Product Description Translation: 5 Rules to Boost Sales

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A quality product description translation can help businesses reach customers easily and effectively. Join Thao & Co. in exploring 5 golden rules to make product description translation more natural and adaptive in the following article.

What is product description translation?

Product description is the information of a product provided by the manufacturer. Product description contains information printed on the packaging, product casing, user manual, etc. This information typically includes  product name, functions, brand, manufacturing date, expiration date, and more.

Additionally, when promoted on e-commerce platforms, product descriptions may include additional sections such as benefits against similar products, expert reviews, customer feedback, purchasing policies, and more.

The translation of product descriptions is the translation of content describing a product from one language to another. Product description is not just a brief introduction but also to connect the product with potential buyers.

Apart from accurate product technical specifications, features, and functions, the translation must also feel natural and easy to comprehend while still highlighting the product’s value propositions. 

Current popular retailing and marketing channels.

Offline advertising, retailing (traditional media):

  1. ● Traditional markets, supermarkets, shopping centers
  2. ● Physical retail stores
  3. ● Direct advertising:  TV commercials (TVC), radio, flyers, posters, billboards, etc.

Online advertising, and retailing platforms (online):

  1. ● E-commerce platforms:  Shopee, Lazada, TikTok shop, Tiki, and others.
  2. ● Online shopping websites
  3. ● Online advertising:  Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Regardless of the platform, product description translation remains a crucial step that companies, businesses, and sellers need to focus on in the era of globalization.

The role of product description translation

Thao & Co. Product Description Translation Services

A clear and comprehensible description not only allows customers to better understand the product but also helps businesses leave positive impressions, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful purchase. Here are the benefits of an effective product description translation:

  1. Market Expansion: Product descriptions can be translated into multiple languages to access various potential markets.
  2. Competitive Edge: A comprehensive translation that highlights the distinctive features of the product makes it more appealing and helps draw the customers’ attention away from competing products.
  3. Increase Conversion Rate: Demonstrating how the product can solve customer problems through a refined product description translation can significantly boost conversion rates and revenue.
  4. Building a Professional Image for the Business and Product: A well-crafted and meticulous product introduction can help to create a lasting positive impression to customers. This eventually helps businesses establish a professional and credible image in the eyes of customers.

5 Tips to Translate Product Description Effectively

Facilitating high-quality translations is the goal of both businesses and translators. Here are 5 tips from Thao & Co. to help you translate your product description effectively.

Understand the Target Customer

Each product is aimed at a specific target customer. Researching and understanding the customer needs, issues, thought processes, etc., will help the translator choose the most suitable wordings when translating.

This also personalizes the translation, making customers empathize and trust that the product is the key to solving any matter they are facing.

Highlight the Unique Selling Points (USPs)

USP is the distinctive strength of a product. This is a key point that businesses and translators need to pay attention to when translating product descriptions.

With product description, translators or translation agencies need to highlight the unique features of the products to ensure that they stand out in a competitive market.  

Use Informal and Customer-friendly Tone

This is undoubtedly a crucial factor for a high-quality and professional product description translation. Word-by-word or machine-like translation is inadvisable. Rather, translating product descriptions calls for seamlessness, adaptability, and creativity based on the original meaning.

This requires the translator to be proficient in the target language, and possess a deep understanding of the culture, history, politics, etc. of the local market to avoid detrimental mistakes.

CTA Localization

Depending on the country or region, the translation will feature different Calls to Action (CTAs) tailored to the specific customer groups. Effectively leveraging this element during localization will enable the translated content to naturally resonate with customers.

For example, in North America, specifically Canada and the United States, “Buy Now” is the most common CTA. Meanwhile, in European market, such as the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries, “Shop Now” and “Order Now” are more widely used.

Conduct Customer Surveys

The feedback from local customers is one of the most effective references for translators to adjust their translations. Businesses and sellers can gather customer feedback through online surveys or their customer service departments.

Improving translations based on customer feedback also helps businesses interact more effectively with customers, establishing a solid and fruitful relationship. 

Quality Product Description Translation Services

For individuals and businesses seeking a reputable and reliable product description translation service provider, consider exploring the creative translation services offered by Thao & Co.

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This is an specialized translation service that focuses on delivering natural, culturally appropriate, and seamless translation in the local language with absolute precision. 

Thao & Co. differs from other agencies in our experience and expertise in market research. Leveraging that strength, we introduce our Consumer Language ResearchⒸ service, an exclusive solution to enhance the effectiveness of translations for advertising and marketing content. 

The research is conducted in collaboration with local market research agencies. This helps us understand local consumers’ preferences and word choice to produce the most optimal translation.

In addition, our team of native translators has extensive knowledge of marketing. This advantage gives ways for translations that can capture your customers’ hearts and minds, effectively applying advertising principles. Eventually, this helps our translations meet the localization requirements while retaining distinctive and appealing features that attract your potential customers.


The above are the principles that enable businesses and translators to achieve a native-like level in translating product descriptions. A seamless product description translation that wins hearts and minds can effectively increase revenue.

Shall you be interested in our services, do not hesitate to reach out via our Get a Quote page. Thao & Co. team will get back to you and provide detailed information about our services.

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