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Creating multilingual subtitles is a complex and highly specialized task. Therefore, choosing reputable and high-quality subtitling services can ensure that the translation meets expectations and provides a great experience for the audience. In this article, Thao & Co. aims to provide insights into subtitling services and the criteria for assessing their quality.

General information about subtitling services

Definition of subtitles

Subtitles entail the text or written words displayed on the screen to convey information about dialogue, sound, or information related to the visual content. Subtitles not only enhance the viewer’s experience but also serve as a solution for individuals who may have difficulty hearing or understanding the language of the original content. This helps audiences immerse themselves in foreign films or captivating videos without being hindered by language barriers.

Subtitles can serve as a tool for conveying content from one language to another in films, advertising videos, educational programs, or video games, enabling the audience to comprehend and appreciate the content in their native language.

There are two main types of subtitles:

  1. ● Closed Captioning includes the transcribed text that appears directly on the screen in movies, television shows, and online videos, providing detailed information about dialogue and other auditory elements such as noise, background music, and laughter.
  2. ● Subtitles refer to the text displayed on the screen, utilized to translate dialogue or text in a movie from one language to another.

Types of Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services - Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. provides two high-quality subtitling services that ensure synchronization between subtitles and video content while meeting translation requirements, all while meeting the highest standards in translation.

  1. ● Subtitle Creation: If the client already possesses a script or text content, Thao & Co. will meticulously adjust the timecode to ensure perfect synchronization between the subtitles and the audio or video content. For clients who do not have a script, Thao & Co. will handle the transcription process and fine-tune the timecode to produce precise and easily readable subtitles.
  2. ● Subtitle creation and translation: Thao & Co. offers professional subtitle translation services, ensuring that the original timecode and file format are preserved. In cases where clients only have video files without a timecode or a script, we are ready to provide timecode creation services for subtitles and integrate the translated content to produce complete and high-quality subtitles.

Assessment criteria for subtitling services

To evaluate the quality of subtitling services, there are several important criteria to consider:

Timely delivery

A good service places a high priority on meeting deadlines and reliability in delivering subtitles on time. Subtitling service providers need to adhere to strict deadlines and ensure the quality of the translation.

For live events or projects with specific deadlines, timely delivery of subtitles is crucial. Any delay in delivering subtitles can potentially disrupt production or broadcasting processes.

Proficiency in subtitling tools

A professional translation agency is typically equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise in effectively utilizing modern subtitling tools and software. This ensures a high standard of quality and efficiency in their work performance.

They need to be capable of creating and editing subtitles seamlessly and professionally. This involves accurately setting the start and end times for each subtitle line, as well as ensuring impeccable text formatting, sentence structure, and grammar.

Service providers also need to understand and apply subtitle integration procedures, ensuring that subtitles are displayed at the right time and are in sync with the content’s distribution speed, guaranteeing a seamless viewing experience.

Comprehension of entertainment platform standards

It’s important to note that different platforms often come with their own distinct requirements and formatting guidelines for subtitles. Understanding the rules of each platform helps subtitling agencies meet formatting requirements and ensure that subtitles are tailored to each platform’s standards.

For example, some platforms such as Youtube may require subtitles in the SRT (SubRip Text) format, while some others may require the VTT (WebVTT) format. Additionally, certain platforms may have other requirements such as timecode tags, location tags, or color tags, as well as specifications regarding maximum subtitle length, appropriate vocabulary range, and context. Compliance with these rules helps create subtitles that are suitable, understandable, and compatible with the platform being used.

Expertise in relevant subject areas

Dealing with content in specialized fields such as medicine, law, science, and technology requires experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter to ensure that specialized terms and information are accurately conveyed in subtitles.

Having expertise in the relevant field not only meets language requirements but also addresses the specific demands of the industry. For example, in the field of medicine, subtitles may need to adhere to formatting rules for medical subtitles and ensure patient confidentiality. In the legal field, subtitles may need to adhere to legal subtitle guidelines and ensure the accuracy of legal terms and legal documents.

Experience in content localization

The process of adapting content from the source language to the target language requires not only a focus on grammar but also an understanding of other elements. Each country and community possesses its unique set of values, traditions, and beliefs.

Translators must possess a deep understanding of the language, exhibit cultural sensitivity, and possess the skill to craft subtitles that flow seamlessly and sound natural. A solid comprehension of content localization can help service providers deliver the best experience for viewers.

Our subtitle translation process

General Translation - Thao & Co.

The subtitle translation process at Thao & Co. consists of three main stages to ensure that subtitles meet language quality standards and are tailored to the context and culture of the target audience.

Stage 1: Content research

The research phase in subtitle translation is crucial to help translators grasp the original content and timecode allocation of the subtitle file before proceeding with the translation. During this stage, the translation team watches and conducts a thorough analysis of the original content.

This step is essential for comprehending the underlying meaning and the primary message. This helps translators identify the context and cultural elements that need to be maintained and reproduced during the translation process.

Furthermore, in cases where clients do not possess a subtitle file with a timecode, we can utilize specialized software to create timecodes from scratch.

Stage 2: Translation and Proofreading

Once a clear understanding of the original content is achieved, translators will proceed to translate the subtitles into the target language. During this process, translators apply their knowledge of language and cultural elements to create an accurate translation that conveys the intended meaning.

To maximize efficiency, alongside the translation process, a proofreader will meticulously review and rectify any grammar, spelling, or sentence structure errors. Through proofreading, the quality and accuracy of the translation will be improved, ensuring that the subtitles are seamless and natural.

Stage 3: Post-translation refinement and delivery

In the final stage of the subtitle translation process, the translation team will make final refinements to achieve perfection. When requested, we can hardcode the subtitle file into the video to ensure compatibility and display quality. After making the post-translation adjustments, the finished product will be delivered.

Professional multilingual subtitling services at Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. is a leading company in the translation industry, providing top-tier multilingual subtitling services. We are committed to offering high-quality subtitle translation solutions, ensuring that your content is accurately localized to the language and culture of your target audience.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

We go beyond mere language, prioritizing a thorough grasp of culture, context, and nuances in the target language throughout the translation process. Our team of professionals guarantees high-quality and precise subtitles through thorough reviews and meticulous fine-tuning.

At Thao & Co., we recognize that every project comes with its own unique requirements. That’s why we’re always prepared to collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring we fully understand their specific needs and preferences. We invest wholeheartedly in every project and make efforts to meet even the strictest requirements, whether it’s regarding turnaround time, subtitle formats, or any other specific requirements

Working with Thao & Co., you can rely on our team to create high-quality multilingual subtitles. We are dedicated to providing professional and credible subtitling services that cater to your every need. For more information about our services and to receive a detailed quote, please visit our Get a Quote page today.

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