Where to Find Quality Social Media Content Service Providers?

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A survey conducted by the American Press Institute pointed out that 100% of social media users update news and information via these platforms. As businesses realize the advantage of social media in reaching potential customers, the demand for social media writing services has skyrocketed. Copywriting for social media is no doubt a vogue concept.

Then where can businesses find quality social media content writing services for their global dream? Read on to find out!

Benefits of Utilizing B2B Social Media Content Writing Services

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have become indispensable to this modern day. Therefore, social media content acts as a bridge connecting your business to a sea of potential customers on these platforms.

However, generating ideas for compelling B2B social media content is never an easy task. Every post is the fruit of a well-thought-out research and meticulously creative process.

This necessitates a more optimizing solution for businesses, thus the emergence of social media content writing services for engaging, unique, and creative posts. How do businesses benefit from social media content writing services?

Resource efficiency

Not every business has enough resources to allocate budget, personnel, or time to produce quality content. As a result, delegating social media content to professional content writing service providers is an ideal solution. Leveraging professional service allows enterprises to laser-focused their resources on other important business goals.

Quality assurance

Entrusting your social media content to B2B writing services means you can expect top voices in the industry to handle the task. Years of experience reward content experts with refined knowledge in producing appealing and engaging content on social media.

Professional Social Media Content Writing Services - Thao & Co.

Enhanced social media impact

High-quality content is the gateway to success in brand marketing. Trendy and conscientious social media content encourages customer engagement with the business page. This transfers to actions such as liking, sharing, and commenting, in turn creating the marketing buzz for the brand.

Moreover, SEO-friendly content writing services for social media content not only enhances opportunities to reach new users but also expands potential markets for businesses.

Easy monitoring and result assessment

Upon using content writing services, enterprises will receive a detailed report on different phases of the content campaign. Therefore, enterprises can easily monitor their campaign, and adjust accordingly to achieve business communication goals.

It’s apparent that businesses are relying on social media content writing services more than ever to navigate the digital landscape effectively. However, crafting social media content that aligns with your business goals requires strategic expertise. This is where partnering with a reputable content writing service provider becomes essential.

Unpacking Thao & Co.’s Social Media Content Writing Services

At Thao & Co., we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive solution encompassing the following essential elements for success.

Customer insight research

The key to producing compelling content lies in understanding your target customers’ preferences and pain points. Therefore, researching customer insights is the first thing we do in any content campaign.

  1. ● Who are the target customers of the brand?
  2. ● What are their preferences and social media using habits?
  3. ● What are their content needs?

Answering these questions and voila – insights of targeting customers gradually unfold. Based on this intelligence, the content team sketches the customer personas and their inner demands to plot the plan’s next steps.

Social media content planning

Thao & Co. Content Plan Development Services

A well-structured plan is a solid framework for creating a successful content campaign. Therefore, Thao & Co. pays utmost attention to the development of effective social media content plans during project implementation.

A content plan includes key elements such as the main message, topic, suitable media platforms, publishing time, etc. The more detailed the plan, the higher the quality of the content.

The 80/20 principle is a helpful tool for devising content plans. This principle allocates 80% of social media posts to beneficial information for the audience, while 20% is dedicated to brand marketing content.

Especially, multinational corporations can rest assured that your content is in the hands of professionals whose wealth of experience in managing content expands to various languages and platforms.

Our team of content and translation experts master the skills of localization, ensuring consistent quality of content and a high conversion rate at the target market.

Social media platform content writing

Imagine content planning is the sketch of a drawing, then content writing is the coloring process, completing that masterpiece. Whether the content is high-quality, creative, and insight-oriented depends on this step.

Experts at Thao & Co. possess a plethora of SEO content writing practices to assist you in creating content that resonates, engages, and drives results through captivating writing.

Quality content is the cheat code to be remembered by users and reach a wide database of potential customers from all social media platforms.

Multi-channel publishing and management

Once you have a high-quality content clutter, we will assist you in content publishing and managing your social channels to ensure the best results. Subsequently, we will proceed to publish content according to the timeline to ensure consistency and frequency of posts.

Moreover, our team of seasoned experts regularly updates and interacts with users on social media platforms. This helps brands foster strong relationships with potential customers, in turn, increasing conversion and propelling businesses to remarkable growth.

Regular assessment and report

Frequent efficiency measurements and reports on marketing campaigns are paramount to business development. Understanding this, our team of experts will track key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout each campaign phase, providing you with detailed reports that include reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

From the data collected, we will suggest some methods to improve the strategy if the measured results are unsatisfactory.

