Marketing Translation Services: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock Global Markets

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Marketing translation plays a crucial role in building a global brand image, helping businesses effectively access and engage with potential customers in new countries and territories. Join us at Thao & Co. as we delve into the essentials of marketing and creative translation services in this article.

What is Marketing Translation?

Marketing translation is an essential part of global marketing campaigns, helping businesses reach and interact effectively with international customers.

Overview of Marketing    

Marketing involves activities and strategies that businesses use to meet the needs of their target customers. This includes market research and customer analysis, creating products or services, building and promoting brands, finding potential customers, establishing and maintaining relationships with current customers to achieve business goals.

The goal of marketing is to create recognition, attract attention, and build trust in the brand or product. Marketing activities help generate demand and desire for purchases, thereby increasing sales. Additionally, marketing helps establish and maintain relationships with customers, generate profits, and ensure sustainable business growth.

Marketing Translation

Marketing translation is the process of converting and conveying marketing messages from the source language to the target one. It helps target market customers understand and interact with business marketing activities easily.

These activities involve translating documents, advertisements, software products marketing content, and related messages to ensure accurate and equivalent communication of the original message.

Marketing translation is not only about translating from one language to another. It requires translators to have a deep understanding of the marketing field and possess creative translation skills to create content that suits the preferences of the target market.

Marketing translation plays a crucial role in expanding markets, building and promoting the brands of multinational companies. This process helps effectively convey marketing messages, create brand recognition, and facilitate positive interactions with customers.

Distinguishing between Marketing Translation and Creative Translation

What is Marketing Translation? - Thao & Co.

Marketing translation and creative translation are distinct concepts with varying scopes and objectives within the translation process. Marketing translation focuses on accurately converting marketing messages and achieving similar impacts as the original in the target language. This process calls for extensive knowledge of marketing and related industries.

Meanwhile, creative translation focuses on adapting creative works with emotional and unique meanings to a new language. This requires translators to possess creativity, flexibility, and an artistic mindset to recreate works uniquely and creatively in the target language.

Marketing translation involves translating documents, advertising messages, brochures, websites, marketing emails, and other marketing materials. Creative translation, on the other hand, is more suitable for highly creative content like slogans, movie titles, book names, prose, poetry, novels, plays, artistic discourse, and other similar works.

The message conveyed in marketing translation is typically straightforward to effectively reach customers. Creative translation delivers the vision, emotions, and profound meanings of the original to create an engaging experience for readers.

Types of Marketing Translation

There are various types of marketing translation depending on the content and project goals. These types of marketing translation ensure that marketing messages are accurately, effectively, and equivalently communicated in the language and culture of the target market.

Marketing Document Translation

Translating marketing training materials such as textbooks, books, and research materials requires an in-depth understanding along with the ability to accurately translate and effectively convey the message.

  1. Textbooks: Linguists need to understand the objectives of the textbook and the main content of each chapter. The translation should accurately convey marketing concepts and knowledge in the target language while maintaining the logical structure of the textbook.
  2. Books: Books on marketing topics contain extensive knowledge and experience of the author in the industry. Marketing translation helps accurately convey the original work and ensures the authenticity of the author’s work.
  3. Research materials: Translating this type of material requires knowledge of research methods and specialized terms to accurately deliver research findings. Furthermore, it is crucial to preserve the logical flow and reasoning of the research study during the translation process. The translation should maintain the coherence and logic of research ideas.

Translation of Marketing Strategies

Brochures and Catalogues: Marketing translation guarantees precise representation of products and services. Additionally, prominent features should be presented clearly and in an engaging manner in the target language.

Blogs: Blog translations need to be appealing and appropriate to the audiences in the target market while maintaining the accuracy of information. Attention to keywords, meta tags, and other SEO elements should be included in the translation to increase visibility on search engines.

Websites: Translated content often includes home pages, product/service pages, company introduction pages, contact pages, and any other pages. Marketing translation ensures that information about products, services, objectives, and company values is effectively conveyed in the language and culture of the target market.

