Australia Tourist Visa for Child: Documents, Procedures, and Fees

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Is it difficult to apply for an Australia tourist visa for child? Australia is known as one of the countries with great air quality. Additionally, this country offers adults and children a rich and diverse range of experiences for relaxation and exploration.

If you’re searching for the perfect holiday destination for your family, Australia stands out as one of the top family-friendly choices. However, a common misconception among many families is that children do not need a tourist visa to enter Australia.

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What is an Australia tourist visa for child?

The Australia tourist visa (Subclass 600) is a mandated short-term visa issued to foreign citizens entering Australia to study, conduct business, or see family. An Australian tourist visa is an official document issued by the Australian Consulate or Embassy.

Australia tourist visa types:

  1. ● Sponsored family stream
  2. ● Tourist stream
  3. ● Business visitor stream

For children under 18 traveling to Australia, a guardian and a tourist visa are required. The visa approval process for Subclass 600 for children is typically more complex than for adults due to additional requirements as outlined below:

  1. ● Personal documents of children require verification from local authorities.
  2. ● Documents must include comprehensive information about parents or guardians.
  3. ● Detailed travel itinerary: the purpose of your trip, the duration of stay, and the specific destinations you plan to visit, etc.
  4. ● Financial proof of parents applying for Australia tourist visa for their child.

The Australia visa duration depends on the type of AUS visa you apply for. Typically, most types of Australia tourist visas allowing for stays ranging from 3 to 12 months have an overall visa validity spanning from 1 to 5 years. For children, Australia tourist visa allows for stays ranging from 1 to 3 months, with overall visa validity extending up to 1 year.

Who is eligible for Australia tourist visa for child?

  1. ● The child must be a foreign national intending to travel to Australia.
  2. ● Health requirements must be met for the trip.
  3. ● Parents or legal guardians must demonstrate their right to act in the child’s best interest during the trip.
  4. ● Proof of the purpose of the trip, financial stability, and commitment to return upon completion of the trip.

What are the documents you need to prepare for the Australia tourist visa for your child?

A complete application for Australia child tourist visa includes:

Compulsory documents

  1. ● The application form for Australia tourist visa for child must include the signatures of the parents or guardians.
  2. ● Two photographs (4×6 cm) meeting all photo requirements.
  3. ● A valid passport for travel to Australia, with a minimum validity of six months.
  4. ● Certified copy of household registration book (if applicable), birth certificate, or citizen identity card of the child

Identity documents

  1. ● Parents or guardians’ household registration book (if applicable), marriage registration (original and copy), citizen identity card (original and copy).
  2. ● Guardians are required to obtain power of attorney from the child’s biological parents and receive approval from local authorities.
  3. ● Documents demonstrating your financial ability to cover the expenses of the trip: Monthly pay slips, bank statements, and other papers.

Genuine visitor documents

  1. ● Detailed travel itinerary, duration of stay, destinations, etc.
  2. ● Proof of travel history to other countries, such as US tourist visa, South Korea tourist visa, etc.

Proof of academic status

  1. ● Student ID Card
  2. ● Leave permission from school
  3. ● School record and academic transcript

Other documents may include travel insurance, health certificate ensuring the child meets health requirements, round-trip tickets, etc.

The requirements may vary depending on the type of visa and the timing of your visa application. For the most current and accurate information and requirements regarding Australia tourist visa for child, please visit the official website of the Australian Embassy in your home country.

AUS Tourist Visa For Kids - Thao & Co.

Australia tourist visa for child vs. adult: What’s the difference?

3 Steps to apply for Australia tourist visa for your child:

Prepare your documents

  1. ● Ensure all the mentioned documents are fully prepared.
  2. ● Before submitting your Australia child tourist visa application, carefully review all of your documents.

Submit your documents

  1. ● Before submitting your application for Australia child tourist visa, you need to create an account and schedule an appointment through the VFS Global’s website.
  2. ● You’ll submit your application at the website of the Australian Consulate or Embassy.
  3. ● Attend VFS Biometric Appointment at VFS Global headquarters and pay the required visa application fee.

Receive your application result

  1. ● Track the progress of your visa application online on the official Australian Embassy’s website.
  2. ● You will be granted an Australia tourist visa for child if your
    application is approved.

While the general process for obtaining an Australia tourist visa is similar for children and adults, there are some key differences to be considered:

  1. ● The Australia tourist visa application form includes a section for parents’ or guardians’ personal information. It is important to note that Australian tourist visas for applicants under 18 typically have shorter validity periods than those granted to adults.
  1. ● Applying for an Australia tourist visa for child typically involves 2 types of forms: Form 1229 and Form 1257. If the child travels with a guardian or one parent, include a completed and signed Form 1229. Otherwise, include a completed and signed Form 1257.

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Certified Translation Process - Thao & Co.
Certified translation process at Thao & Company

How much does Australia tourist visa for child cost?

The current total expense for an Australia tourist visa for child includes:

  1. ● Australia visitor visa fee: 190 AUD per person
  1. ● Biometrics collection: you typically need to pay a service fee depending on how and where you provide your biometrics. Some countries utilize third-party service providers like VFS Global. The fee can vary depending on location.

The requirements vary depending on the type of visa and the timing of the visa application. Additionally, there are some additional fees that may arise during the visa application, including a health examination fee, a certificate, a passport for the child, a fee for submitting supplementary documents (if any), and others.

Tips to prepare an Australian tourist visa application

An Australia tourist visa for a child is typically no harder to get than one for adults. However, securing an Australia tourist visa for a child requires careful preparation of specific documents related to children and their guardians.

These include  ID card, documents demonstrating the parents’ legal right to act in the child’s best interest during the trip, financial proof of parents whose child applied for Australia tourist visa, etc.

To apply for an Australia tourist visa for your minors, it is mandatory to obtain approval from parents or guardians and get permission from the local authorities of your permanent residence.

Before submitting your Australia tourist visa application for your child, make sure you keep in mind your timelines and plan well ahead. This helps you avoid unnecessary delays, especially during peak seasons when waiting times can extend to 2-3 days. When applying for a visa, it’s advisable to avoid peak tourist seasons or holiday periods if possible.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, it’s recommended to apply for an Australia tourist visa for the under 18 children at least 1-2 months before the expected entry. This allows you ample time to deal with processing delays and last-minute incidents.

In addition, having all necessary documents translated into English facilitates a smooth review of your application. Having your visa application documents professionally translated into English ensures clear communication with Australian Embassy officers, increasing your chances of approval.

Professional certified translation services

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Translation Services - Thao & Co.

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  5. Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform helps you keep track of all project progress.

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