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Today, the number of internet users worldwide has reached 5.35 billion people. Imagine how many potential customers you can attain if your business reaches a wider audience online. This is an excellent chance for businesses to execute their digital marketing strategy. Specifically, blog content writing services are regarded as an efficient marketing solution for companies to realize this strategy.

Therefore, business owners make constant efforts to strive for quality content in blog channels, which in turn converts to more engagement and customers. Riding this new wave, many companies started to provide B2B blog content writing service packages to businesses in demand.

At this point, you may wonder what a blog writing service offers. Then this article is the answer you need! From the history of blogs to types of content that increase reach and even tips to find professional B2B content writers, you are set to explore the world of business blog writing services.

Introduction to blog content writing services

The term ‘blog’ comes from ‘weblog’, a type of online diary that blew up at the end of the 1990s. Blog content writers (bloggers) upload posts sharing their knowledge and experience across a wide range of topics on the internet to provide readers with beneficial information.

Blogs nowadays are not only for personal use but also for businesses. By incorporating blog content into their websites, companies can enjoy increased website traffic and prestige status with potential customers.

Why are blogs the focus of development for many businesses? Business blogs are an ‘effective marketing channel‘, playing a big supporting role in reaching more customers, thereby leading to sales growth for companies.

With such advantages, no wonder blogs are called the ‘fertile ground‘ that many businesses want to cultivate.

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The demand for blogs is steadily increasing, yet not every business possesses adequate human resources or the necessary expertise to fully leverage them. Serving this need, a new niche for content writing services has emerged: blogging. Its purpose is to empower businesses with professional content creation.

Thanks to that, enterprises can possess attractive, quality, and engaging blog content that suits their aim and style without investing time and effort in research or recruiting an in-house team.

For companies that already have extensive blog content and wish to expand their audience overseas, you can also refer to our Ad & Marketing Translation service. Our service is done by experienced experts ensuring your translation is just as effective and engaging as the original version.

Popular types of blog content writing service packages

Blog content is generally diverse to meet various information needs of readers. Here is a list of some of the most well-received types of blog content.

How-to blogs

How-to guides is the type of blog that focuses on providing information about solutions to a specific problem. How-to blogs describe detailed steps to achieve a final goal.

Information can be provided with illustrations, infographics, or examples to aid readers in understanding.

Travel blogs

In recent years, travel has become a fashionable pursuit for many people. More and more people are interested in this topic, leading to a surge in the popularity of travel content.

High-demand information is usually about local attractions, restaurants and bars, itineraries, and weather. Planning your next trip can be quite mentally taxing, so the bloggers’ insightful sharing is greatly appreciated.

Review blogs

Reviews about products or services usually attract many readers. This is because everyone wants to get useful reviews from those who use products or services to avoid making the wrong purchase or having a dissatisfactory experience.

A review post usually contains product benefits, how-to-use, pros and cons, and personal evaluation. This information assists readers on their way to becoming smart buyers who make the right choices regarding any necessary products or services.

News blogs

Events worldwide have their established audience and are naturally foolproof content to garner interest to some extent. As a result, more news blogs emerge to meet the readers’ demand for the latest updates about news and events in politics, education, medicine, culture, etc.

Unlike other types of blog content such as travel or reviews, news blog posts often contain evaluations, analyses, and inferences from reliable sources.

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Case study blog

Case study blog content offers insights about a real-life particular case and generally includes evaluation, analysis, and in-depth conclusion. This type of blog attracts many readers since it offers valuable lessons on problem-solving and key takeaways for future uses.

Tips & experiences blog

Who would not like some useful life hacks or tips that simplify your life? Tips and Experiences blog takes advantage of this exact approach to attract a loyal base of blog readers. From handy facts and tidbits to somewhat a life counselor, tips and experiences blog establishes its foothold as a lucrative type of content among its counterparts.

In general, blogging is the ‘fertile ground‘ with many ‘trees‘ in bloom. No matter what type of blog, the content quality is still the most important.

Vital factors of blog content services

Many a little makes a mickle! Refining every detail no matter how small is the key to intriguing blog content. Here is a breakdown of essential elements that should be the focus of any quality blog content writing services.

