Website Localization: The Key to Successful Integration

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Website localization is all about aligning a website to the language and cultural preferences of customers. 65% customers prefer content in their language, and up to 40% will not purchase in any other languages.

To attract new customers, localizing your website is the first step!

In this guide, Thao & Co. walks you through:

  • ● SEO translation for website localization
  • ● Automation options
  • ● Optimal localization process
  • ● Website localization cost

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What is website localization?

A website provides information on a subject. It can be:

  • ● Educational topics
  • ● Specialized industries
  • ● Organizations
  • ● Products and services

A website is localized into various languages to facilitate new user access. Localization involves a more creative approach to content and images. If well-localized, a website can fully convey its original message.

SEO translation in website localization

After website localization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help increase visibility and audience reach. SEO translation combines translation and SEO techniques on the website.

Multi-lingual SEO ensures all SEO criteria of the localized content are met:

  • ● Website system structure
  • ● Keywords
  • ● Titles
  • ● Content length
  • ● URLs
  • ● Images
  • ● Other technical issues.

All things considered, SEO translation for websites broadens the audience range and ultimately increases conversion rates.

What is SEO Keywords Glossary for translation? - Thao & Co.

Common types of websites that need localization

Website localization can be beneficial for:

  1. Informational, news, and blog websites: Expand to new audiences and establish trust and professionalism.
  2. E-commerce websites: Optimize marketing campaigns through the websites in new target markets.
  3. Other platforms: Social media sites, community forums, education portals, entertainment websites, etc.

Benefits of website localization

Multilingual websites can help businesses in the following ways:

  1. Enhance search engine visibility and improve SEO quality: Opportunities to reach a broader range of potential customers;
  2. Optimize brand recognition: A foundational step for long-term Brand Awareness. Multi-lingual SEO translation cultivates a broader presence, contributing to brand positioning;
  3. Adjust brand messaging: Suit local audiences and enhance interactions with products and services;
  4. Increase visitor-to-lead conversion rate: Enhance competitive advantages. Optimized accessibility leads to increased conversion and business revenues.

Automated website localization: yes or no?

Google Translate is a quick option for automating website localization. However, automated translations are often rough and confusing.

Google Translate | Thao & Co.

For a professional brand image, partner with a professional translation and localization agency. Reliance on automated tools may negatively impact user experience and SEO effectiveness.

Standard website localization process

At Thao & Co., we have optimized the website localization process into three main stages:

  • 1. Website localization kit: After receiving your project information, we collaborate with you to:
    • ● Extract your website content
    • ● Create the localization kit
    • ● Collect relevant information
    • ● Conduct content research
    • ● Establish content roadmap
    • ● Create staffing plan
    • ● Line up the project quotation

You can choose the following additional services to further enhance localization quality:

  1. Translation Guidelines: A set of instructions and a glossary for accurate and consistent localized content aligning with your brand identity.
  2. SEO Keyword Research: A Keyword Glossary in the target language to boost website visibility and reach more users.
  • 2. Content translation and localization: Content is translated and localized, maintaining cultural nuances.
  • 3. Integration of localized content: Fully localized content is integrated into your website with a consistent layout.

Website localization rates

Website localization cost generally depends on:

  1. ● Language pair(s);
  2. ● Content length;
  3. ● Content areas;
  4. ● Complexity and expertise;
  5. ● Complementary services.

Thao & Co. is a reliable choice for Website Localization and other complementary services. Our solutions are tailored to individual and business needs.

We provide a quote upfront to help you set an appropriate timeline and budget. Please visit our Get A Quote page for a prompt consultation!

Key considerations for website localization services

What is Website Localization? - Thao & Co.

For successful website localization, be sure to:

  1. ● Plan for multilingual features during website development.
  2. ● Research the language, user needs, and local culture of the target market.
  3. ● Engage a reputable localization partner with extensive localization expertise.

With an experienced team of native linguists and tech experts, Thao & Co. is dedicated to meet to your website localization and multilingual SEO needs.

Ready to localize your website? Visit our Get a Quote page for a free consultation today!

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