Videos: For videos, marketing translation can be applied to subtitles or dubbing. Before starting the translation process, it is best for linguists to understand the message and purpose of the advertisement video. Video translation involves adjustment of wording, expression, and sentence structure to ensure that the content is naturally and attractively conveyed.    

Marketing emails: The email subject and description are essential elements for attracting the recipient’s attention. Linguists need to ensure that the subject and description are creatively translated to captivate the intended recipient.

Other marketing content: Marketing translation also includes product introductions on application stores, e-commerce platforms, posters, banners, and other related marketing content.

Video Subtitle Translation - Thao & Co.

The Importance of Marketing Translation

Marketing translation plays a crucial role in expanding market reach, enhancing engagement, and establishing trust for businesses in the international market. This process fosters customer relationships, drives sales growth, and establishes the foundation for global competitiveness.

Every country and territory possesses unique regulations and consumer behaviors. Marketing translation ensures that messages are appropriately tailored to resonate with target users. This practice assists businesses in cultivating a professional and trustworthy image among international customers. Marketing translation also helps businesses adapt to the culture and understand the psychology of customers.

With marketing translation, businesses can access new markets and explore global business opportunities.

Challenges of Marketing Translation

Marketing translation is a challenging field that requires not only language and cultural knowledge but also a deep understanding of marketing and the ability to creatively and effectively convey messages. Additionally, marketing translation needs to meet data security requirements, stay updated with trends and new languages, and adapt to technological changes.

Knowledge of Marketing and Related Fields

To excel in marketing translation, linguists must possess a deep understanding of both marketing principles and the specific domain to which the marketing content pertains. This is particularly pertinent in the realm of marketing, where one encounters industry-specific terminology, charts, and specialized information.     

Furthermore, marketing translation requires linguists to have extensive knowledge in the field being translated, particularly in areas such as healthcare, finance, technology, legal, etc. Lacking proper knowledge of the context and specialized terms can lead to misunderstandings and inaccuracies in conveying information. Some certain words or definitions may not exist in the target language or have different meanings. It is advisable for linguists to find equivalent expressions to convey the meaning of the marketing message.

Ensuring Accuracy and Cultural Appropriateness

As previously mentioned, every country has its distinct rules, customs, and values, and a lack of proper understanding of the local culture can lead to miscommunication. During the marketing translation process, linguists need to respect the values and beliefs of the local culture.

To overcome this challenge, in-depth cultural knowledge about the target country and region is required. Researching, understanding, and interacting with locals can help linguists have a better understanding of the culture and use appropriate language. Moreover, collaborating with market research companies to assess local reactions can help ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness in the marketing translation process.

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Writing Skills

Effective marketing translation demands strong writing skills to ensure precise and captivating messaging. Hence, linguists must articulate ideas with clarity, employ fitting language, and craft compelling narratives to capture the attention of customers.

Marketing involves various types of text, such as advertisements, blog posts, product descriptions, marketing emails, and more. Each type of marketing content comes with its distinct characteristics and requirements. Linguists must grasp the approach and structure of each to align with the specific objectives and target audience of the marketing message.

Maintaining Aesthetics

In marketing, visuals, colors, charts, and layouts play an important role in conveying messages and creating impressions.

Today’s marketing activities often use multiple channels and platforms such as websites, social media, marketing emails, online advertising, etc. Translation agencies need to understand the requirements and limitations of each platform and communication channel to provide diverse complementary services that maintain the aesthetics of the marketing content.     

Quality Assurance Solutions for Marketing Translation

Advertising Marketing Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. Translation Agency provides a range of solutions designed to uphold the quality of marketing translation, thereby preserving the aesthetics and effectiveness of translated content in the marketing domain.

Native Linguists Experienced in Marketing

Thao & Co. has a team of native localization specialists experienced in marketing. This is an important solution to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the translation. Our native linguists possess extensive knowledge of language, style, and market requirements. We are committed to delivering accurate and contextually appropriate translations that align with marketing objectives.

