Infographic Translation: Benefits, Challenges & Roles of DTP

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Infographics are powerful tools for conveying information through engaging visuals. However, when translating infographics into different languages, it’s not just about translating the information but also ensuring the aesthetic and structural integrity of the infographic.

In this process, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) plays a vital role, but performing DTP for multilingual infographics is not a simple task. In this article, we will delve into the benefits, challenges, and important roles of DTP in translating multilingual infographics.

What is infographic translation?


An infographic, a blend of “information” and “graphic,” is an effective tool for demonstrating and sharing complex information in the most simple and appealing way possible. By combining images, charts, graphic elements, and text, infographics create a visually engaging and easily comprehensible experience for the audiences.

Infographic translation is the process of meticulously converting the message of an infographic from the source language to the target language while preserving its meaning and communication impact. It involves not only linguistic translation but also the recreation of color schemes, graphics, and layouts to suit the target language while ensuring professionalism and effectiveness.

Infographic translation is also one of important marketing translations that build the brand image on the global market.

When is infographic translation needed?

Infographic Translation - Thao & Co.

Infographic translation is necessary in the following cases:

  1. To convert an infographic from the source language to the target language for multilingual audiences.
  2. To share information with another country or culture without compromising the visual appeal of the original infographic.
  3. To create multilingual versions of infographics to connect with new multilingual audiences.

Infographic translation is not just an art of communicating messages through language but also an essential tool that makes complex information easily accessible and understandable. 

Examples of infographic translation

Infographics play a crucial role in highlighting statistics and helping audiences gain a comprehensive view at a glance. In this infographic, information is presented vividly with easily comprehensible visuals. The translation helps make the message more clear and appealing to international audiences.

Infographic Translation Example - Thao & Co.
Sample DTP of an infographic translation from English to Korean

Benefits of multilingual infographics

Multilingual infographics offer significant benefits, not only making information more readily accessible but also providing an effective method of communication that stands out in today’s multilingual and multicultural world.

Broader accessibility

Multilingual infographics help convey information to diverse target audiences as they can be translated into various languages, enabling people worldwide to access and comprehend information effortlessly.

Effective communication

The harmonious combination of images, charts, and text in multilingual infographics expedites the conveyance of information compared to conventional text. Through this, audiences can grasp and understand information quickly.

Cultural diversity

Multilingual infographics allow information to be communicated to diverse cultural audiences and communities. Providing information in multiple languages is a display of respect and helps showcase the intention to accommodate various multicultural communities in the world.

Increased interaction and sharing

By translating infographics into multiple languages, audiences can easily share information with others in their country and language. This allows for widespread information dissemination and enhances interaction on social media platforms.

Challenges in infographic translation

Infographic translation faces several challenges that you need to pay attention to.

Limited space

Infographics often have limited space to convey information clearly and attractively. Translating text and linguistic elements can be challenging when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic aspects and effectiveness of the original infographic.

Language and cultural differences

Each language and culture has its unique approach to information communication. Translating infographics requires an in-depth understanding of both the source and target languages to ensure accurate and culturally appropriate translations.

Presentation of graphics

Infographics often rely on charts and images to convey information. The translation process must focus on accurately translating and reproducing these graphics in a way that is clear and understandable in the target language.

Consistency of information

Infographics may contain various language elements such as headlines, captions, and descriptive text. Translators therefore should ensure consistency and coherence in expressing information to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

To overcome these challenges, close collaboration between infographic designers and translators is crucial, ensuring the accurate and engaging communication of information.

Multilingual DTP for infographics

Translation and Desktop Publishing Services - Thao & Co.
Thao & Co. cung cấp dịch vụ DTP chuyên nghiệp

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the process of using software and computer technology to create and arrange graphic and text components in a print or electronic version of a document. For infographics, multilingual DTP is applied to create multilingual versions.

The role of multilingual DTP in infographics is to ensure that the information and language elements in the infographic are translated and arranged correctly and logically in each target language.

Multilingual DTP ensures that the infographic is not only translated but also maintains the aesthetic and structure of the original version. This process calls for a combination of translation skills and the ability to use DTP technology to produce high-quality multilingual versions of electronic infographics.

Professional infographic translation and DTP services

Thao & Co. translation company is an agency specializing in providing professional infographic translation and DTP services. We understand that infographics are essential tools to visually and effectively convey information.

Combining translation skills and DTP techniques, we are committed to delivering high-quality multilingual infographic translations that resonate with different cultures.

Infographic Translation

Our translation team consists of linguists experienced in translating infographics give you the high-quality creative translation services. We strive to ensure that the information in the infographic is accurately translated, convey the intended message and resonate with the target audience.

Professional DTP Service

DTP is a crucial technique for creating visually appealing and professional infographics. At Thao & Co., we employ modern and professional DTP tools such as inDesign, PDF, Ai, Photoshop, and Powerpoint to edit various file formats.

Our seasoned designers will adjust the fonts and graphic elements while ensuring that the infographic not only effectively conveys information but also provides an aesthetically pleasing experience for target audiences.

Maintaining consistency

We pay special attention to maintain consistency betweeen different language versions of the infographic. We work to ensure consistency in font, sentence structure, and terminology across languages in the infographic, making it easy for viewers from different countries and cultures to understand and interact with the information.

Quality and confidentiality

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

We are committed to providing high-quality infographic translation and DTP services, ensuring accuracy and aesthetics, prioritizing information and customer data confidentiality throughout the collaboration.

At Thao & Co., every project is tightly managed and secured on our proprietary platform, allowing clients to access and monitor the progress and payment information.

Working with Thao & Co., you can rest assured that your infographic will be professionally translated and formatted, meeting the language and cultural requirements of a diverse audience. We are committed to providing a satisfying experience and help you convey information effectively with the desired impact.

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