Eye-catching titles

First things first, titles are what draw people’s attention to a blog. Contradicting popular belief, a title is actually the deciding factor in readers’ decision to click the post.

Thus, choosing an appealing and impressive title is paramount considering that it sparks curiosity, resulting in an increased click-through rate. Nonetheless, deceptive titles should not be used to gain clicks as they may backfire, resulting in an unfavorable view in the public eyes.

Logic and coherence

Though diverse in terms of industries and content types, all quality blogs should have logical arrangement and cohesive writing. Without those two factors, a blog post is just chunks of information clumsily put together.

This is one of the main reasons readers find it hard to follow a blog’s website even though the topic is their favorite. You can divide the content into paragraphs with corresponding header tags such as H2, H3, and H4 to have a more cohesive, logical, and easy-to-follow blog.

You should also consider devising a content plan for your blog focused on specific columns and content pillars so that users can easily navigate through your blog and enjoy their favorite topic posts.

Storytelling technique

To create an appealing blog post, storytelling is the ultimate weapon of writers. Incorporating a story or personal experience into a blog post allows it to be more authentic, thereby resonating with the readers.

Besides, compared to vague information, stories are more memorable and easier to leave an impression on the readers’ minds. Being top-of-mind with readers is surely a success for any business blog.

A balance between information and entertainment

Providing beneficial information is the core value of a blog. However, blogs focused solely on information can sometimes become tedious. A good blog needs to strike a balance between factual information and entertaining elements.

Then, what is the link between information and entertainment? By accompanying information with illustrations, videos, and creative word puns, the blog delivers a more enjoyable reading experience.

The connection between blog posts

The connection between blog posts enhances engagement as well as the user experience, scoring major points with the readers. A prime example of this is when a post includes links to other relevant posts, readers can explore more about their area of focus.

The above suggestions–from catchy headlines, storytelling, coherence of the blog, entertainment, and information balance to building internal links–hopefully give you some ideas to look for in quality blog writing services packages.

The cost of multi-disciplinary blog content writing services

The price of multi-disciplinary content writing services depends on the service providers and your project requirements. You can estimate the cost of your blog writing services packages by referring to these factors:

  1. ● The expertise required for the blog content
  2. ● Quantity of blog posts
  3. ● Project duration
  4. ● Requirement of the writers’ experience
  5. ● Other requirements

Therefore, depending on the project, pricing for multi-disciplinary blog content writing services might vary.

Thao & Co. blog content writing services employ a streamlined approach with transparent steps that are easy to manage. This ensures two primary factors for your project execution: time efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our transparent working process starts with a clear quote! We provide the detailed breakdown cost for your project to ensure no incurred costs during implementation. For more detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact Thao & Co. now for a free consultation and complete quotation!

Broaden your business influence with Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. Professional Multilingual Content Writing Services

Blogging is an effective marketing tool that helps businesses reach their target customers. However, getting your blog to reach a large audience is a challenging process that businesses must overcome.

Instead of straining your in-house team with the intricacy of blog content planning, let Thao & Co. handle it for you. We are honored to accompany your business with our credible, quality, and professional SEO content writing service.

Mastering extensive types of blog content from reviews to how-to guides, our experts dedicate themselves to the smallest elements of your blog for the most accomplished final products. Work with us and allow yourself to be free from the burden of constant blog updating and prioritize your resources on crucial business goals! Our blog content writing services are distinctive thanks to:

  1. ● Multi-lingual blog content in more than 50 languages enabled by experienced native editors.
  2. ● Excel in keyword research and SEO content writing practices to achieve a high ranking for your blog at optimal cost.
  3. ● Media experts’ assistance in publishing and maintaining multi-platform blogs tailored to your needs to keep your content managing burden at bay.
  4. Transparent and detailed quotation, say no to incurred costs.
  5. ● Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform to stay on top of your blog writing projects effortlessly from anywhere.

Experience the professional blog writing services today at Thao & Co. and reach more audiences. Click on our Get a Quote page and leave your project requirements for speedy consultation!

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