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Building a professional yet approachable and engaging website is a top-of-mind priority for many businesses. High-quality content is the key to achieving this goal. So what are the key considerations when selecting a professional website content writing service? Read on with Thao & Co. to find out the answer.

An overview of content writing services for websites

Website content writing services are an end-to-end solution for businesses that are wrestling with the question of how to create high-quality, engaging, and relevant SEO content. Specifically, businesses delegate their content production tasks to an external agency. This practice is referred to as outsourcing content creation.

Many businesses are now going for the option of hiring a professional content writing service for assurance of high-quality content. Outsourcing content creation saves you time, money, and resources, thus being a much more effective strategy compared to having it done in-house. Handing over your content writing to an agency, you can keep close track of the progress just as you do with your in-house team.

The benefits of multilingual content website

A multilingual website is a platform that provides content in different languages. In today’s increasingly competitive global market, creating multi-language web content is one of the best winning strategies for businesses.

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Here are the key pros of a multilingual website:

Expand customer base

Your website serves as a powerful tool to reach your target audience. It is an effective way to communicate your brand offerings, vision, and core values with the targeted audience worldwide.

As you tap into the global marketplace, adapting your website to the languages of your new territories will help you entice more audiences. This is because people tend to feel more at ease consuming content in their native language. An increase in your reach will eventually lead to a surge in the conversion rate.

Enhance SEO performance

Many businesses are now doing everything in their power to produce top-performing pieces of copy. Higher SEO visibility translates into increased organic traffic and conversion rates.

Offering content in multiple languages helps optimize your website for the most relevant keywords, thus improving your SEO rankings.

Strengthen your brand image

Offering a multilingual website is a tactical way to show your respect for the languages and cultures of your global audience. A site available in many languages is proof that you are running a global business, which will make a positive first impression on those who land on your website. Thanks to that, you can cultivate more trust and build a stronger brand image in the eyes of international customers.

Boost your sales

As previously mentioned, when your website is available in multiple foreign languages, your potential to sell internationally is optimized.

With the ability to communicate with your global audience in their native language, you stand a higher chance of successfully converting them from your blog readers into your customers. This ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

With its extraordinary benefits, developing a multilingual website is the top solution to successful territory expansion.

Criteria for selecting a website content writing service

As the focus on SEO content increases, the market is now swamped with all kinds of content writing services. Choosing the perfect fit for your content creation needs from such an overwhelmingly wide array of options is no easy decision.

Here are some helpful tips to find an ideal SEO content writing service for your brand:

Browse the agencies’ websites

To evaluate an agency, the first thing you need to look at is its website. A well-organized website with abundant value-driven content is indicative of a trusted partner.

Besides, you can also check out the content produced by the agency on the websites of its previous clients. These content products can somehow reflect the expertise and competence of the agency.

Look into their SEO expertise

Thao & Co. SEO Content Writing Services

Playing a critical role in reaching target customers, content optimization for search engines is the primary concern of many businesses when developing their websites.

Therefore, finding a content writing agency that has a profound understanding of SEO as well as excellent SEO skills is the first step toward establishing your online presence.

Delve into the solutions they offer

Not every kind of content or solution is a fit for your brand website. Which solution is ideally suited for your business is determined by various factors, such as your target audience, goals, vision, or resources. There are a range of options for you, including creating standard SEO content, writing specialized pieces with a focus on a specific niche or area, or producing multilingual content.

Our suggestion is to go for an agency that offers a variety of services and can flexibly adjust its work process to cater to your specific needs and preferences. This allows for a smooth collaboration, thereby saving time and effort for both sides.

Test their actual SEO competence

As an old saying goes, seeing is believing. Quality testing is the best way to ascertain whether a service is worthy of your trust.

You can ask them to write a few demo pieces of content with payment to test their SEO skills and creativity as well as the quality of their work. This will give you an idea of how the agency works to produce your content, paving the way for a seamless partnership later.

Content crafting process at Thao & Co.