Efficient Translation Process

We implement a streamlined marketing translation process to guarantee the utmost quality and reliability of our services. This process includes the following steps:

  1. 1. Identify project requirements: This is a critical step to understanding the client’s requirements, which helps determine source and target languages, document formatting, delivery timeline, and any other specific requirements.
  2. 2. Analyze project goals and context: Before starting the translation, a clear understanding of the project’s objectives and context is necessary. This involves gaining insights into the brand, products or services, target market and customers, and other relevant information.
  3. 3. Translation and Proofreading: Linguists leverage their marketing knowledge and translation skills to effectively convey the message to the target audience. After finishing the translation process, proofreading is essential to review and rectify any language or grammatical errors, ensuring the translated content attains the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.
  4. 4. Final Delivery: The finalized translation will be delivered to the client promptly and in strict accordance with their specified requirements.

Consumer Language Research Service

To gain a proper understanding of the language and mindset of consumers in the target market, Thao & Co. offers a professional Consumer Language Research service. This research empowers us to gauge and assess the impact of the translation on the target market, facilitating the creation of highly compatible and impactful marketing translation.

Creative Translation Service

For important marketing content such as brand names, taglines, and slogans, creativity and impactful messaging are crucial for a successful campaign. Thao & Co. provides a creative translation service to ensure that creative messages and ideas are accurately and engagingly conveyed to your target audience.

Tech Complementary Services such as DTP and Customized Integration

To maintain the aesthetic appeal and consistency of marketing translation content, Thao & Co. offers technical complementary services such as Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Customized Integration. This facilitates the application of specialized tools and software in formatting the content, preserving the original design layout, and seamlessly integrating the translated content into software products.

Translating and Creating Subtitles

In the realm of video or audio content, subtitles play a pivotal role in determining marketing effectiveness. This can guarantee that the marketing message within the content is properly conveyed.

If you’re looking for a reliable translation agency that aligns with your project’s specific objectives, don’t hesitate to contact Thao & Co. at our Get a Quote page for a free consultation today!

Marketing Translation Rates

Translation Rate - Thao & Co.

The translation rate depends on various factors. It is advisable to request a quote from translation service providers, as this can provide you with detailed information for each specific project.

  1. ● Languages can affect the rate of translation. More commonly spoken languages often have more competitive rates compared to less common languages, primarily due to the larger pool of available linguists.
  2. ● Content volume can also impact the cost. Typically, translation costs are calculated based on the number of words or pages.
  3. ● If the content to be translated falls within specialized fields with strict regulations or high complexity, such as manufacturing, medical, or legal, the rates for marketing translation services may increase.
  4. ● Translation projects with urgent timelines may incur higher rates, as they require prioritization and dedicated resource allocation.
  5. ● For projects that require additional services like Desktop Publishing (DTP), customized integration, or subtitles, there will be separate costs associated with these services.

Choosing a Credible Translation Service for Your Marketing Project

To select the most fitting translation service for your marketing project, you may consider evaluating the translation skills and marketing experience of the translation provider. Additionally, it is best to review feedback from previous clients and inquire about the overall translation rates before making a decision.

Thao & Co. Translation Company specializes in delivering professional marketing translation services, empowering your business to craft and optimize effective marketing content as you expand into international markets. We are dedicated to providing high-quality translations that accurately and effectively convey marketing messages across diverse markets.

Thao & Co. also provides SEO translation and professional website localization services to align with the objectives and languages of the target market. You also have the option to translate a wide range of marketing materials, including promotional emails, brochures, product manuals, pricing sheets, and advertisements, to meet the requirements for accessing international markets.

When choosing Desktop Publishing services, Thao & Co.’s experts will help you handle formatting and layout to ensure that the translation remains consistent with the original design. Our experts are dedicated to crafting translations that not only maintain grammatical and linguistic accuracy but also capture the essence and spirit of the original content.

For more information about marketing translation services at Thao & Co., please visit our Get a Quote page for a free consultation today!

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