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TV show translation has recently caught worldwide attention. Television programs have gained popularity among audiences of all ages. In the era of globalization, television programs no longer simply target domestic viewers. More and more TV program genres have entered the multilingual market. Translation plays a pivotal role in conveying information to global audiences.

What does TV show translation mean? What should be kept in mind when translating TV shows? Let’s delve into this article to unravel the answer.

What is TV show translation?

TV shows encompass a wide range of content broadcast on television, except for advertisements. For example: News, dramas, reality TV shows, game shows, and so on. TV shows tend to have a fixed duration and broadcast time.

TV show translation refers to the process of translating the original language used in a program to one or multiple target languages. This practice aims to convey the information of the TV program to the audience, making the content more accessible to viewers.

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TV show translation can come in different forms. Here are the three most prominent genres of television program translation:

  1. ● Subtitles: The translation is presented in text form and will later be integrated into the video in synchronization with the program’s audio. While integrating subtitles, in most cases, all audio elements in the original version of the program remain unchanged.
  2. ● Dubbing: For dubbing, the content in the program will be translated and recorded, then appropriately integrated into the video in place of the original dialogue. Dubbing requires a team of seasoned voice actors who can express emotions effortlessly and portray the personality of each character in the show.
  3. ● Voice overs: Similar to dubbing, voice over for TV shows is the process of integrating recorded translated versions into the program. However, the narration is usually done by one or two voices (preferably a male voice and a female voice) to re-enact the dialogues of the program.

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TV shows requiring translation

Known as a form of entertainment and an accessible source of information, television programs appeal to a variety of audiences, ranging from children to the elderly. There are different television program genres specifically designed for each age group. During the process of translating television programs, translators need to take into account the preferences of target audiences in order to provide high-quality translations tailored to their expectations.

Here are the most common television program genres nowadays:

  1. ● Breaking news and current events: This type of program caters to a wide range of audiences, but it is typically favored by middle-aged and elderly viewers.  These programs require translation with pinpoint precision while preserving the objectivity of the news. In addition, speed should also be prioritized when translating breaking news for prompt delivery to the audience.
  2. ● TV dramas: There are various drama genres, including romance, horror, animation, comedy, etc. It is crucial for translators to take the genre and target audience into consideration to enhance the delivery of the program’s content.
  3. ● Game shows: Game show genres are increasingly evolving and win the hearts of TV viewers. These programs often have appropriate content for all ages; hence, translators need to select suitable words during the translation process to ensure the content is easily comprehensible for all types of audiences.
  4. ● Reality shows: This kind of program is characterized by seemingly unscripted content and unpredictable situations. When translating reality shows, it’s vital to highlight the characters’ emotions and the surprising factors.
  5. ● Comedy: This genre is used to convey implicit content with the aim of evoking laughters. When translating comedic content, the challenge lies in preserving the humor while making sure the underlying messages are not lost in translation.
  6. ● Documentaries: This kind of program depicts reality, containing non-fictional elements. Documentaries are often incorporated into the curriculum; hence, the translation needs to ensure accuracy and avoid distortion, especially in historical programs.

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TV show translation principles

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TV shows are now becoming more diversified, not limited to television but also extending to various online platforms. For that reason, it serves as an invaluable source of information across different industries, catering to a wide variety of audiences. Therefore, TV show translation needs to be done professionally and meticulously to provide helpful and accurate content to the audience.

To enhance the efficiency of TV show translation, it is suggested to adhere to several fundamental principles:

1. Seek experienced translators:

You should select and collaborate with skilled translators to get high-quality translations as desired.

2. Ensure elements of humor:

When rendering TV show content, particular emphasis must be placed on conveying the emotional nuances of the original text. The translated version should mirror the characters’ emotions, as well as highlight elements of humor .

3. Deliver cultural elements correctly:

Unique cultural factors are likely to be incorporated into each national television program with the purpose of conveying the cherished values of one nation’s traditions. Therefore, rendering cultural elements correctly from one language to another is of paramount importance to avoid the spread of false information, cultural distortion as well as unnecessary misunderstandings.

4. Content localization:

TV show content needs to be localized properly. By doing so, the localization makes it easier to understand and more relevant to the audience.

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5. Maintain consistency:

When it comes to TV show translation, translators must render the content correctly and consistently. Providing contradictory information when translating can hinder comprehension and cause confusion for the audience.

Where to get professional TV show translation?

In order to receive top-notch translations that elevate the viewing experience, it is crucial to exercise care when selecting a translation agency. Partnering with a reputable translation agency gives you peace of mind regarding cost, quality, and delivery.

Thao & Co. Translation Company takes immense pride in delivering professional and high-quality services.

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We boast seasoned linguists who possess extensive expertise across various industries, committing to delivering translation of the highest accuracy. On top of that, our talented voice over team delivers high-quality products tailored to the emotional expectations and cultural preferences of your target market. In addition, Thao & Co. also offer video subtitling and translation services for all your needs.

Please visit our Get a Quote page for prompt consultation if you want to learn more about our subtitling and voice over services.

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