SEO Translation: Dual Approach to Optimize Market Expansion Strategy

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What is SEO translation? When is it necessary to request SEO translation service? This is a special translation service used by many companies and organizations to improve the effectiveness of the translation. Find out more information about SEO translation service in this article!

What is SEO Translation?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO translation? SEO translation is a translation method that focuses on improving the visibility of the translation on search engines.

SEO translation – how does it differ from general translation? Below are the differences between these two translation methods.

A general translation is simply a rendering of the source language into the target language without optimizing it for search engines.

When it comes to SEO translation, translators will not only translate the content but also optimize keywords, meta descriptions, headings, and other elements in the translated text. Through this, the produced result will have a higher chance of reaching the target audience on online platforms, all thanks to SEO improvements.

In other words, this is an essential and useful tool that can help you: increase organic traffic, customer conversion rate, and brand credibility in the target market. SEO translation is a must for any company looking to break into a new market.

When is SEO Translation Necessary?

When is SEO translation necessary? You should choose SEO translation when:

  1. ● You need to add one (or more) languages to your website. This will help ensure that your content is user-friendly, increasing the visibility and credibility of the website.
  2. ● You want to do business on an e-commerce platform in another country. For example, if your business is based in Vietnam and you want to sell goods on Taobao, having your product descriptions translated from Vietnamese into Chinese and optimized for Chinese search engines is crucial.
  3. ● You want to launch a marketing campaign in another country.
  4. ● You want to translate blogs, product descriptions on websites and e-commerce platforms, landing pages, titles and descriptions of apps and games on app stores.
What is SEO Translation Service? When do you need one? - Thao & Co.

What are the benefits of creating an SEO Keyword Glossary before translating?

Research and analyze keywords before translating content is an imperative task that can benefit your company in many ways such as:

Accurately convey brand message

By carefully researching keywords, an SEO glossary can be compiled from words and phrases that resonate the most with the target market, and best convey the original meaning. On top of that, it also helps the translation agency effectively render your brand message to potential customers.

Increase visibility on search engines

After researching keywords, the translation agency will have a list of relevant words and phrases in the target language for every search engine based on your customers’ preferences. Effective use of the compiled keywords will exponentially enhance your content’s chance of appearing on the top pages of search engines.

For example, for countries in which Google is not the most popular search engine (i.e. Korea where almost everyone uses Naver, or China with Baidu), researching keywords will make your content more likely to be discovered by potential customers.

The most popular Search Engines over the world - Thao & Co.

Connect with consumers in their native language

A keen understanding of the local language is crucial in ensuring that the translation resonates with target customers. Through a carefully curated SEO Keyword Glossary, translators will be able to handpick words that are the most accurate and suitable for a specific culture or consumer group.

It is also important to note that search habit differs from country to country. For example, when looking for document translation services, people from Western countries such as the USA, France, and Canada will usually type in translation service. This is not the same for Eastern countries such as Vietnam, Korea, and China where everyone is more likely to use the phrase công ty dịch thuật (translation agency) or văn phòng dịch thuật (translation office). Therefore, foreign companies planning to infiltrate a new market would do well to take into consideration the above points so that any translated materials will contain the most appropriate keywords.

Foster trust and enhance conversion rate

If the translation will be uploaded on a website, app stores, YouTube, etc, it is important to boost its online visibility as much as possible. To this end, you should prioritize SEO factors by analyzing keywords, developing interesting meta tags, etc.

This is where SEO translation can be most utilized to not only ensure that your content is perfectly localized but also appear on the top pages of search engines.

An improved ranking means that the translation will stand a much higher chance of being discovered by potential customers, thereby increasing your website traffic and popularity. This will help raise your company’s conversion rate and brand credibility in the target market.

Maintain consistency

Analyzing and compiling an SEO Keyword Glossary will not only help your company optimizes its business strategy but also increase overall efficiency and maintain consistency in translation. Each translation project can be divided into small translation stages that are worked on by different groups of translators and specialists. This makes maintaining consistency throughout the entire working process a task of significant importance. A thoroughly-researched SEO Keyword Glossary is akin to a dictionary that translators can refer to for words with high search volume, allowing them to be more time-efficient during translation.

As a result, translations will be accurate, consistent and bring value to your business strategy. A good implementation of SEO translation will guarantee that your content can reach a wider audience on search engines such as Google, Naver, Baidu, etc.

Support marketing strategies

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, researching keywords can support other marketing activities of your business in many ways such as: understanding the psychological and behavioral characteristics of potential customers when gathering market data and researching consumer language for future implementation in local marketing campaigns, ensuring consistency on different marketing channels, etc.

