Content Localization Services: 5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Translation Agency

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Content localization is one of the prerequisites when it comes to a product’s success in infiltrating a foreign market. Read on to explore content localization services and how to find credible providers!

What is content localization?

Localization can be understood as the process of rendering languages, signs, or symbols of certain content to align with the culture of the target market. An example is when in-game icons are changed into their local equivalents to better resonate with players of a specific country. The primary goal of content localization service is to bridge the gap between products and customers, allowing seamless interaction and enhancing accessibility.

With content localization, businesses can effectively connect with potential customers while creating a positive brand image of friendliness. It has been proven that localized content often draws in a higher rate of customer engagement. This not only helps boost a product’s success but also pave the way for future market expansion.

5 things you should know before choosing a content localization agency

Content localization is instrumental in helping products turn a profit when entering a new market. To select the most suitable translation agency for your localization needs, keep in mind the following considerations:

How to find the best Content Localization Services - Thao & Co.

The objectives of localization

Every enterprise typically sets their own goals and expectations when it comes to content localization. Hence, it is crucial to establish clear objectives so that the most compatible localization service can be selected, which not only serves to optimize the localization process but also gives your products a competitive edge on the market.

An objective of content localization can be to provide the best user experience. To achieve this, your product’s content must be effectively conveyed in an aesthetic and pleasant manner, offering a great user experience.

Another objective many businesses have in mind is search engine optimization (SEO). For this goal, the best course of action would be to modify keywords during the localization process. With appropriate keywords, your content stands a far better chance of appearing on the top pages of the local search engine of your target market.

Therefore, businesses with plans to expand via SEO strategies tend to gravitate toward agencies that can provide both localization and SEO services. Presently on the market, many translation agencies, Thao & Co. included, offer SEO translation services as a comprehensive solution for businesses. By partnering with these agencies, your enterprise can significantly cut down on both cost and time.

Content localization can also be utilized to ensure that your content stays in compliance with the regulations of the target country. It is given that laws and regulations vary to a certain extent between countries and even regions within a country. For this reason, content localization service is the key to securing customer approval and support in the target market.

Market research

An important aspect businesses with localization needs cannot dismiss is the market. Through proactive market surveys, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customer segments, establishing a solid foundation for seamless collaborations with service providers in future endeavors. Since different businesses produce distinct goods and services, the resulting customer base and market dynamics will also exhibit significant variations.

Researching the characteristics of each customer group plays a key role in enhancing the product’s market presence. Critical factors to consider include geographical locations as well as customer purchasing habits and preferences. An additional element to pay special attention to is the commonly used local search engines.

Estimated budget

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One of the important things you should be aware of before collaborating with any content localization agency is the budget. Due to the great number of options available on the market, prices may vary significantly. We recommend choosing a translation agency whose pricing policy aligns with your budget size and project scale.

However, this does not mean settling for one that offers disproportionately low prices in relation to the scope and complexity of your project. Excessively low prices can be an indication of compromised quality, leading to inferior products and outcomes.

Expected timeline

Once a deadline has been agreed upon, the service provider will develop tailored plans to optimize the localization process and meet your expectations. Therefore, before committing to an agency, it is advisable to clearly communicate your expected date of delivery to preempt future problems. Furthermore, as project urgency can greatly influence the cost of content localization services, it is vital to set a well-defined timeline from the beginning to maximize cost-effectiveness.

Determine which content to be prioritized

To achieve maximum brand visibility, businesses typically don’t constrict themselves to a single platform or channel but often adopt a diversified approach to reach more potential customers and generate increased traffic. Nevertheless, a specific platform with the highest concentration of the company’s target customers still serves as a good focal point for all business strategies and decisions.

Before collaborating with 3rd party service providers, you should determine which content to be assigned a higher priority. This allows you to provide them with suitable instructions and a clear outline of your requirements. Platforms that generate significant revenue for the company should be prioritized for localization to accelerate the market infiltration process.

Where to find a high-quality content localization services provider?

Content localization is indispensable in ensuring the success of a product in foreign markets. Therefore, choosing a localization agency is a task of paramount importance. Here are some tips to help you find your ideal localization partner:

  1. Do your homework: Conduct thorough research and cross-check available agencies on the market, with the criteria being quality and professionalism.
  2. Talk to industry experts: Experts in the translation industry often hold the most insights when it comes to localization services, making them a reliable point of reference.
  3. Look at testimonials: To evaluate the quality of a translation agency, feedback from previous clients can be a good criterion.
  4. Check for confidentiality policies: A credible agency should take appropriate measures to ensure that all client’s information is kept private.

With a professional team of highly experienced linguists, Thao & Co. Translation Agency is dedicated to delivering exceptional content localization services for Websites + Apps + Games + Software with a focus on quality and professionalism.

Thao & Co. professional Translation and Localization Services

What are the benefits of choosing Thao & Co.?

  1. ● Expert consultation at no additional cost
  2. ● Translation by experienced native linguists
  3. ● Professional translation and content localization to help you attract target customers
  4. ● Transparent process and pricing
  5. SEO Keyword Research service to improve your online visibility
  6. Consumer Language Research© service to produce better translations that resonate with your target market
  7. ● Effortless project tracking and direct communication with our linguists via our proprietary platform

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