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With the current trend of globalization, language serves as the “key” to unlocking international development opportunities. Hence, bilingual MC (Master of Ceremony) services are always a top priority for businesses in multi-national events.

What is a bilingual MC? How crucial is their role in multinational events? Read on to gain valuable insights into Bilingual MC.

What does Bilingual MC do?

A bilingual MC is an indispensable part of multinational events that boast event-goers from different countries of the world. By employing bilingual event hosting, they serve as a “bridge” connecting the guests with the event.

The Roles of a Bilingual MC in Multinational Events

In multinational events, success or failure often hinges on the shoulders of bilingual MCs, making their roles critically significant. Here are the roles of a Bilingual MC, whose important work helps remove the language barrier in its entirety.

Firstly, a bilingual MC primarily serves as a coordinator, ensuring that the event stays on track with the script. They function like a chronological map of the event, ensuring a streamlined progression and smooth connection of activities.

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Furthermore, bilingual MCs, armed with fluency and flexibility in language usage, coupled with an indispensable air of confidence, contribute to creating an enchanting ambiance for the event that captivates the audience and keeps them engaged.

In multinational events where attendees hail from diverse corners of the world, language differences are inevitable. Nevertheless, bilingual MCs emerge as the optimal solution to break down this barrier. They not only serve as on-site interpreters, connecting guests with one another but also ensure the complete and authentic transmission of event messages and content to the audience.

Given their crucial roles, bilingual MCs increasingly solidify their irreplaceable position in multinational events. They are considered conductors waving the baton of language to connect the individualistic musical note of each guest into a harmonious composition.

Let’s read more about language interpretation to choose appropriate service!

Essential skills for bilingual MCs

In a profession with unique characteristics, bilingual MCs become the “brand face” for an entire production, organization, business, or even a nation. Therefore, professional bilingual MCs must equip themselves with essential skills to deliver an outstanding “performance” for the events.

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Language proficiency

When it comes to bilingual MCs, language proficiency stands out as a paramount skill. Bilingual MCs need to master both languages designated in the script in terms of pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and appropriate usage for each context.

For instance, when hosting a high-profile event, bilingual MCs must employ formal and polite language. Conversely, when leading an entertainment program, their language can be more relaxed to foster a sense of friendliness.

In multinational events, bilingual MCs may find themselves filling the role of interpreters for audience speeches and comments without prior preparation. However, live interpretation mid-events is no easy feat, as bilingual MCs not only need to summarize the speaker’s words but also succinctly capture their essence, and in some cases, convey the emotional elements to captivate the audience.

For instance, during award ceremonies when the awardee is a scientist, doctor, or director, they may excel in their professional skills but lack experience in addressing a large audience or expressing overwhelming emotions. In such cases, the bilingual MC must interpret the speech in the most articulate manner possible, ensuring that everyone can comprehend the message effectively.

Without a solid foundation of linguistic skills, bilingual MCs may encounter challenges in pronunciation, directly impacting the event’s international image among the audience.

Flexibility in problem-solving

Quick-wittedness and adaptability in handling on-stage situations are indispensable skills for professional bilingual MCs.

In an event, the MC is always holding a script and, as a result, has intimate knowledge of every moment from the initial minutes to the program’s closing seconds. However, on stage, changes may occur to some extent. This is where the problem-solving skills of bilingual MCs come into play.

In reality, numerous unforeseen circumstances can happen. Such cases can be guests arriving late, issues with the sound system, or tricky questions from the audience. Bilingual MCs must swiftly address and navigate these situations with tact, ensuring the event remains minimally affected by identifying, evaluating, and creatively adjusting the script to suit the unfolding situations. This calls for both experience and stage presence.

Vocal and linguistic skills

Vocal and linguistic skills constitute the foundational elements for a professional bilingual MC.

Given the nature of their profession, a resonant and expressive voice gives MCs a competitive edge. However, it’s not merely about the voice, it’s about employing that voice to build rapport with the audience through modulation of volume, pace, and intonation to suit diverse situations. This will help them direct the audience’s attention to the program or event.

Additionally, bilingual MCs also serve as authentic “language experts“, selecting and using words appropriately for each situation, audience, and event context. This encompasses not only spoken words but also body language, creating a faithful and effective channel of communication for event participants.