To meet your demands, Thao & Co. provides professional SEO Keyword Glossary research and development services carried out by our team of skilled and experienced experts. The SEO Keyword Glossary will be a reference point in your translation project, ensuring that the translated content contains suitable, consistent keywords and bring value to your business strategy. All things considered, SEO translation increases your content’s visibility across languages in different markets.

SEO translation example | Thao & Co.

SEO Translation Rates

The rate of SEO translation service can be broken down into two parts:

  1. ● Translation fees
  2. ● SEO optimization fees

Additionally, you may need to pay for complementary services if requested.

Translation Fees


Depending on the length of the source text, the translation fee may vary. This allows for flexibility and cost efficiency.


In translation, the time required to research and analyze the content as well as the expertise needed to competently handle the translation will differ depending on the complexity/difficulty of said content.

For example, for complex materials requiring extensive expertise, the time and effort spent will be much higher as opposed to general content. As a result, we will take into account the complexity of your material when calculating the overall translation price.

Language pair(s)

The rarity or complexity of the source and target languages is another factor that can influence the translation rate. As each language will require different amounts of time and effort to translate, it would not make sense to charge the same price for all language pair(s).


Project urgency or the requested delivery timeline is a factor that must be taken into consideration when determining the translation rate. The faster you need your documents to be translated, the higher the cost as the translation agency will have to allocate more resources and personnel to handle your project.

To meet your deadline, the translation team will have to work longer hours and pull in more translators from non-urgent projects, etc. Consequently, an increased cost will be unavoidable.

How to get General Translation Services - Thao & Co.

SEO Fees

Each translation agency will have different pricing policy for SEO service. At Thao & Co., you can request SEO Keyword Glossary with other translation services to save time and increase the quality of the translation. Choosing the SEO Keyword Glossary service at Thao & Co. you can expect:

  1. ● A team of local and international SEO experts with many years of experience
  2. ● Latest SEO research and compilation technologies on SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.
  3. ● Secure storage of the compiled SEO Keyword Glossary for use in future projects
  4. ● Efficient working process and transparent, affordable pricing policy

Complementary Services

The translation rate will also be affected by your chosen complementary services.

For enhanced quality, apart from the translation service, you can request additional assistance. For example, at Thao & Co. Translation Company, our company’s aim is to provide you with convenient and optimized complementary services such as:

  1. Consumer Language ResearchⒸ: Partnering with local market research agencies, we strive to understand the preferences of your target customers to achieve maximum effectiveness for our translations.
  2. Expert ReviewⒸ: We will work with local experts in the field to proofread the translation, ensuring that it feels natural and uses the correct terminology.
  3. Customized Integration: Our IT specialist will integrate the translated content seamlessly into your website/platform, maintaining smooth functionality when new languages are added.

Tips to choose the best SEO translation Agency

How to choose a credible and high-quality SEO translation agency? Below are several considerations you should bear in mind when searching for SEO translation and other translation services.


Building a reputable business is no small feat. It requires many years of providing quality services. A company’s reputation can be evaluated partly through testimonials, making this one of the first things you consider when choosing a translation agency.

Transparent pricing

You should opt for translation agencies with a clear pricing policy. This is a sign showing that the translation agency is trustworthy.

Choosing a translation agency with a transparent pricing policy can minimize any potential problems, as all the costs are already disclosed and agreed upon.

The presence of an experienced, expert translation team

This is a crucial criteria to consider when searching for a translation agency. The quality of the translation largely depends on the translation team.

Therefore, you should go for a translation agency whose team of translators has a deep understanding of the target market, extensive expertise in relevant fields and years of working experience, etc.

Diverse complementary services

On top of the main SEO translation service, complementary services are an additional criterion to find the best translation agency.

Choosing complementary services from the same translation agency can bring about many benefits such as:

  1. ● Cut down on the time required to look for another agency that provides SEO services.
  2. ● Ensure consistency as well as quality between translations.
  3. ● The quality of complementary services will be guaranteed.

If you are in search of a professional translation agency that provides SEO translation, don’t hesitate to contact Thao & Co. – a credible language service provider with many high-profile clients like Facebook, Amazon, Chanel, etc.

Thao & Co. professional Translation and Localization Services

We have a team of translators with years of experience, extensive expertise, and in-depth knowledge of various fields. With a skilled team of expert linguists and tech specialists, Thao & Co. delivers high-quality professional translation services tailored to your specific needs.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Thao & Co. at our Get a Quote page to receive a free consultation on our SEO translation or any other services.

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