Website Localization: The Key to Successful Integration

September 8, 2023 | Han Ngo

What is website translation and localization? How are websites localized? What are website localization rates? The proliferation of the Internet has driven global businesses to localize their products and services. Websites contribute significant value to help businesses swiftly enter new markets, countries, and regions by attracting new user communities and generating revenue for businesses.

Let’s explore with Thao & Co. the role of website localization in promoting the development and expansion ofabusinesses!

What is Website Localization?

What is Website Translation and Localization? - Thao & Co.

A website is one or many web pages that provide information on a subject to the internet user community. That subject can refer to a topic, field, individual, business, product, service, etc.; it is conveyed through information, images, and videos to serve a specific purpose.

Typically, a website is localized into various languages to broaden the range of audiences and reach new markets. This facilitates user access to the content and messages that the website intends to convey.

In the process of audience engagement, localizing a website is the final step of the translation stage. Localization typically involves a deeper, more creative, and refined approach to content and images. Therefore, a localized website can fully and naturally represent the information, messages, and purposes that it intends to convey.

The role of SEO translation for websites

Once the website localization is finished, implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help increase visibility and audience reach on search engines. SEO translation, which combines translation and SEO techniques on the website, is perfect for optimization.

Multi-lingual SEO can ensure all SEO criteria of the localized content are met, including website system structure, keywords, titles, length, URLs, images, and other technical issues.

SEO translation for websites can bring many benefits to individuals and businesses. It not only helps broaden the range of audience but also increases the conversion rate of audience to customers through the website’s language.

What is SEO Keywords Glossary for translation? - Thao & Co.

Common types of websites that need localization

Generally, website localization is executed on types of websites such as:

  1. Informational, news, and blog websites need to expand to new languages to establish trust and professionalism, as well as demonstrate the global integration efforts of the brand or business.
  2. E-commerce websites that aim to expand their business to new countries and regions or begin marketing campaigns through the website in new target markets.
  3. Other platforms include social media sites, community forums, education portals, entertainment websites, etc.

Benefits of website localization

Multilingual websites can help businesses in the following ways:

  1. Enhance search engine visibility and improve SEO quality tailored to each country or region, giving the opportunity for business websites to reach a broader range of potential customers;
  2. Optimize brand recognition, which is a foundational step for long-term Brand Awareness. Through multi-lingual SEO translation, the website will be localized effectively, achieving a broader presence. This helps the brand become embedded in the mind of the consumers, contributing to brand positioning;
  3. ● A multi-lingual website is an essential tool for businesses to adjust their message on their websites to suit local audiences and enhance the interaction with products and services through the websites;
  4. Increase visitor-to-lead conversion rate, thereby enhancing the competitive advantage for individuals and businesses. Specifically, multi-lingual websites can optimize their accessibility to audiences and interaction between them and the websites, thereby leading to increased conversion and business revenue through the websites.

Should automated website localization be used?

Nowadays, many websites utilize automated translation tools like Google Translate. However, Google Translate or similar automated translation tools often produce rough translations, which may confuse users upon accessing websites.

Google Translate | Thao & Co.

Therefore, it is best for individuals and businesses to focus on choosing a professional translation and localization service when adapting website content and messages into a new language. Moreover, overusing automated tools should be avoided to optimize user experience and increase website SEO effectiveness.

Standard website localization process

A standard website localization process typically includes three main stages:

1. Researching website localization kit: After receiving project information, the localization agency will collaborate with you to extract your website content, form the localization kit, and collect relevant information. Based on your requirements, the localization agency will conduct content research to establish a comprehensive roadmap, staffing plan, and project quote.

At this stage, you can choose the following additional services to optimize the progress and enhance localization quality:

  1. Translation Guidelines: A set of instructions and a glossary to help you ensure accurate, consistent, and cohesive localized content that aligns with your brand identity.
  2. SEO Keyword Research: SEO Keyword Glossary in the target language is excellent for a website to boost its online visibility and broaden its potential users.

2. Content translation and localization: Carrying out content localization and adaptation while maintaining the nuances and sensitivities of the local target culture.

3. Integration of the localized content into your website: Once your website is fully localized, the new content will be integrated into your website with a consistent layout across all pages.

Website localization rates

The rate of website localization generally depends on various factors, including:

  1. ● Language pair(s);
  2. ● Content length;
  3. ● Content areas;
  4. ● Complexity and expertise;
  5. ● Complementary services.

Thao & Co. is a reliable choice for Website Localization and other complementary services that are tailored to individual and business needs. Before starting your project, we provide a quote upfront to help you set an appropriate timeline and budget. Please visit our Get A Quote page for a prompt consultation!

Some key considerations when choosing a website localization service

What is Website Localization? - Thao & Co.

To ensure a polished website localization, it is advisable for businesses to consider the following factors when developing a website:

  1. ● Prepare and plan for multilingual features in the future due to the increasing global integration needs.
  2. ● Thoroughly research the language, user needs, and native culture of the target market.
  3. ● Consider a reputable localization partner with extensive experience and localization expertise.

With an experienced team of expert linguists and top-notch technologies, Thao & Co. is committed to all your website localization and multilingual SEO needs.

For any questions or further information, please visit our Get a Quote page for a free consultation today!

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