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The growing popularity of economic cooperation between countries calls for communication and a deep understanding of contracts. As a result, certified contract translation services have become more common, meeting the demands of companies and individuals in their process to expand to new markets and conduct business on an international level.

What is certified contract translation? Where to find a credible online certified contract translation service? Let’s find out in this article!

What is certified contract translation?

Certified contract translation is the process of rendering the content of a contract from one language to another. The purpose of certified contract translation is to guarantee the accuracy of the contract in a comprehensive and effective manner.

Certified contract translation is within the legal translation field. It plays a vital role in promoting global trade, connecting relevant parties, and ensuring understanding and compliance with contract terms.

There are different types of contracts, each of which has its own requirements and legal context, resulting in a variety of suitable translation methods. Some of the most common types of contracts at present are economic, commercial, labor, and investment contracts, etc.

How to get Certified Contract Translation Services? - Thao & Co.
Certified Contract Translation

Certified contract translation process

The process to translate and certify contracts differs among companies. Normally, the translation process will include the following 5 standard steps:

Step 1: Receiving project information

Send your contract and any requirements or important information to the translation provider.

Step 2: Payment

After your project information has been received, you will be notified of the cost and the payment terms from the translation provider. However, some companies will allow you to pay in arrears.

Step 3: Translating

In this step, the translation company will perform the following 2 important stages:

  1. Translating: A professional translator will translate the contract, making use of a pre-built industry glossary. They will also review everything to ensure the consistency of the translation and guarantee the highest quality.
  2. Proofreading: After finishing the translation process, a proofreader will check the translation and make adjustments regarding the use of language and terminology, if necessary. This is a vital step in the translation process as it helps to identify any remaining mistakes in the translation.

Upon request, the translation company can also invite experts (such as lawyers) to review the translation, ensuring its accuracy.

Step 4: Certifying the translation

After the translation process is completed, the final work will be certified by the translation company to ensure that it accurately represents the original. Certification is performed at the request of the client as it is not a compulsory step in the translation process. At Thao & Co., a free Certification of Translation Accuracy can be provided in addition to the translation upon request.

In most cases, the translation will also need to be notarized by a local government agency to be legally valid. It is best that you understand the difference between certification and notarization so you can request the right service in step 1.

Step 5: Delivery

The certified translation will be delivered in your preferred method and format, such as hard or soft copies.

Thao & Co. Professional Certified Translation Process
Thao & Co. Certified Contract Translation Process

The delivery timeline for this service will be determined by the length and type of the contract. For standard contracts, the project execution may take around 3-7 days. However, high-volume projects or projects with special requirements may take longer to complete.

What are some important factors in certifed contract translation?

When it comes to contract translation, the following three factors should be taken into consideration:

  1. ● Legal expertise: Contract translation requires translators to be knowledgeable in legal terminology and regulations. The translator in charge of translating the contract should possess the legal expertise relevant to contracts, such as economic law, commercial law, or labor code.
  2. ● High-quality translation: Contract translation requires high accuracy and clarity. The translation must not be misleading or controversial. Therefore, translators need to have extensive knowledge of different types of contracts and use the appropriate terminologies. A contract translation company also needs to review and proofread the translation carefully as well as effectively communicate and collaborate with clients.
  3. ● Complete confidentiality: It is important to make sure that the translation company you choose is transparent about their confidentiality policies and uses strict information privacy measures.

Additionally, you should pay attention to other factors such as pricing transparency and a clear working process. The factors mentioned above serve as the foundation of Thao & Co.’s certified contract translation service.

Thao & Co. Example of Contract Translation
Contract Translation Example

At Thao & Co., our team of expert translators is experienced in legal translation of content from various industries such as finance, manufacturing, and construction, etc. Moreover, our proprietary platform helps you effectively keep track of your project fee and progress.

Come to Thao & Co. to experience our Certified + Notarized Translation Service and our proprietary technology!

How much does certified contract translation cost?

The cost for certified contract translation is usually determined by the following factors:

  1. ● The length of the contract (in words or pages)
  2. ● The industry to which the contract belongs
  3. ● The source and target languages
  4. ● The delivery urgency

Furthermore, if you would like the translation to be notarized, you will need to pay an additional cost.

The quality of the translation should always be of higher priority than the price, especially when it comes to laws and business. Investing in the translation helps avoid unnecessary risks and potential consequences such as misunderstandings, disputes, financial damages, and legal violations.

Therefore, you should choose a high-quality, experienced, and trustworthy translation company as opposed to cheap services which may carry with them many potential risks.

As a professional contract translation service provider, Thao & Co. is committed to pricing transparency. We aim to offer a superb translation service capable of meeting all of your demands. You will get a free quote before going ahead with your project.

To learn more about the cost of our certified contract translation service, please visit our Get a Quote page to get a free consultation!

Where to find a certified contract translation service?

If you are searching for a professional certified contract translation service in Ho Chi Minh City, Thao & Co. is your finest choice.

Thao & Co. professional Translation and Localization Services

Why should you choose Thao & Co.?

  1. ● Our team of translators is not only highly experienced but also knows the ins and outs of certified contract translation as well as its legal requirements
  2. ● A rigorous quality management process
  3. ● Strict information privacy policies
  4. ● Clear process and transparent pricing
  5. ● An advanced proprietary platform to help you track your translation progress

With a clear view to ensure that your experience at Thao & Co. is nothing short of complete satisfaction, we continuously improve our services to meet your every need.

To find more information or receive a free quote, please contact our Hotline: (+84) 846 766 788 or visit Thaonco.com!

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