The success of your website is significantly influenced by your content strategy. Aware of this, Thao & Co. has developed a linear and optimized process to produce and deliver high-performing content to our clients.

Our web content drafting process involves the following 7 steps:

1. Strategic briefing: We will start the project with a kickoff meeting in which we generate content ideas and construct a clear portrait of your business’s target customers. This meeting aims to identify goals, target audience, and project evaluation rubrics, laying the groundwork for the following stages.

2. Multilingual keyword research: Having the customer profiles in hand, our specialists will go on to conduct keyword research. We research keywords using your target markets’ languages and dominant search engines. This is to pinpoint the terms and phrases your intended customers might type into the search bar.

3. Content strategy development: With a list of potential keywords, we will then dive into developing a content strategy based on your goals. We will ensure your content pillars and topics uphold the consistency and cohesiveness of your brand’s identity.

4. SEO content writing: With extensive experience in crafting web content, we will only deliver creative and engaging SEO content that is aligned with your content pillars.

5. SEO localization: During this critical phase of the process, we will adapt the copy to the languages and cultures of your target audience. Driven by the motto “Optimizing and maximizing potential“, we strive to produce highly adaptive and resonant content that can pique the interest of native customers.

6. Feedback and Improvement: Upon a thorough review among our team, we will send the content to you for your feedback. Based on your valuable feedback, we will make modifications where needed to meet your requirements and expectations.

7. Content publishing assistance: Our team of specialists is readily available to assist you in publishing content on your website, blog as well as other platforms. We optimize metadata and internal linking to make sure your pages are properly indexed and presented in search results. This is an effective practice to push your website up the SEO ranking.

With a linear and well-organized process, Thao & Co. is committed to producing high-quality pieces of copy that live up to your expectations.

Website content writing service costs

You must be wondering how much you will have to pay for a website copywriting service. The pricing of these services differs across agencies. It also depends on multiple factors related to your project, for example:

  1. Language: If the content needs to be written in a difficult and uncommon language, the costs are most likely higher than usual due to the limited availability of writers.
  2. Content requirements: Specialized content takes more time and effort than regular content does, leading to an increase in service charges.
  3. Copy length: The word count of your content is another factor affecting the cost of your service. The more words your copy contains, the higher costs you will have to pay. For large-scale projects with several pieces to be produced, different service packages will be offered based on the scale of your project.
  4. Other requirements: You can also ask for complementary services like social media content writing or content uploading. But do note that with extra services come extra costs.

Thus, the overall costs of an SEO content service may vary depending on your chosen agency and the requirements of your project. Regardless, it’s best to always discuss the prices with your service provider before getting the ball rolling on your project. This is to make sure no extra costs will arise throughout the project.

Take your website to the next level with Thao & Co.

Looking to enhance your website’s global engagement? Thao & Co. is here to make that a reality for you.

With our streamlined and optimized content creation process, we assure the delivery of high-quality, creative, and unique content through our professional SEO Content Writing service.

When crafting website content, our topmost priority is user experience, followed by adaptability to search engine algorithms.

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With our human-crafted content, your website will not only attract more visitors but also resonate strongly with them, pushing them to get what you are offering.

We also keep ourselves updated with the latest algorithm changes of popular search engines like Google and Bing in an effort to make sure every piece of content published on your website reaches the largest possible target audience.

Besides, Thao & Co. also provides complementary services in hopes of giving you an exceptional experience when partnering with us.

  1. Multilingual keyword research: This critical stage aims to identify the potential keywords that your target audience is searching for, driving more organic traffic to your website and reaching more prospective customers.
  2. Content planning: We leverage our profound SEO expertise to build a systematic yet flexible content strategic plan that can adapt to the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms.
  3. Content uploading: Our social media specialists will save you the hassle of managing hundreds of content pieces and uploading them to multiple platforms.

Ready to weigh anchor and bring your website to the open ocean? Thao & Co. can be your trusted companion on this journey. Get in touch with us for a prompt and free quote today through our Get A Quote page.

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