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Desktop Publishing (DTP) is a popular solution not only in the translation industry but also in other fields. This is an important step in marketing document translation. Here are complete information about DTP translation provided by Thao & Co.

What is DTP translation?

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is an important process in translation. DTP translation is the process of translating content from the source language to the target language, as well as editing the layout and presentation using professional design software. The purpose here is to ensure that the layout and interface of the final product resemble the original.

The DTP process is typically carried out after the translator has translated the content. Upon completion, the translated document will be handed over to DTP specialists who will proceed to use specialized software to edit the translation based on the layout of the original document.

During the DTP process, the translator will collaborate with the DTP specialist to assess the layout. Potential issues to pay special attention to include font errors, improper line breaks, etc. After receiving the feedback, DTP specialist will make adjustments according to those suggestions to complete the product.

When is DTP translation needed?

Thao & Co. - DTP Translation Services

You will need DTP translation services if your documents are advertising flyers, posters, brochures & catalogs, technical manuals, or marketing materials that need to be distributed to different countries.

For example, an advertising flyer will be comprised of text, images, colors, fonts, and layout. During the translation process, it is not only necessary to translate the content of the original document but also to edit the visual elements to ensure consistency between the final product and the original.

Documents that often require DTP translation

Some examples of documents that require DTP translation are the followings:

  1. Employee handbook
  2. User guide
  3. Travel brochure
  4. Medical documents
  5. Advertising templates

These documents often contain many illustrated images and have specific colors and layouts, so the DTP process is necessary to make the translation accurate and consistent with the original text.

Brochure Translation Example - Thao & Co.
Example of DTP Translation

Challenges when translating DTP

DTP translation is a complex task that requires extensive knowledge of many different skills. Here are some fundamental challenges for translators when it comes to DTP:

Changes in text lengths

During the translation process, texts may change in length by approximately 10-20%, depending on the language. This can disrupt the layout of the document and impact the content of the text. Translation agencies often face this challenge when translating advertising materials or documents containing numerous images and charts.

Font issues

In some cases, the fonts used in the original text may not be available for the target language, while others may not support the characters of the original text. This can be quite a problem. In this case, translators will need to change to a different font with a style equivalent to the original text.

For example, the alphabet of European countries differ from those of Asian countries, such as Arabic, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and so on. Changing the font in this case is necessary to ensure a polished appearance for your final product.

Graphic design skills

For marketing and advertising texts containing numerous images or characters, the designer needs to ensure that these details are seamlessly aligned with the original text during editing. To achieve this, good graphic design skills, proficiency in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign along with good aesthetic taste are some of the most important criteria to fulfill.

Additionally, having previous experience in translating InDesign or Infographic content enables translators to produce translations that are consistent with the original text, an important advantage not to be dismissed.

Ensuring format consistency

The source texts provided by clients may come in various formats. In these cases, the job of the translator is to effectively utilize professional graphic designing tools to edit the translation. Before the translation is sent to the client, it is important to ensure that the translation has been formatted as exactly the client requested.

Graphic localization

For DTP translation, content localization alone is not enough. Graphical elements that comes with the document also need to be properly localized.

Because an image or color can carry different layers of meaning in different cultures,  it is important to understand and implement graphic localization to ensure that the final product conveys accurate information and avoid misunderstandings.

To elaborate, we will examine the differences in the meaning of the OK hand gesture in various cultures. The action of using the thumb and forefinger to make the OK sign can be a way of praising someone or indicating that everything is okay in the United States or countries influenced by American culture.

However, making this hand gesture in Brazil can carry an offensive meaning. In France, this gesture implies that the other person is worthless, similar to the meaning of a round, zero-shaped “0”

Cultural differences can lead to the product being negatively misinterpreted. To avoid this issue, DTP specialists should conduct thorough research on the cultures of the target market beforehand before proceeding with the design. This includes purposeful use and adjustment of colors and images to align with the intended message of the product.

Support tools for DTP translation

Some of the most effective DTP software includes:

  1. DTP Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, WordPerfect, Paint Shop Pro and QuarkXPress.
  2. Software compatible with localization software: SDL Insight and Passolo
  3. Translation Support Tools: SDL Trados Studio, KOOL Dictionary, WordFast Pro, Linguee
  4. Web Page Design Tools: WordPress, CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor, Wix, Joomla

Transparent and high-quality DTP translation agency

With many years of experience in the translation industry, Thao & Co. is confident in satisfying any customer who has chosen to trust and utilize our document translation services.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Our translation team not only possesses extensive language skills and high expertise but also has an in-depth understanding of the cultures of many countries. Coupled with a professional and serious work attitude, we strive to deliver high-quality translations.

For high-impact documents such as advertising and marketing materials, DTP translation is an indispensable step to support the promotion of products and services to customers.

With many years in the translation industry, Thao & Co. is an experienced translation agency, specializing in providing transparent and accurate DTP translation services.

When collaborating with Thao & Co., you can expect:

  1. ● Transparent and detailed quotes
  2. ● A proprietary platform for quick and easy management of project progress and payment information viewing
  3. ● High-quality B2B language solution utilizing a professional and systematic translation process
  4. ● Professional Desktop publishing services for all types of design files such as PDF, PSD, AI, InDesign, etc.
  5. ● Quick turnaround time; for short documents, you can expect to receive the final product within 48 hours
  6. ● Commitment to strict confidentiality of all project-related and client information

Our professional translation team ensures that you will not be disappointed. In addition, we also provide a variety of translation services such as: App + Software + Website + Game localization, creative translation, etc.

To learn more about Thao & Co.’s DTP translation services and supplementary services, please click on the Get a quote button.Our consultant will contact and support you promptly.

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