses a huge challenge. Sometimes, Japanese medical terminology might not have any equivalent in the target language resulting in difficulty in finding its correct translation.
  2. The complexity of medical information: In the healthcare industry, information can be very detailed and more complicated compared to that of other industries. Japanese medical interpreters need good comprehension and accurate, effective delivery of medical information as well as the ability to avoid causing confusion or omitting information.
  3. Time pressure: in some medical cases, especially emergency ones, Japanese medical interpreters need to perform under extreme time pressure. Instant and precise information comprehension and conversion are the required skills to ensure patients receive uninterrupted and safe care.
  4. Cultural sensitivity and code of ethics: in the medical field, cultural awareness and ethics play a crucial role, especially in Japan where discipline and etiquettes are regarded highly. Sensitivity to those aspects and ensuring no offense or misunderstanding during interpretation is vital to interpreters.
  5. Sensitivity of medical data: In most cases, medical information can be very sensitive and private, so interpreters must act in accordance with confidentiality policies and guarantee no information is leaked or utilized for mallicious purposes.

To overcome such obstacles, a full grasp of specialized knowledge, sharp and tactful communication, and the ability to work under pressure are qualities demanded of a Japanese medical interpreter. At the same time, continuously enhancing linguistic skills and specialized knowledge are paramount to becoming a successful Japanese medical interpreter.

Criteria for choosing Japanese medical interpreters

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When it comes to finding a competent Japanese interpreter in the medical field, there are a few important criteria.

  1. Medical knowledge: Japanese medical interpreters should possess a solid foundation of basic medical concepts from terminology to diagnostic procedures and treatment. Medical knowledge allows interpreters to understand and relay information correctly.
  2. Fluency in Japanese: They must have good listening comprehension in the Japanese specialized language of healthcare as well as the ability to convey clearly and accurately in Japanese to ensure that medical information is expressed precisely and accessibly for both patients and healthcare workers.
  3. Interpreting skills: Interpreters need to process and convert medical knowledge expeditiously without errors. These skills include summarization and correctly conveying the main message of medical information to ensure no misunderstanding or omission of critical information.
  4. Experience in the medical field: Veteran interpreters are familiar with terminology and procedures in healthcare. This practical experience supports them in better handling complex situations and meeting interpreting needs.
  5. Credibility and respect of private information: You should choose reputable services or providers with clear privacy policies. This assures your Japanese translation project is safe from leakage or misuse of information.

Medical interpretation rates

The cost for Japanese medical interpreters is subject to change depending on the expertise and experience of the interpreter. Medical interpreters with experience and specialized knowledge in healthcare usually have a higher rate than novices.

The expense can be calculated per hour, session or day. If you need to hire an interpreter for a long time, you may be able to get a better rate than a short-term contract.

The cost also depends on the mode of interpreting that you require. For example, the cost of escort medical interpreting services is typically higher than that of on-site interpretation.

Due to the above factors, there is no specific price point for hiring a Japanese medical interpreter. For more pricing information, please contact interpreting service providers or companies to request a quotation based on your specific needs.

What are the advantages of medical interpreting services at Thao & Co.?

At Thao & Co., we make a difference in our medical interpreting services with a team of native interpreters possessing in-depth medical knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. We ensure all medical information is rendered accurately and effectively between the parties concerned, including doctors, healthcare workers, patients, and any other stakeholders.

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As a professional translation company, Thao & Co. provides expert translation and interpretation services between Japanese and more than 50 other languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many more. This ensures that communication with patients and medical staff is free from language barriers while also facilitating the treatment and healthcare process.

Thao & Co. provides flexible medical interpreting services depending on your needs. You can hire interpreters on a short or long-term basis, per hour or per day to suit the requirements of each project.

To safeguard patients’ personal and medical information, all linguists and staff involved in your project are required to sign NDAs, guaranteeing complete privacy. Our team adheres to confidentiality policies and ensures secure and reliable information handling.

With a team of professional medical interpreters, Thao & Co. offers a satisfying experience of cultural respect, deep medical understanding, and commitment to exceed client expectations. Interpretation services at Thao & Co. not only provide convenience and reliability in multilingual medical communication but also ensure quality and professionalism.

For a complimentary consultation, please send us your project request on our Get A Quote page, we will contact you within 24 hours!

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