Stress management

Hosting a bilingual event on an international scale comes with its own pressure. If MCs need to concentrate at 70% when leading a unilingual event, this number spikes to 120% for bilingual events. Nevertheless, a bilingual MC’s professionalism and strength of character manifest in their ability to control emotions and work effectively under high-pressure circumstances.

In bilingual events where on-site stage interpretation is mandatory, a lack of concentration could lead to difficulties in finding appropriate expressions or comprehending the speaker’s messages. Thus, bilingual MCs must remain focused on their tasks to ensure the event unfolds smoothly and seamlessly.

There is no set formula to create a perfect bilingual MC but the skills above are particularly crucial in shaping a professional bilingual MC.

Crafting a bilingual MC script

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If a bilingual MC constitutes the “soul” of an international event, the bilingual MC script is undoubtedly the linguistic guideline for the program. Therefore, to construct the highest-quality bilingual MC script, certain prerequisites should be taken into consideration:

  1. Comprehensive and accurate event information: Foremost, all relevant event information of the script for bilingual MCs needs to be accurately and fully translated. This includes the event’s name, time and venue details, the guest list, and specific activities. This comprehensive information enables the MC and organizer to grasp the event’s “spirit” for meticulous preparation.
  2. Coherence and logic: For the audience to easily comprehend messages and information being conveyed, the translation of the event scripts must exhibit both linguistic coherence and logical sequencing of events.
  3. Appropriateness for the target audience: This element requires special attention, as the bilingual MC script should be crafted with consideration to the preferences of the audience and guests. For instance, in high-level conferences, the multilingual script should employ formal and professional language to enhance the event’s credibility and demonstrate respect to esteemed guests.
  4. Flexibility of the script: Regardless of the event type, the script must possess a certain degree of flexibility to leave room for the MC to adapt to unforeseen stage incidents. Preparing for unexpected scenarios and having contingency scripts in place enables quick, professional responses, elevating the event’s credibility.

To meet these stringent requirements, the bilingual MC scriptwriter needs extensive knowledge across various fields, coupled with critical thinking and specialized knowledge of event management to organize the bilingual MC script logically. In international events, language serves as the bridge bringing participants closer together, as such, it can be said that the scriptwriter is also a linguist. To effectively convey the organizer’s messages, precise and adaptable language usage is essential when creating a professional bilingual MC script.

Latest bilingual MC service rates

The presence of bilingual MCs in international events is indispensable. When recruiting a bilingual MC for event hosting, various factors, including service cost, come into consideration. However, it can be influenced by many things. The most prominent of which are:

  1. Language Pair: The language pair significantly impacts the cost of hiring a bilingual MC. For rare or challenging language pairs, the fee is usually higher due to the limited number of proficient bilingual MCs available.
  2. Event duration: For extended international events, the price for hiring a bilingual MC tends to be higher due to the increased time and effort required on their part.
  3. Event venue: The location of the event can affect the cost of hiring a bilingual MC. Specifically, for venues demanding extensive traveling from the MC, the service rates must cover transportation expenses, contributing to an overall higher cost.
  4. Reputation and experience of the bilingual MC: Established bilingual MCs with a successful track record generally demand higher rates compared to inexperienced ones. However, the increase in cost would also enhance the event’s success.

For the most accurate bilingual MC service rates, direct communication with the language service providers or agencies offering bilingual MC services is recommended. You can discuss event requirements with these providers to select the most suitable MC for the project.

High-quality bilingual MC and scriptwriting services

The expertise of a bilingual MC and bilingual scriptwriter is crucial in achieving success in international events and shaping the “soul” of the program. Consequently, businesses should prioritize choosing service providers that offer high-quality bilingual MC and scriptwriting services.

Clients can evaluate and select suitable bilingual MC and scriptwriting services based on essential criteria such as cost, reputation, workflow, MC and scriptwriter quality, and experience in handling similar events.

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At Thao & Co., we have extensive experience in providing diverse and professional linguistic solutions and confidently deliver top-notch bilingual MC and scriptwriting services.

Thao & Co. offers services delivered by professional bilingual MCs and seasoned scriptwriters to help bring success to internationally recognized events.

With Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform, clients can conveniently monitor the progress of bilingual scriptwriting or MC profiles from anywhere. All project information is guaranteed to be confidentially protected through our strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

With a heavy emphasis on utilizing optimal workflow, Thao & Co. commits to transparency and clarity in costs throughout the collaboration. Additionally, our team is more than willing to assist clients with any other specific requirements to ensure the completion of projects with the utmost precision and quality.

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