These elements of social media content are the key factors that content experts at Thao & Co. utilize to craft content that resonates, engages, and converts.

A Team of Skillful Social Media Content Writers

Thao & Co. Content Publishing Assistance Services

Content experts play a vital role in every marketing campaign. Social media content writers are not mere wordsmiths, they breathe life into words to connect with readers at a deeper level.

Nowadays, AI tools can create content for a wide range of topics. Nonetheless, the human touch with distinctive voices, which still can’t be replicated by AI, is what captivates readers and produces sustainable values.

The content experts at Thao & Co., with years of experience in the communication industry, are well-versed in tailoring content to different social media channels for optimizing impact. The creative spark in our team knows no bounds. We always keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends to deliver engaging and fresh content.

Under the pen of our expert linguists, every social post is infused with the brand’s unique voice and key message to stand out from the crowd. We take pride in our ability to produce multilingual content, ready to accompany your business in overseas expansion strategic plan to reach a wide audience.

Thao & Co., with a team of seasoned social media content writers, is glad to be a trusted partner to propel your business toward goals through high-quality and creative content.

Social Media Content Writing Process at Thao & Co.

Each service provider of social media content writing has their particular process. At Thao & Co., we refine our social media content writing process to be most efficient through 7 steps:

1. Organize strategic briefing: Before hitting the ground running, we need to organize a team meeting to learn more about the customer personas the business is targeting. Besides, we also meticulously research the goals and metrics for each phase.

2. Research customer insights: We will study customer insights through the customer personas we developed in the previous step. This is the pivotal phase for the future orientation and development of the project.

3. Build social media content plans:  After understanding the insights of potential customers, experts at Thao & Co. start to build a social media content plan that aligns with the business goals.

4. Craft social media content: Our linguists are passionate about delivering content brimming with creativity and also staying faithful to the brand personality.

5. Localize social media content: After finalizing the content, our localization experts take over and localize the draft for every language and culture of the market(s) the brand is targeting.

Through this process of cultural context integration and market-specific tailoring, the content is highly compatible with the local customers, thus, attracting and leaving good impressions on them.

6. Receive feedback and finalize content: The social media content draft will undergo an internal evaluation process with stringent criteria. After that, we send it to the brand for feedback. Your feedback is the deciding factor in our content editing and finalizing process.

7. Assist content publishing and management across channels: experts at Thao & Co. are always ready for action to assist you in publishing and monitoring content across social media platforms.

Our accumulated expertise and experience in social media through the years enable us to know what and where to post, how to interact, and help brands foster a strong connection with customers.

The process of writing social media content at Thao & Co. is optimized for maximum impact. We strive to live up to your expectations with creative content that resonates deeply with the public.

The Costs of Social Media Content Writing Services

Get a quote EN - Thao & Co.

When embarking on a project, pricing is always a factor that businesses carefully consider. So, how much does a professional social media content writing service cost?

The pricing of social media content writing services depends on different factors and subjects to each provider. You can refer to the following factors as a reference:

  1. Length of the content: the length of the content is a common basis to determine the price of social media content writing services. Usually, the length is measured in words (English, Spanish, Vietnamese) or characters (Chinese, Korean, Japanese). Longer articles will have a higher cost.
  2. Type of content: different types of content on social media platforms have different requirements for content and writing style. This also influences the price of social media writing services.
  3. The complexity of the content: posts involving specialized fields such as healthcare, engineering, or finance pose technical challenges. Given their complexity, these posts will be priced higher than standard ones.
  4. Other requirements: If you request extra services such as publishing assistance, design, or channel management to improve content quality, add-on costs are inevitable.

Thao & Co. is your one-stop shop for all your B2B language needs. We offer a wide range of multilingual content writing service packages tailored to your specific business needs.

We understand that each business is different, so we take an agile and personalization approach to deliver the best content that aligns with your business goals without straining your budget.

At Thao & Co., our streamlined and optimized working process starts with a clear quotation. Upon receiving detailed requirements for your projects, we will send you a complete quote. You can rest assured knowing your content project is handled with great creativity and no incurred costs.

Are you ready to experience Thao & Co.’s professional Social Media Writing Services? Elevate your social media channels with top-notch content from Thao & Co.’s expert writers. 

Visit our Get A Quote page for free support and detailed consultation today!

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