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Translation and Localization services are among a business’ top concerns when expanding operations into foreign markets. Translation and Localization are the cornerstones of market strategies, helping you establish a global presence and achieve success. Let’s delve deeper into translation and localization services with Thao & Co.! Learn when to use translation or localization, what the process involves, and important considerations for a high-quality and effective translation project.

General information about translation and localization

Translation is a process that focuses on rendering content from one language to another while preserving the original message. It helps break language barriers, enabling readers and listeners to receive information in their own native language.

On the other hand, localization revolves around fine-tuning the content in user interfaces, colors, symbols, or even the overall design and functionalities of websites, apps, videos, games, etc. belonging to various fields so that they become compatible with the local culture of target audiences in specific regions/countries.

The purpose of localization is to give businesses the means to easily promote their brands and connect with potential customers across the world. Therefore, the localization process ensures that content is coherent, comprehensible, and most importantly, resonates with local customers.

What is the difference between localization and general translation?

Many people commonly assume that localization and general translation are interchangeable, both involving the translation of content from one language to another. Contrary to this popular belief, localization is not simply a change in language but encompasses many more sophisticated aspects.

For example, a localization project may include translating the content, searching for keywords, checking the design, user interface, and overall layout on mobile phones/websites/tablets/gaming consoles, etc. to make sure that everything is friendly and suitable for local customers. In other words, localization is a step above translation. It requires close cooperation between the translation agency and publisher/developer to produce the best product.

Key considerations when finding Translation and Localization Services - Thao & Co.

When is it necessary to use translation and localization service?

If you want to connect with international customers, it is crucial that all of your products and services are adapted to their cultures through localization. This is the key to help businesses expand its operation to foreign markets. The translation and localization service can be applied to:

Localize applications

Applications spanning across shopping, retail, education, photo editing, and numerous other categories require localization to effectively cater to diverse customer groups and ensure an optimal user experience. Content to localize includes:

  1. ● Everything on the user interface
  2. ● User manual
  3. ● Special characters, symbols, colors, etc.

Localize websites

Websites in retail, technical fields, company profiles, landing pages, news sites, and more need to have the following content localized:

  1. ● Website content
  2. ● Information on the home page and the sub pages, Header, Menu, Footer, and any relevant content
  3. ● Banner information, pictures, news, videos, etc.
  4. ● Special characters, symbols, colors, etc.

Localize games

Role-playing games, action games, fighting games, etc. will need localization service for:

  1. ● Everything on the user interface
  2. ● Plot
  3. ● Characters’ dialogue
  4. ● Walkthroughs
  5. ● Information about game developers
When is it necessary to use translation and localization service? - Thao & Co.

Localize software

Retail software, business management tools, office applications, accounting software, and similar products necessitate localization to ensure compatibility across various platforms and devices. Content to localize include:

  1. ● Everything on the user interface
  2. ● Contact info of the software developer
  3. ● Information, signatures, symbols, etc.
  4. ● Sales policy
  5. ● Warranty policy
  6. ● Content belonging to the news section
  7. ● Information related to the software (version history, owner, etc.)

Localize various types of texts and documents

  1. Technical documents: specifications, user manuals, operation procedures, occupational safety and health regulations, etc.
  2. Educational documents: online class materials, foreign language schoolbooks, training materials, etc.
  3. Marketing documents: blogs, news articles, company profile or product pages, brochures, etc.

Professional translation and localization process

Thao & Co. is a professional translation and localization agency. A typical localization project handled by Thao & Co. goes through three stages:

Pre-translation stage

First, we obtain project information and client requirements. Afterward, the expert team at Thao & Co. will develop a localization kit. For enhanced results, we also offer our Translation Guidelines service. Upon your request, linguistic experts at Thao & Co. will compile a list of technical terms and keywords to maintain consistency in translation and preserve your brand’s identity across different languages.

During translation

During the localization process, our team meticulously translates and proofreads the content, ensuring utmost accuracy and faithfulness to the source text.


After the initial translation, our skilled linguists embark on the editing phase and perform various post-translation tasks to refine the content. Our team will conduct test runs to verify that the produced text is not only compatible with different platforms but also contextually accurate. At Thao & Co., we offer a range of supplementary services to maximize your convenience. For instance, our Voice Overs service is an excellent option for localizing videos.

Translation and localization rates

How much does a Translation Cost? - Thao & Co.

The localization rate may vary between projects, depending on several factors such as:

  1. The language pair(s)
  2. The complexity of the material and the expertise required to properly handle it
  3. The format and type, etc. of material
  4. The requested completion time
  5. The target platform
  6. The chosen complementary services (if any):

For professional and transparent localization services at an affordable rate, feel free to get in touch with Thao & Co. – a professional translation agency. By choosing our localization service, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Want to order our service? Contact us via our Get a Quote page to receive a free consultation!

Tips to get high-quality translation and localization services

For effective product localization, translators must possess not only extensive expertise but also years of experience to adeptly navigate culturally sensitive content. Without this, the final translation may not only be inaccurate but could also be perceived as offensive by the local audience. As a result, your business may face challenges in connecting with target customers and expanding into new markets. While there are numerous translation agencies offering localization services in the market, the challenge lies in identifying a credible and competent one. If you’re struggling to choose from the myriad options available, take into account the following points:

  1. Does the agency have contact info and business address? Is the information correct?
  2. Is their team of translators experienced in localization?
  3. Is their working process effective and logical?
  4. Can they support you by giving regular project updates and providing a clear line of communication with the translation team?
  5. Are their services transparently and reasonably charged?

For top-notch localization services, feel free to get in touch with Thao & Co. – a professional agency specialized in translation and localization. At Thao & Co., we are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements through our team of skilled translators and cutting-edge translation technologies. We collaborate with specialists across various industries, including gaming, entertainment, education, and technical fields, to guarantee that the translations we deliver are of the utmost quality, enabling you to establish a strong global presence.

Leveraging our extensive years of experience, localization projects at Thao & Co. are approached with meticulous precision, ensuring your content resonates with a broader audience across diverse platforms and channels. Moreover, you can always expect an itemized quote and an estimated delivery date in advance, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind.

To get in touch and receive a free consultation from Thao & Co., simply leave your information on our Get a Quote page. Our dedicated support staff will reach out to you promptly!

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