What to Consider in Press Release Translation?

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Press release translation is a service of particular interest to enterprises. Playing a vital role in communication, press release translation place a great demand on the level of language mastery and expertise on translators. To assist you in understanding this service, Thao & Co. has curated all pertinent information in the following article.

What is Press Release Translation?

Press releases are documents employed by enterprises to announce events, news, and activities to the media. Typically, press releases are sent to media outlets such as newspapers, radio, and television, etc.

Press releases encompass essential information about an event, such as its name, date, time, venue, and program details. In addition to serving as a notification to media agencies, it also functions as an invitation for their attendance and encourages news coverage of the event. It is through press releases that enterprises can promote their products and services, unveil events, and showcase artworks.

Press release translation serves as a tool to facilitate the globalization efforts of a business. When enterprises seek to enter new target markets, translation becomes an indispensable step. In the case of press releases, enterprises must ensure that documents are translated accurately.

Despite its immense significance, press releases are not utilized at all times. Typically, enterprises should only employ them in circumstances such as the introduction of new products or services, major and grand events, award announcements, competitions, or important news releases.

Why is Press Release Translation Important for Enterprises?

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Press releases serve as a potent communication tool for enterprises. For important events, mass media outlets aid enterprises in generating substantial impact. Especially in today’s technology-driven era, marketing is the key to success.

Hence, the service of press release translation came into existence. Translation aids press releases in reaching diverse markets, which is the main objective of every business—to expand market operations and establish a global presence.

It can be said that breaking down language barriers is the first step towards entering a new market. Inaccurate and unfaithful translations can dull the competitive edge of a business which may lead to catastrophic results. Press release translation is no exception. 

Apart from making the content accessible to people of different languages, translation can bring about an array of advantages. While press releases are typically succinctly presented, meticulously crafted content is sure to leave a lasting impression on media outlets.

Accurate press release translation can assist enterprises in persuading media outlets to cover their products, services, and events. This helps enterprises garner attention, establish a professional image, and achieve maximum outreach to both the public, potential partners, and sponsors. 

What to Consider in Press Release Translation?

Contrary to common perceptions about press releases, this document, while concise, is accompanied by numerous requirements. This inadvertently poses challenges for press release translation services. Below are some factors to consider in the translation process:

Determining target audience

Identifying the target audience is a decisive factor for the success of a press release. For instance, if you intend to send a press release about the launch of a new vacuum cleaner in the United Kingdom market, one of the first steps is to research and construct the customer profile.

In the United Kingdom, it is quite common to rely on vacuum cleaners for cleaning purposes. The average age of customers is 25 and above, employed with stable income. They have a habit of reading newspapers in the morning and watching news on television or listening to the radio.

From this, we can determine that the translation needs to be in British English, with appropriate word use, formality, and must be tailored towards the media outlets and publishers that this customer demographic is interested in.

Not only translation but also localization 

Translation and localization are two concepts that are often confused. However, translation only stops at rendering words from one language to another. To penetrate a new market, localization is the perfect “tool”.

Essentially, localization will transform language based on the customs, practices, conditions, culture, trends, and religion of a nation. Therefore, for an important document like a press release, a content localization strategy is an essential step.

This allows the business’s messages to be more easily received and understood by media outlets, enhancing their chance of getting promoted on various public platforms. High-quality content localization eliminates language barriers, fosters emotional connections, conveys messages, and much more.

Accurate yet not devoid of creativity

Press release translation is often considered to be “bland” and has little to no room for creativity. This cannot be more wrong. As a marketing tool, press release translation definitely cannot be lacking in creativity.

Creativity can be found through various elements such as presentation, expression, language, syntax, and more. With the primary purpose being communication, essential content must be conveyed clearly and to the point.

In addition, the translator should demonstrate creativity to deftly impress the audience while promoting the product or service without resulting in aversion. Creativity is the key to making translations and, by extension, the business more memorable in customers’ minds.

Expert assistance

There is a great variety of press releases that can be employed for different purposes by businesses. Press releases for product launches, press releases new services introduction, event announcements, news updates—each type comes with its own set of requirements. This once again presents a challenge for press release translation services.

The optimal solution is to seek assistance from experts. They are individuals with extensive experience in their respective fields. As a result, the translations can be both accurate and professionally localized to achieve marketing goals.

Press release translation rates

As this type of document requires extensive expertise and can be quite complex in certain cases, the translation rates for press releases can vary greatly. Some factors that influence the cost of this service include document length, complexity, language, urgency, and specific requirements, among others.

Additionally, different agencies will have their own quote for this service. In reputable translation companies specializing in press releases, the presence of language experts is vital. While they help ensure that the translation is of high quality and delivered on time, this will come with additional cost.

At Thao & Co., we offer high-quality B2B translation solutions with professional processes and transparent costs. Contact us to receive a prompt consultation and free quotation today.

High-quality press release translation service

Press release translation service has a profound impact on the promotion of products, services, or launching events. Press release translations not only require a high level of accuracy but also place additional demands in terms of localization, creativity, etc. Only when these demands are met by businesses can the power of the press release be unleashed.

Understanding these challenges, Thao & Co. translation agency has introduced many high-quality language solutions. We provide a wide range of professional translation services in over 50 languages worldwide. As a result, many enterprises have been able to access new markets, expand their operations, and reap significant profits.

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In particular, services such as SEO translation, content localization, and creative translation are some of our most requested. In addition to helping your brand messages be accurately conveyed to new markets, the transcreation service can make the translation stand out. 

Unlike legal translation, creativity is highly emphasised when it comes to translating marketing documents. This helps convey the message most effectively without being “dry” like a word-by-word translation. Additionally, with linguists at Thao & Co., you can find translations that can leave a lasting impression through linguistic creativity and a deep understanding of culture and customer preferences.

We hope that this article have been of help to you. To receive consultation on Thao & Co.’s translation services, please visit our Get a Quote page!

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