Certified Translation of Legal Documents: Definition, Challenges, Solutions

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Legal translation is in higher demand than ever to support international exchanges and cooperation. This type of translation service requires the translator to not only has good linguistic skills but also possess extensive legal expertise in both the source and target languages. This article dives into certified translation of legal documents and why it can be more difficult in comparison to other types of translation.

What is certified translation of legal documents?

Certified translation of legal documents is the process of rendering legal documents from one language to another and getting the translation certified. Playing an important role in the legal field, the translation needs to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of the document.

In the legal industry, there are two main types of documents that often require certified translation. First – identification papers, including:

  1. ● Passports
  2. ● Birth certificates
  3. ● ID cards
  4. ● Marriage certificates
  5. ● Certificates of divorce
  6. ● Confirmation of marital status
  7. ● Etc.

Second – business papers such as:

  1. ● Contracts
  2. ● Patents
  3. ● Financial statements
  4. ● Business registration certificates
  5. ● Labor contracts
  6. ● Internal decisions
  7. ● Etc.
Certified Contract Translation Example - Thao & Co.
Certified translation of a legal document example

Difficulties in certified translation of legal documents

Unlike some other types of translation, legal document translation faces many challenges. Any mistakes, no matter how small, can cause a lot of legal problems for the parties involved and rarely bring good results.

Below are the challenges of certified translation of legal documents:

Extensive knowledge of legal documents

When it comes to certified translation of legal documents, it is a must that translators have a deep understanding of the law and legal terms to produce an accurate and professional translation. Translators with poor legal knowledge run the risk of making mistakes during the translation process. This can lead to disputes further down the road. More importantly, a low-quality translation can have a detrimental impact on the client’s assets, credibility, and reputation.

Advanced legal writing skills

It is common knowledge that legal documents have a very distinct language system. A certified translation of legal documents requires translators to be able to identify the legal terms in use, thereby producing an accurate final product.

Another difficult aspect is the fact that translators have to pay close attention to the punctuation in the source language. Any changed or omitted punctuation in the translation process may potentially result in misleading, thus, invalidating the document in the eyes of the law.

Subjectivity in legal translation

The translation needs to accurately and faithfully convey the information and the intent of the legal document. The translator cannot let their viewpoints, biases, and personal interpretation affect the quality of the translation.

Information privacy

This aspect is of great importance, especially for documents related to the privacy and confidentiality of relevant parties. Translators need to comply with the policies and regulations of information privacy. Indeed, they cannot use or disclose any information in the documents to any third party without the written consent of their clients. The translation provider also needs to take appropriate security measures to ensure that the legal document is not disclosed or used outside of its original purpose.

Certified Translation of Legal Documents - Thao & Co.
Legal document translation faces many challenges

Solutions for accurate and secure certified translation of legal documents

Meeting these challenges, Thao & Co. Translation Company provides accurate and secure certified translation of legal documents. With a team of translators who are knowledgeable in legal matters and proficient in translating a variety of legal documents, we are committed to providing high-quality translations, fully complying with quality management standards.

The translation process at Thao & Co. includes the following 5 main steps to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of your translation:

1. Receiving project information: You can upload your documents on our Get a Quote. We will review your documents and provide a detailed translation quote, including a specific delivery timeline and translation fee.

2. Making payment: Once you have reviewed our quote and decided to proceed with the project, we will provide you with payment details.

3. Executing the project: Our team of professional translators will begin translating your documents. With a deep understanding of legal matters, we ensure that your translation is accurate and uses the appropriate industry and legal terms.

4. Certifying the translation: We will review and certify the translation to ensure its accuracy and reliability. When needed, we can also get your document notarized for an extra fee.

5. Delivering the translation: Your translation will be sent via email or any of your preferred methods.

Certified Translation Process - Thao & Co.
Thao & Co. Certified Translation Process

The turnaround time for a certified translation of legal documents depends on the type, length, and field to which the documents belong. For standard documents like ID cards, passports, birth certificates, etc., the turnaround time is usually 2-3 days. However, complex legal documents can take more than 3 days to complete. In urgent cases, we also provide a prioritized service at an additional cost.

How much does a certified translation of legal documents cost?

The cost of a certified translation of legal documents depends on the type, length, and field of the documents, as well as other factors such as language pair, and urgency of the project. This cost does not include other supporting services such as notarization or consular legalization.

Thao & Co. specializes in providing legal translation services and commits to being transparent in our pricing. Visit our Get a Quote page to receive a free consultation!

Where to find a credible legal translation service?

If you are looking for a credible certified and notarized translation service, we are confident that our team of highly experienced translators and specialists can meet all of your translation needs. We specialize in translating all types of legal documents, identification papers, permits, decisions, etc., while maintaining the original design and layout.

What are the benefits of choosing translation services at Thao & Co.?

  1. ● A rigorous quality assurance process: We use a thorough quality control process to ensure that the translations are standardized and meet all legal requirements.
  2. ● Coherent translation with accurate use of terms: Our teams of translators not only are linguistically skilled but also possess legal expertise, ensuring that your translation is both accurate and legally valid.
  3. ● Advanced technology and absolute security: With a professional working process and top translation technologies, we ensure that your document is translated in a safe and secure way.
  4. ● Translation for both common and uncommon languages: Translators at Thao & Co. are highly experienced in translating various language pairs, meeting your every need.
  5. ● Our proprietary platform: Thao & Co. provides professional and transparent translation services with our own Dashboard specifically developed to help you keep track of your project’s information and progress conveniently.

By choosing Thao & Co.’s legal translation service, you will receive professional and enthusiastic support from our team of specialists. Thao & Co.’s high-quality legal translation service and supporting services such as notarized translation and consular authentication help you save time and effort when dealing with complicated paperwork.

To get a free consultation on legal translation, contact us via our Hotline: (+84) 396 773 374 or leave your information on our Get a Quote page!

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